Miniature humidifiers are personal devices used at home or when away from home. Their compact design makes them easily portable and convenient to use. Humidification is recommended by healthcare professionals when someone suffers from chronic allergies, dry skin, or other respiratory issues. The dry heat or cold air produced by hotel HVAC units is a particular problem for some people, making the best portable humidifiers for travel an ideal solution.

Top Portable Humidifiers for Traveling

1) Ourry Portable Humidifier For Travel

Ourry Portable Humidifier For Travel
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The unique cylindrical design of the OURRY is one of the best portable humidifiers for travel. The unit is designed for use in a hotel room, at home or in a vehicle while traveling. The unit is a mere 1.9 inches in diameter, eight inches in length and weighs only 3.5 ounces. The humidifier easily fits into any size water container including the mouth of a one-liter bottle. The miniature humidifier is made using environmentally friendly BPA materials for safe and effective use. The unit is also manufactured to provide reliable, durable function. OURRY covers the travel humidifier with a one-year warranty.

Simply put the device in a glass or insert the cylinder into a bottle of distilled water and turn it on to experience the humidification process. Using tap water causes mineral deposit formations that will damage the device. The OURRY emits 35 milliliters of mist each hour, which is little more than one ounce. The humidifier runs continually for up to seven hours when the battery is fully charged, which makes it convenient for overnight usage.

The OURRY is designed with ultrasonic technology to provide whisper-soft function. When running, the device emits no more than 30 dB of noise. Thus, the miniature humidifier will not interrupt a peaceful night of sleep.

Charge the battery using the USB port with a charger, laptop or other type of power bank. A drained battery takes three hours to fully charge. The unit turns itself off automatically when the water level drops too low. Or, it can be switched off manually by pushing the power button.

2) Madetec J1 Portable Humidifier for Travel

Madetec J1 Portable Humidifier for Travel
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The MADETEC J1 is a self-contained device that is small enough to be used anywhere or anytime. The unit is so compact that is can safely be placed in a conventional vehicle cup holder to provide soothing humidification while traveling from one destination to another. The miniature humidifier stands a mere 5.5 inches tall, has a diameter of 2.7 inches and weighs 7.2 ounces, which is no larger than the average soda or water bottle.

The device uses distilled or purified drinking water for optimal operation. The container holds up to 230 milliliters of water, which is slightly less than one full eight-ounce cup. Screw the top off of the unit and fill the lower reservoir to the recommended level. The self-contained filter must be saturated before turning the unit on for proper function.

With the battery fully charged, the humidifier emits 35 milliliters of mist per hour. Press the button once and the MADETEC sprays a continual mist for up to five hours. Press the button again, and the unit emits mist intermittently every three seconds for up to 10 hours. Once the water level drops, the humidifier automatically turns itself off to prevent damage.

The J1 is also ideal for a children’s room thanks to the seven colors of LED nightlights contained within the unit. Press the button for little more than one second and the lights automatically change color continuously. Or, press the button again and select a specific color. The unit’s operation decreases to four and eight hours when the light function is in use. However, conserve battery life by simply turning off the nightlight.

The portable unit contains a cotton filter that lasts up to eight months. When the unit begins spraying a smaller mist stream, the filter requires replacement. If the device produces a harsh sound, the wick is not sufficiently saturated. Replacing the filter merely entails removing the plastic tube from the humidifier head. Carefully remove the spring and expired filter. Soak the new filter and insert it into the tube. Replace the spring and put the tube back into the correct position.

The package comes with the unit, a USB charging cord, a replacement filter and the user’s manual. The J1 cannot be used with the combination of water and essential oils or the filter clogs. To clean the unit, do not expose the head to water directly. Use a cotton swab to clean the atomizer opening. Approximately every 10 days, use a soft rag to effectively remove any debris buildup.

3) Fancii Aquamist II Portable Humidifier for Travel

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The palm-sized Fancii Aquamist II functions using battery power or by plugging the unit into a USB port. The unit measures a petite five inches in diameter, 1.5 inches in depth and weighs 3.68 ounces. The unit is small enough to quickly tuck into a purse or travel bag. An instruction manual is provided. The humidification process requires attaching a 16 or a 20 ounce distilled or purified drinking water bottle. Fancii recommends using an Aquafina, Dasani, Fiji, Evian or a Smartwater bottle. Bottles having short profile necks may not adequately attach to the device.

The unit requires three AA batteries to function without a cord. Fully charged batteries enable the device to perform for up to 18 hours. Unfortunately, the unit does not come with batteries. Insert the first battery then the remaining to on top of the first. The USB cable may also be used by plugging the cord into a laptop, power bank or wall adapter. Attach the included adapter to the bottle and screw the bottle onto the inverted unit. Turn the base upright and turn the miniature humidifier on for the selected length of time.

Note: The unit does not function properly if the bottle does not have sufficient air to encourage water flow. So, resist filling the bottle to the top. The bottle must also be created using sturdy plastic, or the internal pressure causes the sides to collapse inward, which interferes with function. The Fancii also requires using a cotton filter wick, which must be saturated before using the device. Each unit also comes with replacement filters. Each lasts approximately three months.

The humidifier enables the device to function for two, four, six or eight hours. The unit automatically turns itself off after eight hours. Simply select the two or four-hour button and depress for the desired length of time. The unit emits less than 15 dB of noise, which enables users to sleep peacefully without interference.

4) Pure Enrichment MistAire Portable Humidifier for Travel

Pure Enrichment MistAire Portable Humidifier for Travel
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The corded, self-contained device easily travels and sets up quickly on a table or desktop. The blue/white unit measures nine inches in height, five inches in diameter and weighs 1.4 pounds. The unit is manufactured by the world-renowned Pure company. The MistAire does not require a filter or filter replacements to provide ongoing service for added convenience.

Simply fill the water container with distilled or purified water. The tank holds up to 34 ounces. Select one of two setting times to allow the unit to run for seven to 10 hours. The unit emits 60 milliliters of cool mist when on the low setting. On high, the device amps up the spray to 80 milliliters. An incorporated blue light enables users to adjust functions in the dark. When operating, the unit produces a soft sound similar to white noise, which many find soothing. The device is also designed to turn itself off once the water level drops too low.

The miniature humidifier adequately treats a room having up to 175 square feet. The package includes the humidifier, an AC power cord, a cleaning brush, and an owner’s manual. Pure also covers the unit with a five-year warranty. Customer service support is available seven days weekly if new owners have any questions or concerns.

5) Elechomes JM0001 Portable Humidifier for Travel

Elechomes JM0001 Portable Humidifier for Travel
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The corded, portable miniature humidifier was designed for home, office or travel use. The unit measures five inches in length by 4.3 inches in width and 2.5 inches in depth while weighing a mere 9.6 ounces. The device uses 16- or 20-ounce bottles of distilled or purified drinking water to function. The JM001’s compact design makes it easy to pack the unit into the accompanying travel bag and tuck it into a purse or travel bag for daily use anywhere.

Remove the adapter from the unit and screw it onto the top of the water bottle. Invert the bottle and insert it into the unit. A knob on the side of the humidifiers enables users to determine the intensity and speed of the mist for up to 10 hours of function. The unit emits up to 80 milliliters of spray each hour when on high.

While operating, the miniature humidifier produces less than 35 dB of noise. The atomizer head creates a soft blue light during normal use. When the water level drops too low, the light turns red. However, the JM001 automatically shuts down when the bottle completely empties. Rinse and clean the unit as recommended to prevent microbial growth. Removing mineral deposits merely requires soaking the specified components in vinegar for a few minutes and eliminating the with a toothbrush.

The Importance of Humidification

When interior air lacks sufficient humidity, individuals often awake in the morning with a sore throat, dry sinuses, and a cough. Some suffer from dry and chapped skin. A lack of humidity also worsens the symptoms associated with eczema or psoriasis. Static electricity in the environment also increases when the moisture in the air drops too low. Dry air causes fabrics to stick together. It is common to feel a slight electric shock when touching metal surfaces. Extremely dry air also alters wood surfaces. Furnishings, doors, and window frames absorb as much moisture as possible. But, without adequate hydration, the wood dries and cracks. Window and door frames also have a tendency to shrink, which causes creaking and may damage glass.

Affordable, portable humidifiers quickly remedy the problems associated with dry air. The units encourage more restful sleep at night by keeping respiratory tissues moist. Owners often notice that they no longer suffer from sinus problems. Moistened tissues also reduce snoring. For health and safety reasons, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends that interior environments have up to 60 percent humidity during summer and up to 40 percent humidity during winter. A simple and inexpensive hygrometer quickly determines the level of humidity in the air in order to make adjustments as needed.

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Humidifier Types and Features

Humidifiers typically spray cold or warm mist. Cool mist versions atomize the water having cool or room temperatures. Warm mist humidifiers heat the water to boiling before emitting the atomized spray. In this way, harmful microbes in the water are sufficiently killed and cannot escape into the air. However, travel humidifiers expel cool mist only. Cool mist models are also considered safer in environments with young children, as warm mist models may topple and cause serious burns.

Humidifying units generate the moisture-filled stream via evaporation or by using ultrasonic technology. The models having ultrasonic technology emit a finer mist. However, they are home-sized units that are more expensive.

Some portable humidifiers have LED light displays that act as nightlights. The lights indicate the normal function or the need to refill the water reservoir. The lights are generally not overly bright to disrupt restful sleep. A select number of units lets users turn the lights off if desired.

When deciding between the best portable humidifiers for travel, consider the room size the unit must accommodate. Overly large humidifiers emit too much moisture, which causes condensation. When too much humidity is in the air, the mist reverts to water droplets that fall on interior surfaces and may damage furnishings. The excessive room moisture also encourages bacterial, mold, and virus growth and proliferation.

Some models allow users to insert a few drops of essential oil in the water reservoir to enhance moisturizing by emitting the desired aroma. However, only add essential oils if the manufacturer permits. Otherwise, the oil may clog the filter and interfere with atomizing.

  • Affordability: Miniature humidifiers are relatively inexpensive compared to their larger, home-sized counterparts. Certain brands of miniature humidifiers require cotton wick filters that need changing per the manufacturer’s recommendations. But replacement wicks are generally inexpensive. Models using wicks are useful for trapping contaminants that may otherwise enter the air. But, the need to replace filters periodically may inconvenience some. The overall price of a portable humidifier is determined by the number of features that individual models possess. The more features a miniature device possesses, the greater the cost. Portable humidifiers cost substantially less than full-sized models designed specifically for home use.
  • Power Options: Personal portable humidifiers run on batteries or are corded and plugged into a standard wall outlet. Units powered by USB cords plug into ports to charge the internal battery. Others may require that the USB cable be continually plugged to a power source to function. Miniature devices use very little electricity regardless of how they are powered, which adds to their economic appeal.

    Some portable models only feature an on/off power button. However, other versions enable users to select between device speeds. The higher the speed, the more intense and stronger the spray becomes. All humidifiers also produce some degree of noise when operating. However, smaller personal models are designed to function as quietly as possible. In order to prevent possible damage, the unit should also be equipped with an automatic off feature when the water level drops too low

  • Availability: Miniature humidifiers are typically available wherever small appliances are sold, which makes them easily available. The devices are typically found online via the manufacturer’s website or from mass merchandisers. They are also found in brick and mortar drug stores or mass merchandising venues. Where the units are purchased may also determine if the device is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Maintenance The units must be regularly cleaned as recommended by the manufacturer. Otherwise, mineral deposits may clog the atomizing sprayer. Neglecting to clean the device also encourages harmful allergens, debris, mold and mildew growth. The particles then enter the air and potentially aggravate allergies or cause respiratory infections. Water must also not be left in the reservoir container or bottle for longer than a day to prevent air contamination. Use fresh bottles of water daily. When not in use, the unit should also be rinsed and allowed to thoroughly dry. If deposits form or there is noticeable mold growth, the humidifier must be thoroughly cleaned before the next use. Mineral deposits are easily eliminated by running vinegar through the unit or soaking specified components in vinegar until the deposits loosen and soften. Eliminate mold by washing the unit with warm, soapy water. Rinse well and allow the humidifier to thoroughly air dry.