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The Best Snowblower for Heavy Wet Snow

Snow blowing has pretty much become one of the most important activities for people living in areas with frequent snowfall. If your climate is dry, though, it can be done with relative ease and a descent blowing machine due to the fact that the snow itself would too be dry. Those who stay in wet and snowy climates can testify to the fact the task of removing such snow is on a whole new level, and generally requires a better blower to do justice, hence stating the obvious need for the best snowblower for heavy wet snow.

Due to the presence of both snow and a minimal level of moisture, many snow blowers out there finds it difficult to keep up, therefore doing a poor job when coming against such condition most times.

Over time, manufacturers have come up with different models with specific designs in order to deal with this problem, and in this article, we would be exploring these products alongside other things you should know to help your picking process.

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Does a snowblower work on heavy wet snow?

If we are generally speaking, then a snow blower works on anything snow. You have a major path in determining whether it works or not, which is in the basic responsibility of picking the right model and capacity for your specific needs.

After proper research, if you end up with the machine that comes with enough capacity to remove that heavy wet snow from your drive or walkway, then be rest assured that at the end of the day, your ground would be back to what it was before it snowed.

How much snow can a snowblower handle?

The amount of snow that can be handled by a snowblower depends on two major factors, which is its size as well as the number of stages it has. Generally, a single-stage machine is able to handle the least amount of snow, while the two stages come up next, being able to remove more snows than the single stage.

The 3 stage blower tops them all up, as they are able to process the highest amount of snow. Electric powered type of snowblowers generally has smaller engines with lesser capacity than the gas-powered type too.

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Top 5 best snowblower for heavy wet snow

1) Troy-Bilt Arctic Storm 30XP 357cc Electric Start 30-Inch Two-Stage Gas Snow Thrower

Special features: 357cc gas engine, electric start, Touch N Turn power steering, four-way adjustable chute, heated handgrips, 16 x 6.5-inch X-Trac tires, adjustable polymer skid shoes, product dimensions; 51.6 x 36.6 x 34.8 inches, item weight; 352 pounds, adjustable deflector.

Troy-Bilt Arctic Storm 30XP 357cc Electric Start 30-Inch Two-Stage Gas Snow Thrower

This is a monster built device with a high-level efficiency as well as effectiveness in doing what it is built for. Have a hip pile of wet snow with ice thrown in the mix? Then this is your way out. The Troy-Bilt Arctic Storm 30XP with a 357cc gas-powered engine is on top of the pile of 2 stage devices for dealing with tough wet snow.

It has a really durable auger made of serrated steel, which helps it slice through snow, as well as a good wheel to back it up in the 16 x 6.5-inch X-Trac tires, giving you a good floor balance and navigation in snow.

Being backed up by an amazing 357cc engine, the device is built for and able to cut through the toughest of snow, over really large spaces. It boasts an equally impressive clear path, more than you would ever need for domestic use, spanning 30 inches wide.

This ensures snow sweep is clean and would take a shorter time. Much convenience is afforded in the presence of an electric start switch, allowing for easy turning on and off of the device.

Navigation is also pretty easy when using this device, and this is due to the design of the Touch N Turn technology in its build. The design allows you to control the device easily, and hence pushing and directing through the snow wouldn’t be a problem.

There is also maximum comfort afforded by the machine on the hands of the user while blowing, in the presence of the heated handgrips feature. It helps keep your hand warm despite the cold weather condition or temperature of the blower.

The chute of this device is a 4-way adjustable type, allowing users to choose the snow discharge direction, avoiding blowing back during use, and change the pitch of the snow too. It comes with a five-year limited investment, which is a good plus for the pretty hefty sum you are investing and is definitely all you need to counter your ice problems at home.


  • easy to start,
  • suitable for large snow blowing and spaces,
  • large clear path,
  • easy to drive,
  • heated handgrips,
  • five-year limited warranty.


  • it is expensive,
  • the extra expense of running costs,
  • frequent maintenance.

2) Briggs and Stratton 1696563 Dual-Stage Snow Thrower with 306cc Engine and Electric Start

Special features: 306cc engine, electric start, dual trigger steerable transmission, dual-stage, on panel electric deflector control, freehand control, electric chute,  16 by 6.5-inch arctic Trac tires, LED headlight, product dimensions; 55 x 31 x 44 inches, item weight 242 pounds, rotatable chute.

This heavyweight snow blower is one of the best out there in both build, quality, and performance, as it is able to both deals with heavy snow and icefall. With a weight of 242 pounds, it is really heavy and might not sound like the most mobile device out there, but for the quantity and quality of work it does, sure the weight is just perfect.

Mobility with this device is not a problem at all, as it possesses a 16 by 6.5inches tire that helps it navigate through the thick snow. With a steel frame and gearbox of durable aluminum, the build of this machine would afford users a really long life span.

This beat of a snowblower is backed up by a 306cc engine that gives it enough muscle to pile through tick snows, and it also has a really wide clearing path of 29 inches by 19.5 inches. With these specifications, it doesn’t just offer good performance in snow blowing but also a really wide coverage area at a time that allows it to do much in very little time. It is a dual-stage, meaning you would never have to deal with the problem of being unsuitable to specific floor types (throwing objects from the floor like a single-stage).

Built with a dual trigger steerable transmission and a free hand control mechanism, using and directing this device is pretty easy and comfortable, and the unease of having to operate the chute or other controls while directing it is absent.

The rotatable chute is very much easier to use, as it is electrically designed, hence allowing you to adjust its direction all at the push of a button on the machine panel, so is its adjuster for controlling the snow output trajectory electrically too.

For the sake of further user convenience of usage regardless of the time of the day, an LED light has been installed at the front of the unit, hence removing light constraints at night. The machine is also able to work in really cold temperature degrees, unlike some that shut off, while the temperature of its handle can be increased for more comfort while using. A 3-year warranty is also a good plus in the packaging of this product.


  • easy to start,
  • large clear path,
  • can work in low temperatures,
  • heated handles,
  • easy to control,
  • can be used for night blowing,
  • zero gearbox maintenance,
  • Highly durable,
  • 3-year warrantee,
  • suitable for large area heavy snow blowing.


  • it is expensive,
  • the extra expense of running costs,
  • frequent maintenance.

3) Poulan Pro PR271, 27 in. 254cc LCT Two-Stage Electric Start Snow Blower with Power Steering

Special features: 2 stage blower, 254cc engine, electric start, power steering, remote chute, ribbon auger, a 15-inch tire with lug tread, single-hand control, product dimensions; 52.2 x 31.5 x 35 inches, item weight 240 pounds.

This is another really powerful snow blower, judging by performance and other features, as it is built to deal with snow and ice efficiently and in lesser time than usual. It has pretty large dimensions, which is not surprising for its torque capacity of a 12.5-foot pound.

This sophisticated machine is carried by the presence of a 15-inch tire that is lug treaded, hence providing both enough balance and friction to grind through thick snow and their slushy surfaces.

With an electric push to start button, this device is pretty easy to start, eliminating the popular push to start design in its mobile design. Using this device also affords many conveniences in several ways, one of which is the presence of height-adjustable handles to allow users to choose their most convenient position.

Power steering is also in place for less stressful navigations while snow blowing, and like most top blowers, a chute stands on top and is 180 degrees rotatable, hence allowing you direct the snow removed in any direction.

The chute can also be operated remotely from a distance while you are directing the device, and also have defectors that allow for determining snow flow path from the chute.

The clear path is also pretty wide, spanning 27 inches wide by 23 inches depth, hence allowing a much reduced time for cleaning compared to devices with a lesser clear path. An LED bulb has been built in place at the top side for much brightness at night times. Hence the device can be used easily in darkness.

On purchase, it is pretty easy to assemble, and being overall easy to use, this machine well matches its price for the quality.

It’s comfortable to handle, and easy navigation ensures that operating with a single hand is very comfortable, allowing you to both direct and fine-tune the machine preferences at the same time. There also exists the sweetened deal of a two-year limited product warranty and four-year engine warranty.


  • easy to start,
  • easy to drive,
  • suitable for large area heavy snow blowing,
  • adjustable deflectors,
  • LED lamp,
  • adjustable handle height,
  • easy to assemble,
  • wide clear path, 2-year limited warranty,
  • 4-year engine warranty.


  • it is expensive,
  • the extra expense of running costs,
  • frequent maintenance.

4) Husqvarna ST224P, 24 in. 208cc Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Power Steering and Electric Start

Special features: 208cc engine, 2 stage device, trigger control power steering, electric start, multi-ply reinforced auger blade, heated handle grip, remote chute deflector, LED light, item weight 198.6 pounds, product dimensions; 41.8 x 22.8 x 25.8 inches.

The Husqvarna ST224P is a 208cc gas-powered 2 stage device, which though isn’t nearly as powerful as the Briggs or Poulan, would still do a good job in getting rid of wet snow.

It is built with an easy navigation system, as well as the maximum comfort of users in mind, allowing easy glide through snow and proper maneuvering system to back it up. At 198.6 pounds in weight, it isn’t pretty weighty for its features, though it is quite bulky in size.

This device is run by a 208cc engine, which affords it a sheer toque of 6.3 horsepower, and comes with a multi-ply reinforced auger blade which enables it cut through the bulk of wet snow with few risks of clogging or getting stuck.

It is easy to start up, due to the presence of an installed electric switch at your disposal, and being a 22 stage device, snow blowing without the interference of gravels/ stone on the floor has just been made easier.

Now the navigation system of this machine is what makes it stands out. It features a trigger control power steering system, whose first job is to make direction changing far easier than it normally would.

The design of this mechanism also allows you to individually control the tires of the machine, hence providing maximum maneuvering support for tight space plowing, as well as a tight 180-degree turning enabling. In a nutshell, once you master the operation of this blower, be sure never to get stuck due to snow lumps or tight space environments.

While using the device, you can also toggle between heated hand grip temperatures to give you maximum comfort in cold temperatures, and you don’t have to stop your snow blowing activity at nights anymore due to the installed LED lamp.

It is suitable for fairly large areas with not to the plenty quantity of snow and has a remote-controlled rotatable chute while coming with a three-year limited warranty and five-year engine and auger ear box warrantee.


  • easy to start,
  • easy to drive,
  • suitable for wide areas and large snow blowing,
  • heated handle grip,
  • easy to use,
  • can be used at night,
  • three-year limited warranty,
  • five-year engine, and
  • auger ear box warrantee.


  • it is expensive,
  • the extra expense of running costs,
  • frequent maintenance.

5) Ariens SNO-Tek 24 in. 2-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower

Special features: 2 stage device, gas-powered, 205-degree rotatable chute, push-button electric ignition, ergonomic handle, item weight; 204 pounds, product dimensions; 44.7 x 30.13 x 31.5 inches,

The Ariens SNO-Tek 24 in. 2-Stage is a gas-powered snow blower that is built with a good enough capacity to handle not too heavy wet snow blowing and would do a good job in not too large areas. This device is actually large in size, boasting one of the highest dimensions on our list, but don’t get scared, and it’s what a normal human can’t handle. Its good tire helps for better balance and navigation in snow.

Having the push to start button as the startup mechanism, this device is kind really convenient for the user to toggle between the on and off state. It also comes with a 208cc powerful engine, that provides enough backup for its snow blowing business, and its torque is rated at 6 horsepower.

Being a 2 stage device, it’s very suited for dealing with wet snow, though not of really large quantities, and avoids the problem of picking up objects on the floor.

Snow blowing with this device is very convenient due to the presence of a specially designed ergonomic handle, which gives the user a good grip, and hence good directional control over the machine.

With a clear path of 24 inches in width and 20inches in height, working with this device would hasten your work though the clearing dimensions are nor as wide as many would want. They are just ok for the job.

The chute of the device is designed specially to have a 204 degrees rotational mechanism, which allows you to choose basically any direction of snow release as well as a chute. This is a larger comfortable mechanism of the device as a whole, though you would still have to deal with the frequent maintenance and running cost of being gas-powered.


  • easy to start,
  • comfortable grip,
  • fairly large clear path,


  • it is expensive,
  • the extra expense of running costs,
  • frequent maintenance.

Features to consider when picking the best snowblowers for heavy wet snow

  • Capacity:

The capacity of the device is always rated by the engines build, hence the higher the engine rating, the higher the capacity and overall performance of the device. Considering the fact that you would be dealing with heavy wet snow, then you would require a snowblower with an engine rating of the highest level you can afford.

  • Convenience:

A machine can boat awesome ratings, but then be really stressful to use, which is why a snow blower’s ease of use should always be considered when choosing a product to purchase. These features include good wheels, a heated handle grip, and power steering.

Good wheels are always an essential, as the machine would struggle to get through thick snow without rugged wheel designs, and with the heated handle, be sure not to have frozen fingers when done with snow blowing. A power steering is for directional purposes, allowing you to direct the machine through snow easily.

  • Amount of stages:

This is very vital in choosing the machine to get because those cheap single stages or light 2 stage devices wouldn’t just cut it. Your site should be set on anything from 2 stages upwards, though you would still have to consider some other features. Using a machine that isn’t up to 2 stages would perform next to zero, and going for the three stages would do just fine, but be sure to overspend. This is why we recommend the 2 stage device as just perfect for the job.

  • Adjustable chute and deflector:

Owing to the fact that you would be blowing quite an amount of snow, the blower purchased should have chute and chute deflectors that are adjustable, as these allow you a choice of evenly distributing the snow to different areas and not just piling it in one place.

  • Warranty:

In purchasing the proper equipment for this task, it is certain you would spend quite an amount, and really who wouldn’t want to have a warranty on the product for just in case. Purchasing a warranty backed product secures your purchase and ensures your investment never goes to waste in case of unexpected events.

Final Verdict: Best snow blowers for heavy wet snow

The Troy-Bilt Arctic Storm 30XP comes out clearly as our most recommended for easy snow blowing of tough ice and snow blend. This is largely due to its heavy-duty 357cc engine, and a 30-inch wide clear path. With these combinations, the machine is able to perform well above expectations. It is very durable, too, including the body build, auger, and chute; hence would last you for a long time.

Briggs and Stratton 1696563 is also a good choice to go for and comes close to the troy-blit in specifications and performance but obviously falls short. It boasts a 306cc engine, though, with a good design that ensures user’s convenience and a less torrid time while being used.

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