Exhaust fans in a bathroom help in more ways than one. It prevents humidity build up as well as offers proper ventilation. This comes with numerous benefits, mainly in the overall better bathroom condition. The quietest bathroom exhaust fan is a handy device to have installed. Your bathroom is in optimal condition with quiet bathroom exhaust fan with light and a heater.

In this article, we’ll discuss the quietest exhaust fan widely. Noise generation and fan speed should be held in the highest esteem. But, you should consider other features like light for visibility and a heater for increasing the bathroom temperature. The ideal product would be the quietest bathroom exhaust fan with light and a heater.

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With quiet bath fans, one can worry less about any moist problems that might cause furniture damage, while a bath fan with a heater would give that extra warmth in days of cold. However, the quietest exhaust fan heater light device combines all these qualities for a little additional cost.

The Broan-NuTone AE110LK is the best bathroom exhaust fan with light and heat for you; it possesses the best blend of fan speed and noise production. This supplies its capacity to handle large-sized bathrooms very effectively, generating a meager amount of noise.

What is the quietest bathroom exhaust fan?

The quietest bathroom exhaust fan is the one with the lowest sone rating. Practically, this stands for 0.3 sones for the most peaceful, although some manufacturers make products with claims of less than 0.3 sones. From 0.3 level downwards, there isn’t much difference as per quietness, as the device is barely noticeable, which is why most of the products at that sound level come with indicator lights.

There are also numerous brands and models with this criteria, as it is not exclusive to one alone. Amongst the top producers, however, is Broan-Nutone.

What is the best brand for the quietest bathroom exhaust fan?

We would give this title out rightly to the Broan-Nutone brand. They have been in existence since 1932 and have led the market for decades. Plus, they always come out with forward-thinking residential ventilation products like the bathroom exhaust fan with light and heat, for instance. 

They also have recognition for award-winning customer service (ICCSO). Plus, it branches in over seven countries and has more than 2,500 employees.

Their products are also very durable and come in different grades for different categories and purposes. Many of their exhaust fans also double as either lighting units or heaters, which makes them pretty handy for their price.

Top 4 quietest bathroom exhaust fans in 2024– Consumer reviews

1) Broan-NuTone AE110LK Flex Bathroom Exhaust Ventilation Fan

Broan-NuTone AE110LK Flex Bathroom Exhaust Ventilation Fan
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Quiet and effective operation

With a speed of 110 CFM, this exhaust fan generates a noise of 1 sone, which is a little noisier than a quiet regenerator in a quiet kitchen.

In the real sense, with all the activities that go in a bathroom after mounting, you can barely hear the fan, and its 110CFM air flow rate is enough to recycle air in a 105 sqft sized bathroom; this makes it very effective for reducing moisture and VOCs, leaving the bathroom with a clean and fresh atmosphere.


You can reduce 50% of the air leakage in this fan with our TrueSeal Damper Technology, which results in the best reliable performance and a better environment.

Easy to install and Design adaptable

Aside from the fancy lights and a very effective but quiet exhaust fan, the Broan-Nutone AE110LK looks pleasant to the eyes, surely adding to the bathroom’s overall look. Easy to install new/replace existing products with retrofit installations that you can do entirely from the room-side – no attic access required. It fits 2 in. x 6 in. ceiling construction.

Quality for the price

All the qualities possessed by this product ensure that it meets several standards. It is HVI certified and UL listed, asides from the impressive quality of being energy star rated. These qualifications make it usable over bathtubs and even showers when installed with a GFCI-protected branch circuit.


  •  easy installation with 4 inches of ducting
  •  3-year limited warranty
  •  serve bathrooms up to 105 sqft in size
  • TrueSeal Damper Technology


  • cost more than others

2) Broan-NuTone BHFLED110 PowerHeat Bathroom Exhaust Fan

2) Broan-NuTone BHFLED110 PowerHeat Bathroom Exhaust Fan
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With 2 sones at the sound level, you can ensure a relatively quiet environment in your bathroom with no noise from your fan.


A powerful heater of 1500 watts provides efficient heating for your bathroom. It’s more effective in breezy mornings and nights when you need warmth.


The Broan-NuTone BHFLED110 has a clean, sleek appearance that can go on with any bathroom decor, especially with its white grille that adds its touch to the space. Moreover, its LED light has 3 options (warm white (2700K), bright white (3500K), and daylight (5000K)), and it can function as a night light.

Easy DIY installation

This unit is designed to fit into 2″ x 6″ ceiling constructions, making it compatible with most standard bathroom setups. The housing is made of rugged galvanized steel, ensuring durability and longevity.

Quality for the money

The international credentials of this product include being Energy star rated and HVI certified. Energy star rated means it wouldn’t consume a humungous amount of energy, while its HVI qualification means that you can use it over a bathtub or shower if installed with a GFCI circuit.


  •  1500-watt heater
  •  white grille gives a decorative nature
  •  dimmable LED light with 3 color options


  • louder than the previous one

3) Nutone QTXEN110FLT Energy Star 110 CFM 6″ Ducting Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Broan-Nutone QTXEN080FLT Ultra-Silent Ventilation Fan, Quiet Exhaust Fan and Light for Bathroom 
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Quiet and efficient

The noise level of this exhaust fan stands at 0.3 sones, which so far is the lowest we’ve seen among all reviewed products, producing next to no sounds. It, however, gives up a relatively large amount of strength, with its speed at 80CFM.

If you are looking for something ultra-quiet first before another quality, then this is your guy, but if you instead favor an excellent level of performance with that quietness, then you should try something else. This also makes it suitable for bathrooms of about 75 sqft in size.

Additional two lighting systems

It comes with a provision for both regular lighting and an optional night light. The traditional lighting consists of two 18-watt bulbs, which are included in the purchase, but the night light would have to be purchased separately. A single switch also controls the whole system, and if you would rather have it separate, then get ready to wire each individually.

Stylish and color variant

For decorative purposes, this fan comes with an option of two colors. Its whole design is pretty lovely, and users can choose from either the white or cream polymeric grille colors available, depending on what blends better in your home.

The quality of this product also speaks for itself, being Energy Star, HVI, and UL listed. It can be used above a bathtub and shower as far as it is installed with a GFCI-protected branch circuit.


  • operates at 80CFM and 0.3 sones
  •  comes with two 18-watt fluorescent lights
  • 4-watt nightlight option


  • effective in smaller sized bathrooms only

4) Broan-NuTone Very Quiet Ceiling Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Broan Very Quiet Ceiling Bathroom Exhaust Fan, ENERGY STAR Certified 
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Efficient performance

Once again, an external noise device on our list is the QTXE080 product. Its noise production number stands at 0.3 sones, which is almost as low as exhaust fans can get. Therefore, it offers a peaceful operation but also a lower speed.

Its fan speed stands at 80CFM, enough to prevent a mirror from fogging, but it doesn’t do much beyond that. It is not a good source of humidity removal from the bathroom, let alone VOCs released by newly installed furniture.


Like all other fans, it comes with a dual lighting system. The first is regular lighting, consisting of two 60-watt bulbs that offer powerful illumination in the enclosed space. You wouldn’t need any other light source in a small bathroom. The other option provides night light, purchased and wired separately.

Easy installation

Installing is pretty easy, with every fitting needed for the mounting process provided in the package. It requires only a 2 x 8 inches construction space, where the hanger bar would be fitted.

Other qualities include being HVI certified and being used over bathtubs and showers when connected to a GFCI-protected branch circuit. Being Energy Star rated, it is also an efficient power consumer, preventing the bills from high spikes.


  • operates very quietly at 0.3 sones and 80 CFM
  •  easy installation
  •  Energy Star and GVI certified
  •  built with two 60-watt bulbs and a 7-watt nightlight
  •  cheap to purchase


  • doesn’t do well when faced with high humidity atmosphere
  • more suited to small-sized bathrooms

5 Crucial Features to consider when choosing a quiet bathroom exhaust fan with heater and light

Sound and speed level:

The two most important factors to consider when picking an exhaust fan are how fast it runs and the amount of noise it produces.

The faster the fan’s speed, the more air it extracts per time and becomes more effective. However, higher speeds also mean higher noise levels, while lower speeds mean less.

These high fan speeds have noise levels between 1 and 2 sones, which is still very much okay to live within a bathroom. Always start your research by picking the best of these features.


Although primarily an exhaust fan, many of these products also come with different qualities, making them a multipurpose device.

The most common one is having regular and night lights, while the rear has a heater along with this setup. Going for a product that combines all of these features in one is undoubtedly a better option than just having a standalone part.

Ease of installation:

This should be fine because most exhaust fan heaters are designed today to fit the DIY category for easy domestic installation. All the heaters in our review work in this category, and you shouldn’t settle for less, especially paying extra to have a fan installed after spending over $100 on a purchase.

HVI & UL certified:

Electronic products are always tricky when used in moisture-filled or water-prone environments. This is why they have to meet specific performance and safety standards for all malfunctions that could cause hazards. The HVI and UL regulation body exists in that regard, and you can only use products that meet their requirements.

Room service capacity:

Exhaust fans also differ in the area of space which they can cover. Some can go as high as 150sqft or more (high-end fans), or the midrange of 100sqft, while some remain at the lower end of 50sqft to 70sqft. It is essential to measure your bathroom and purchase something strong enough to get the job done, and of course, the higher its capacity, the more expensive the product will be.

Where do bathroom exhaust fans vent to?

The area where bathroom exhaust fans vent air is dependent on the user. Exhaust fans always come with a duct outlet of about 6 inches, allowing them to connect to the home’s already laid duct vent system that eventually leads outdoors.

For this reason, the fan has to be strategically located and installed at the shortest and most direct route to wherever the external vent opening is (mainly through a wall or the roof).

In all, air extracted from the bathroom has no use again; therefore, it’s eventually released outdoors, allowing less humid air to replace the pulled humid one.

How can you make your bathroom fan quieter?

Firstly, it is essential to know that a fan cannot get quieter than it was initially designed. That means an exhaust fan with a 1 sone rating cannot be as quiet as a 0.3 sone rating regardless of the procedure because the difference is in hardware fundamentals like motor and blade designs.

Over time, however, some fans start to generate more noise than they usually should. In such conditions, follow these few steps:

  • Start by killing off power to the fan through its control switch.
  •  Open the compartment thoroughly and clean the fan, all other moving parts, and casing, preferably using hot water.
  •  Vacuum the duct and vent housing, and remove all dirt and dust, especially those on the fan blade and blower wheel.
  •  Turn on the fan and observe the blades to see if it makes contact with any part it is not supposed to do, and adjust accordingly.
  •  Place a few drops of lubricant on the motor shaft to oil its bearings, eliminating any squeaky sound.
  •  Turn on the fan once again to ensure everything is working usually.
  •  Couple the fan and keep running as usual.

Should you run the bathroom exhaust fan while showering?

Running an exhaust fan in a bathroom while showering is pretty much its role, and it can be effective without restriction when the fan isn’t near the shower. 

However, locating the fan close to or directly above the shower becomes a different ball game entirely. Some other things have to be put in place for utterly safe use.

The first criterion is that the product passes the HVI and IL certifications and is finally installed with a GFCI-protected branch circuit.

It is an outlet branch circuit that differs from the conventional ones designed to protect that branch. Installed, it protects wirings, cords, and power supply cables from adverse effects like ground faults and arcing.

This would significantly protect users from the dangers of an electrical device receiving water splashes. Never use an exhaust fan anywhere close to a shower without this additional installation.

Final Verdict: Quiet bathroom exhaust fan with heater and light

Our top choice for the best bathroom exhaust fan is the Broan-Nutone QTXE150FLT. Although not the most quiet, the noise is relatively low and barely noticeable. With a speed of 150, as well as serving up to 140sqft size in capacity, its raw power and performance are unmatchable. Its polymeric surface is also paintable for decorative preference, and let’s not forget its HVI, UL, and Energy Star qualifications.

Your next best bet for adequate air circulation in a bathroom is the Broan-Nutone. QTX110HL. This fan has a noise level of 0.9 sones and a speed of 110CFM, slightly below the QTXE150FLT. However, it possesses a 1500 heat for generating more heat in the bathroom, which is handy in winter.