Snow blowing has become one of the most important activities for people living in areas with frequent snowfall. If your climate is dry, though, it can be done with relative ease and a descent-blowing machine due to the fact that the snow itself would, too, be dry. Those who stay in wet and snowy climates can testify that removing such snow is on a whole new level and generally requires a better blower to do justice, hence stating the obvious need for the best snowblower for heavy wet snow.

Due to snow and minimal moisture, many snow blowers out there find it difficult to keep up, therefore doing a poor job when coming against such conditions most times.

The Best Snowblower for Heavy Wet Snow

Over time, manufacturers have developed different models with specific designs to deal with this problem. In this article, we will explore these products and other things you should know to help your picking process.

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Does a snowblower work on heavy wet snow?

If we are generally speaking, then a snow blower works on anything snow. You have a major path in determining whether it works, which is the basic responsibility of picking the right model and capacity for your specific needs.

After proper research, if you end up with a machine with enough capacity to remove that heavy wet snow from your drive or walkway, then rest assured that at the end of the day, your ground will return to what it was before snowed.

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How much snow can a snowblower handle?

The amount of snow that a snowblower can handle depends on two major factors, which is its size as well as the number of stages it has. Generally, a single-stage machine is able to handle the least amount of snow, while the two stages come up next, being able to remove more snow than the single stage.

The 3-stage blower tops them all up, as they are able to process the highest amount of snow. Electric-powered snowblowers generally have smaller engines with lesser capacity than gas-powered ones.

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Top 3 best snowblowers for heavy wet snow

1. ECOMAX Corded Electric Snow Blower

Features: The ECOMAX Corded Electric Snow Blower is a powerful and efficient machine with a 19.5-inch width and 10-inch height clearing range, capable of removing snow up to 10 inches deep and throwing it up to 30 feet away.

The best snow blower for heavy snow
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The ECOMAX Corded Electric Snow Blower is an excellent choice for those with heavy and wet snowfall. Its powerful 15-amp motor can move up to 780 pounds of snow per minute and throw snow up to 30 feet away. The 19.5-inch clearing width and 10-inch clearing height make snow removal more efficient, and the 6.8-inch HDPE auger helps to cut through tough snow while the impeller diverts it away from the chute to prevent clogging.

Its safety design makes me rank this product high on my list. The safety switch prevents accidental start-up and quickly stops the auger and impeller when you release the start lever. This is particularly important when dealing with heavy and wet snow, as it can be dangerous to clear without proper safety measures.

Additionally, the ECOMAX Corded Electric Snow Blower has 2 bright LED lights, which makes it easier to clear paths day or night. This is a particularly useful feature if you need to clear snow early in the morning or after work when it is already dark outside.

Overall, the power, safety, and convenience features make the ECOMAX Corded Electric Snow Blower an excellent choice for those who need to clear heavy and wet snow quickly and efficiently.

👍 Pros of ECOMAX Snowblower

  • The powerful snow-moving capacity is up to 780 pounds per minute and can throw snow up to 30 feet away.
  • Efficient snow removal with a 19.5-inch width and 10-inch height clearing range.
  • Adjustable chute control for directing snow where you want it.
  • Safety design with a safety switch to prevent accidents and ensure user safety.

👎 Cons of ECOMAX Snowblower

  • Corded design limits range and mobility.
  • Requires access to an electrical outlet.
  • It may not be suitable for heavy-duty snow removal on large driveways and walkways.
  • Requires assembly before use, which can be time-consuming.

2. Worx Cordless Snow Blower

Key features: The Worx Cordless Snow Blower is a battery-powered snow blower with a 20-inch clearing width, 40V power, and a 180° rotating chute for easy snow blowing.

A battery operated snow blower for heavy and wet snow
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The main advantage of this snowblower is that a rechargeable battery powers it. Many people might think a battery-powered machine might not be good for use on heavy or wet snow. But this Worox snow blower actually works on double 20V share batteries. It operates on a 40V rechargeable battery, making it a good candidate for our list. I am not saying it is the most powerful snow blower here, but I can confidently say that it does its job. Plus, it has a brushless motor that generates more power yet uses less battery than motors based on a brush design. This extends the life of the blower while improving its performance.

The chute rotates 180° to help you throw snow in any direction you choose, and the chute deflector is easily adjustable so you can get rid of snow in any way you want. On top of that, this Worx snow blower uses a 20-inch clearing area and a 22-inch intake height to clear out a path of snow 10 inches deep, blowing it up to 20 feet away.

The Worx snow blower packs a lot of power in a small package. You can count on it to clear away 10 inches of snow, even if it’s been packed down by boots and shovels. The single-stage rotary auger gives the snow blower the force to grind through compacted snow and ice. At the same time, the 20-inch clearing area is wide enough to be productive yet keeps the snow blower handy and easy to control. The snow blower can clear out a 20-inch wide path of snow with each pass 10 inches deep and blow it up to 20 feet away.

At just over 70 pounds, the Worx snow blower is light enough for one person to carry around. It’s also narrow enough to fit through spaces as small as 18 inches, making it ideal for clearing off walkways and driveways.

The Worx snow blower has long-lasting, bright LED headlights, making working easier after dark. There’s no need to worry about running out of battery power when you need it most; Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40v tools, outdoor power, and lifestyle products.

👍 Pros of the Worx Snow Blower

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Adjustable chute and chute deflector
  • LED headlights
  • Suitable for heavy and wet snow.

👎 Cons of the Worx Snow Blower

  • Expensive compared to some other options
  • You need to recharge it every 20 mins

3. EGO Power+ Lithium-Ion Cordless Snow Blower

Special Features: The EGO Power+ SNT2120AP is a powerful, cordless snow blower with a high-efficiency brushless motor, auger-propelled design, heated handle grips, and the ability to clear heavy, wet snow with a throwing distance of up to 45 feet.

This heavy duty snow blower is one of the best for heavy wet snow
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Peak Power technology, which combines the power of any two batteries, allows the EGO 56V ARC Lithium snow blower to clear heavy, wet snow with a throwing distance of up to 45 feet.
Its snow blower’s auger-propelled design makes it simple to swiftly and effectively clear snow off your pavement by moving forward and clearing snow through the chute.
Heavy snow can be easily cut through thanks to the lightweight construction, high-efficiency brushless engine, and rubber paddles that make contact with the ground.

The EGO 56V ARC Lithium battery lineup is compatible with this snow blower.
The battery technology combines innovative power management and cutting-edge design to avoid overheating.

The battery delivers up to 30 minutes on a single charge and can be fully charged in as little as 45 minutes.
The blower also has a powerful 1,000-watt brushless motor that works efficiently to quickly clear snow from your deck, sidewalk, or driveway.

This snow blower has heated handle grips, LED lighting, and a remote chute control to direct snow far from you.
Unlike conventional corded models, it has a revolutionary auger-propelled design that facilitates pushing, turning, and navigating.
It is ideal for little lawns, decks, and paths because of its lightweight and compact construction.

Two 7.5Ah lithium-ion batteries power the EGO Power+ Snow Blower (available separately).
According to the manufacturer, the snow blower can clear an 8-inch snowfall from a 16-car driveway on a single charge when used with the recommended two 7.5Ah batteries (sold separately).

👍 Pros of the EGO Snowblower

  • Cordless design allows for greater maneuverability and ease of use
  • Auger-propelled design cleans pavement quickly and easily
  • Heated handle grips provide comfortable handling in cold conditions
  • High-efficiency brushless motor reduces energy waste and extends the life of the blower
  • Variable auger speed control system allows for adjustment of snow throwing distance
  • Can clear a 16-car driveway with 8 inches of snow on a single charge when used with recommended batteries
  • Peak Power technology combines the power of any two EGO POWER+ 56V ARC Lithium batteries

👎 Cons of the EGO Snowblower

  • Batteries and chargers are not included and must be purchased separately
  • It may not be as powerful as some gas-powered snowblowers
  • The price may be a bit steep for some users
  • Some users may find the chute control to be a bit difficult to adjust.

Features to consider when picking the best snowblowers for heavy wet snow

  • Capacity:

The engine build always rates the capacity of the device; hence the higher the engine rating, the higher the capacity and overall performance of the device. Considering that you would be dealing with heavy wet snow, you would require a snowblower with an engine rating of the highest level you can afford.

  • Convenience:

A machine can boat awesome ratings but be really stressful, so a snow blower’s ease of use should always be considered when choosing a product to purchase. These features include good wheels, a heated handle grip, and power steering.

Good wheels are always essential, as the machine would struggle to get through thick snow without rugged wheel designs, and with the heated handle, be sure not to have frozen fingers when done with snow blowing. A power steering is for directional purposes, allowing you to direct the machine through snow easily.

  • Amount of stages:

This is vital in choosing the machine because those cheap single stages or light 2-stage devices wouldn’t just cut it. Your site should be set on anything from 2 stages upwards, though you would still have to consider some other features. Using a machine that isn’t up to 2 stages would perform next to zero, and going for the three stages would do just fine, but be sure to overspend. This is why we recommend the 2-stage device as perfect for the job.

  • Adjustable chute and deflector:

Because you would be blowing quite an amount of snow, the blower purchased should have an adjustable chute and chute deflectors, as these allow you to evenly distribute the snow to different areas and not just pile it in one place.

  • Warranty:

In purchasing the proper equipment for this task, it is certain you would spend quite an amount, and really who wouldn’t want to have a warranty on the product just in case? Purchasing a warranty-backed product secures your purchase and ensures your investment never goes to waste in case of unexpected events.

Final Verdict: Best snow blowers for heavy wet snow

It is obvious that the EGO Power+ Lithium-Ion Cordless Snow Blower is the best choice for heavy snow after carefully comparing the ECOMAX Corded Electric Snow Blower, Worx Cordless Snow Blower, and it.

Its auger-propelled construction, peak power technology, and high-efficiency brushless motor let it to hurl heavy and wet snow up to 45 feet. During usage, comfort and convenience are provided with the heated handle grips, LED lighting, and variable auger speed control system. The advantages and features of the EGO Power+ Lithium-Ion Cordless Snow Blower make it a worthwhile investment for anyone dealing with heavy snow, despite the price being a bit high and the fact that batteries and chargers are not included.

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