This Boneco U350 review is an eye opener into the digital ultrasonic humidifier in the Boneco family. Having discussed about what humidifier for your health, it will be helpful to know that among the range of top quality cool mist humidifiers out there, boneco products boast head in and shoulder up high, due to its established worldwide brand and overall tested quality.

Deep from the years of toiling and design research, the boneco u350 was made, coming with a modern design and several automated features that would make your interaction and usage much more comfortable than older models.

From the appealing sight of being good looking and portable to the ability to accommodate essential oils, the plus this unit brings to life are wholesome, and they would be thoroughly dissected in this article, just keep reading on.

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What Functions makes boneco u350 Humidifier Stands out

Easy Fill and Top Notch Design:

A constantly expected comfort desired by most customers in the humidifier market is an ever progressive easier way to fill up the tank of their humidifier unit.


As a result of this, most manufacturers always keep making products with easier access to refill option and access to the water tank of the unit, and the U350 isn’t left out in this, featuring an innovative top design that allows the user to quickly top up the water level on the spot by lifting the lid.

Digital Display:


The days of buttons and hard press are over with this unit, as it is controlled with a soft touch and a led display to suit your visual needs. This display shows the level of humidity in the room at every point, meaning the unit doubles as a hygrostat, saving you further cost on purchasing one separately.

Auto Mode:

These modern features are further enhanced by an ability to operate in an automatic mode (without the help of the user), in which it self regulates its output to keep the humidity at a set healthy level, at an optimal 45% relative humidity. The hygrostat can also be adjusted to suit your specific desire.

Dual adjustable Misting:

Many humidifiers out there are built with one of either a cool or warm mist output, making it difficult to use during some specific times of the year, i.e. using warm mist during summer and cool mist in winter.

BONECO - Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier U350, Top-Fill

Check the price of this product

With the boneco U350, your unit is as sensitive as your skin according to the current season and can make use of cold mist during the summer periods, and during the winter periods, a suiting mist is used in controlling the humidity level of the atmosphere all at the push of a button.

it also possesses two 360 degrees rotatable nozzle as the primary outlet for pushing out mist into the environment, while allowing you to choose precisely the direction you want the mist to travel in.

Essential Oil Compatibility:

This product also contains a tray that allows you to apply fragrance (essential oils) for making the room scent better while maintaining the humidity.


This humidifier is a small-sized device, weighing about 7.7 pounds which is pretty lightweight when compared to most units out there.

Ease of clean:

It comes with an aqua pro filter and a brush for your routine cleaning of the unit. With a packet of EZCal cleaning solution, your problems of potential contaminations are significantly reduced.


The deal in getting this product also comes with a three years warrantee, covering mishaps for the foreseeable future.

Boneco u350 ultrasonic Humidifiers Features and accessories

The U350 is a humidifier that features a cool or warm mist depending on the season that can serve room sizes of up to 650sqft, which is more than enough for most rooms in our modern day houses.

However, based on testing, we would recommend it not to be used for large halls as the increase in size would dwindle its impact on the atmosphere, except more than one is installed in the room, in which depending on the room size, add up the square feet each unit can serve and know how many you would require (you can simply do the math).

It is also capable of putting out humidity level of up to 1.9 gallons when measured with the water tank, every 24 hours.

Water Treatment Accessories:

There are also water treatment accessories available, that can be used with the boneco unit.

  • EZ cal cleaner and descaler (A7417)

It comes in packets and is designed to completely clean, descale and remove mineral buildups (as a result of hard water especially) in the unit.

This ensures that the mist released into your atmosphere remains completely pure and free from harm, as contaminated mist can worsen already dire situations. it is recommended you use the EZ Cal every two weeks for the most impressive results, and in cases where you make use of water with the high level of hardness, then you might have to use it more often.

  • EZ Cal pro cleaner and descaler (A100): 

It performs the exact same features with the A7417, but with a more concentrated formula for cleaning and an exception of being in liquid form, instead of coming in packets its contemporary.

It cleans and descales well and is recommended to be used every two weeks or less depending on the hardness of water, and if you want a more effective medium of cleaning, then you should go for this over the A7417.

  •  AQUA Pro 2-in-1 water filter:

It is also used in this unit to filter out substances that are harmful both in solid form and liquid form, as well as dealing with pungent odours in your water to prevent it from being spread into the atmosphere at large. Substances it deals with include mercury, lead, and copper as well as other potential harmful contents in the water.

This filter also has a really long life span, averaging about 6 months (or more) before it would be needed to be replaced, and in cases when the water used isn’t so contaminated, a water test strip has been included with the filter in order to help each user have a better understanding of how long the filter would last depending on your type of water.

These several accessories help to expand the life of the unit while keeping maintenance costs low alongside its frequency, and ensuring the best quality of water is always what is available for use by your humidifier.

Boneco U350 settings and Noise production

This product type humidifier comes with the option of the settings being varied to suit your needs, to be capable of releasing an incredible amount of mist at the highest setting which is recommended for really larger rooms.

Although this option comes in handy, the main catch as about the settings available on the humidifier is the auto mode.

At the push of a button, the humidifier takes complete control, effectively pushing out a lot or very little depending on what is needed to get the humidity level of the room to an acceptable level. With this mode, you wouldn’t have to worry about noise and manual monitoring.

Generally, the unit works very well, and is also not noisy, just releasing little below a humming sound, making it relatively quiet. This helps to ensure that you can leave your humidifier running all day, and even at nights without the irritation of having to deal with annoying noisy outputs.

Boneco u350 not working: causes and what to do

Over the years of usage, as time passes the boneco U350 while in use has developed a few faults that we would like to address over here.

Immediately after unpacking it from a fresh purchase, if the unit fails to start at all. Despite all efforts, even if you put water in the tank, then you should repack and return back to the manufacturer. Trying to loosen and repair may do little good but also has the potential to cause more harm as you might void your warrantee and be left with a large piece of junk in your home plus of course, wasted money.

If the unit works for a while and then stops, displaying a blinking red water symbol, then it is because the water tank is dried out, as the unit was designed to auto shutoff as soon as the water dries out to prevent fire hazards.

In a case where the tank has been filled, and the light still glows red, with the device refusing to work, then it means the sensor responsible for detecting the water level is faulty, this can easily be repaired by a recognized standard humidifier technician, or better still you can simply alert the manufacturer if your warranty period hasn’t expired (3 years).

Another common failure of this humidifier is the case of no mist being released even when it is on. In such situation, you shouldn’t attempt repairing it yourself, except you are an experienced and certified boneco technician, as it is a really sensitive issue and can lead to more damages if handled by an armature.

We advise you to take most faults to a professional or better still return it to the company, and if it is still covered by a warranty plan, you get it fixed at no cost or at a cost in the case of voided or expired warrantee.

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Boneco u350 vs 7135: Boneco similar models comparisons

A lot will be exposed about the Boneco U350, but when slashed against the Boneco 7135, although they have most characteristics in common, there are still slight variations in designs, specifications and performances between the two.

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  • Misting Output:

The U350 model is capable of putting out about 1.9 gallons in mist form every 24 hours but is beaten to the 7135 in this, with 7135 being able to convert as much as 3.5 gallons of water every 24 hours and possesses a 1.75-gallon tank.

They are both relatively quiet while operating, releasing a little noise that is just soothing rather than distorting.

As per the area of the room, they can serve, they are both capable of humidifying room sizes of up to 650sqft, efficiently putting out moisture to increase or maintain the moisture level acceptably.

  • Disinfectant Accessories:

Boneco 7135 and the u350 once again come face to face in the area of combating potential micro bacteria contaminations in your unit.

The 7135 possess a special demineralization cartridge that inhibits mineral growth, ensuring that with the replacement of the cartridge, the humidifier would be free from limescale build-up, which can impair its performance over time.

The u350 also boast the same characteristic type filter, making sure mineral build-ups and odours are dealt with efficiently in your unit.

Protection against germs is further enhanced by the presence of a hydrocell in the 7135, that restricts the growth of bacteria and mould in the water tank, hence preventing contaminated mist from being released into the atmosphere and causing more harm.

The u350 has one of its own too in the AQUAPro filters and the EZcal cleaning solution which works just as well in removing contaminations from the water tank.

The filter of the U350 generally lasts longer (about six months) than that of the 7135 (requires change every 2 to 3 months) Regardless of all the available cleaning medium, we recommend you still carry out regular routine cleaning and maintained to avoid contaminants that successfully escapes these cleaning arrangements in place.

  • Timer Function:

The humidifier timer is becoming an increasingly important feature in humidifiers today, and it’s a major miss out in the u350 as it doesn’t possess such capability from design, but is very present in the 7135, giving you options of choosing between 1 to 9 hours duration for which the humidifier would run. With the Boneco 7135, you can also choose between 40 and 75 per cent humidity level in which you want the unit to maintain.

  • Auto Mode:

They both possess the well-known and appreciated automatic modes that allow them to run regardless of the user input, efficiently managing the humidity level so suit a healthy level.

An LCD screen displaying the current humidity level of the environment is also shared between the two, and also both possessing an automatic cleaning indicator that comes on when it is time to replace your filter, or in the case of the U350, a water test strip for determining the filter life.

  • Portability, Ease of use and Refill :

In all they are both portable and lightweight, making it easy to move around the home (though the 7135 comes with an attached handle at the top), but when it comes to water refills, the u350 comes out top, with easy access to the water tank from the top, it could easily be refilled on the spot as compared to the 7135 that needs to be placed under running water.

  • Warranty:

They both come with a three year warranty, meaning you would get more durability with these units than you would with most other humidifiers. Finally, the presence of a fragrance box in the u350 gives it an extra feature lacking in the 7135 and makes it more attractive to customers hoping to bring better odour alongside moisture in their homes.

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Frequently asked questions about Boneco U350

Now we would be addressing some frequently asked questions, and hope to satisfy your inquiries.

  • How easy is it to clean?

The u350 is relatively easy to clean, and would take just about 30 minutes to disassemble (it is easy to take apart) and completely clean every path of the humidifier.

If the substance to be used in cleaning is also in question, of which most people consider vinegar as the best option, but vinegar can lace the unit with its particular smell and could probably be detrimental to the life of the humidifier. We recommend you use a 50/50 solution (water and vinegar) or 100%, better still the recommended EZPro cleaning solution while maintaining the unit.

  • Can Hydrocell be used with U350?

it’s a big yes, as it is compatible although not necessary as there is already a presence of a filter in the AQUAPro. If you want, you can still make use of the hydro cell as it has no adverse effect.

However, You should be sure to know also that this unit doesn’t exactly come with an operational manual, which could prove difficult for most people on the purchase. The manual for this model is generally available and easily accessible on the company’s website, and some other 3rd party sites too. All you need to do is visit the official website and either download a soft copy or print out a hard copy depending on your choice of preference.

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Final Thought on Boneco u350 

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The boneco u350 still remains one of the best humidifiers out there, and possesses good qualities for its price, with an ability to serve large rooms coming in handy in various ways.

We would recommend it in a heartbeat for anyone looking to get the best digital humidifier option on today’s market, as its soft touch panel and auto mode ensures the unit not left out in the progress of technology.

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