The Best Humidifiers for Snoring : Top 5 Picked by Health Professionals

Snoring is a problem that can be of discomfort to the snorer and anyone in the vicinity. Most people can attest to the nuisance of sharing a bed or room with people who snore. It can mess with your and your bed partner’s sleep patterns, making you dizzy and irritable upon waking. One of the remedies for snoring is using a humidifier, and this article is aimed at helping you find the best humidifier for snoring.

Everyone snores occasionally, and it’s usually not something to be concerned about. However, it becomes something to look into when a person starts snoring more frequently.

Sleeping in a room with warm, dry air is a common cause of snoring, which can be easily remedied by getting a humidifier. A humidifier makes the air moist and cool and helps prevent swollen nasal tissues.

Before trying any remedy for snoring, the cause must be known. Sometimes snoring can indicate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and you should get the best humidifier for sleep apnea or see a doctor if it worsens.

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What is the main cause of snoring?

It is advisable to know the cause of your snoring to identify the appropriate treatment. Various risk factors contribute to snoring. For example, 44% of men between 30 and 60 are snorers, while the percentage is significantly lower in women.

Thus, the major cause of snoring is when air cannot flow freely when sleeping. This can be traced to the narrow airways of the mouth and nose, leading to disturbing sounds as the air passes inside and outside.

In addition, the following factors can also cause snoring:

Poor muscle tone

In some people, the tongue and throat muscles might be too relaxed, which can lead to them collapsing and narrowing the airway. When this happens, the air coming in obstructed leads to an increase in vibration. Sleeping on your side is advised if this causes your snoring. Throat exercises can help to strengthen the muscles to avoid collapse.

Nasal deformities

Nasal deformities such as a deviated septum and nasal polyps can obstruct the airways.

Soft/thick palate

Having a low, soft palate can limit the passage of air. Airflow can also be constricted if the uvula (the fleshy tissue hanging from the palate’s back) is elongated.

Blocked nasal airways

Do you only snore during allergy season? Are your nasal airways always congested? This is the commonest cause of snoring. There are antihistamines and nasal sprays that can help relieve these symptoms. Another effective way of getting rid of the discomfort is by using a room humidifier. These devices release moisture into the air, and that helps relieve these symptoms.

Unhealthy lifestyle choices

When a person is overweight, excess fat tissues can surround the airways, which can cause obstruction. Losing weight and eating healthy can significantly reduce the risk of snoring.  People who drink and smoke are at high risk of becoming snorers. As a result, stopping both habits can go a long way to reducing the frequency and intensity of snoring.

Snoring can indicate certain conditions like obstructive sleep apnea and type 2 diabetes, so it is advisable to see a doctor to rule out any genetic links to these conditions.

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Top 5 best humidifiers for snoring

1) Honeywell HCM3B germ-free cool mist humidifier

Special Features: Quiet care technology, Humidity monitor, germ killing chamber, whisper quiet, easy fill tank.

best humidifier for snoring
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The Honeywell HCM3B germ-free cool mist humidifier is an evaporative humidifier good for small and medium-sized rooms. The 1-gallon tank has a running time of 24 hours on low setting. At just 9 pounds, this humidifier is also very portable and has an output that exceeds its size.

It uses air filters that must be cleaned at least once a week. The filters have to be changed often to avoid mold buildup, and they can easily be found online.

It has a humidity monitor that displays the temperature and relative humidity of the room. This and its quiet care technology suit small children, babies, and light sleepers. With this humidifier, you have complete control of your experience.

The Honeywell unit has an easy-to-fill tank and a protective cleaning ball, keeping your humidifier cleaner longer. It comes with UV technology that kills up to 99.9% of the bacteria, mold, and spores in the water. This means you can save money on distilled water as tap water can be used. This unit is also easy to clean and doesn’t take up much space.

It is straightforward to use and very durable. It is a top unit for its price and has a three-year warranty.


  • Germ-free
  • Easy to clean and refill
  • Humidity monitor
  • Very quiet
  • Tap water friendly
  • Durable


  • You can’t add essential oils to the tank
  • Not very budget friendly

2) Crane ultrasonic cool mist humidifier

Special features: Whisper quiet, 500 sq. Ft. Coverage, 360° lid, auto off.

Humidifier that can help reduce snoring
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The crane cool mist humidifier is a stylish, moderately expensive model. One advantage is that it doesn’t require an air filter to function. It is an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier for snoring that is whisper-quiet and effective in larger spaces. It has a 1-gallon tank and can run for up to 24 hours. The tank fits in most sinks which makes it easy to fill.

The crane unit only weighs about 4.5 pounds, making it a very portable and easy-to-use model. The elegant design makes it a good choice if you want to add a touch of beauty to your room.

This unit contains anti-microbial materials that can reduce mold and bacteria growth by up to 99.96%. This, in addition to its whisper-quiet feature, makes it a favorite for snorers, babies, and light sleepers.

The crane unit has an auto-off sensor that shuts it off when the water level is low. This is useful in avoiding electrical fires. It also has a 360° lid, meaning you can direct the mist to where you want it to go. These features make the crane humidifier one of the top humidifiers for snoring in the market.


  • 360° movable lid
  • No filter use
  • Auto off feature
  • Whisper quiet
  • 500 sq. Ft. coverage
  • Stylish design


  • Not compatible with essential oils
  • The tank is small which requires constant refilling

3) Pure enrichment ultrasonic cool mist humidifier

Special features: Optional night light, auto-off feature, 1.5l tank.

Humidifier that reduce snoring
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The pure enrichment cool mist humidifier is one budget-friendly unit you won’t regret buying. This small and portable device has a stylish outer design, which is easy to use and effective. It has a 1.5l tank which means fewer trips to the sink for you. This device weighs 2.27 pounds which makes it very portable. It has a running time of 16 hours on the low setting and an auto-off feature which means you can use it all night without fear of refilling.

This device is fitted with a 360° mist nozzle, making it easy to direct the flow of cool mist to wherever you desire. It’s easy to fill the water tank, making refilling this tank a breeze. It is straightforward to clean and comes with a cleaning brush. It is most effective in medium-sized rooms and offices.

One brilliant feature it possesses is the night light feature. The glow is low enough to soothe you rather than interrupt your sleep. The best part is that this feature is optional for those who prefer to sleep in darkness. This device is worth its price, and you won’t have to break the bank to get one.


  • Auto-off feature
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Larger tank volume
  • Stylish and portable


  • Not compatible with essential oils
  • It cannot be used in large spaces

4) Levoit cool mist ultrasonic humidifier

Special Features: 4.5l large tank volume, one-touch control, Aroma box, Timer.

best humidifiers for asthma
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The Levoit unit is the best humidifier for snoring in terms of functionality and price. It has a large tank capacity which makes it able to run for up to 36 hours at a stretch, and it is also very quiet. Its 3-inch wide tank opening means you can refill the tank with no fear of spills. It also makes it very easy to clean and fill. It also has a conveniently placed handle for easy lifting.

This device has a 360° elevated mist nozzle which disperses the cool mist better into the air in any direction you choose. The Levoit has a one-touch control meaning you can easily switch between the three levels at the touch of a button. This makes it ideal for medium to large rooms. Its filterless technology makes it super quiet and baby-friendly.

The distinguishing feature this device has is the aroma box. This lets you use your humidifier as an aroma diffuser.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Compatible with essential oils
  • Can switch from different mist levels
  • Night light feature
  • Easy to refill and clean
  • Large tank capacity


  • The design is not very stylish
  • Not very quiet

5) Urpower diffuser aromatherapy humidifier

Special features: Unique square design, seven-color night light, aroma diffuser.

best humidifiers for snoring
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Are you looking for a humidifier that doubles as an aromatherapy diffuser? Then the Urpower diffuser humidifier is the one for you. With its unique square design and seven different mood lights, this device is a good choice for those that value style.

This unit has a water tank capacity of 700ml, and it can run for 20+ hours at once in low mist mode. It also has an auto-off feature, so you don’t need to bother about keeping an eye on it. It can also be timed according to your needs.

The tank has a lid that you just lift and refill, which makes it easy to fill and clean. To use this as a diffuser, just put a few drops of essential oil into the tank with the water.


  • Unique design
  • Essential oils compatibility
  • Easy to clean and fill
  • 7 color change night light
  • Different mist levels


  • Small tank volume
  • Not very quiet
  • Only compatible with small rooms
  • Low dispersing capacity

Snoring and humidifier: What is the relationship

Although snoring is a common and rarely dangerous condition, snorers can testify to the discomfort snoring can cause, from sleep deprivation, irritability, interruptions of breathing, light sleeping, and frequent waking from sleep. It can also affect a snorer’s bed partner. It can even lead to a poor attention span and poor performance in school for children.

Humidifiers have been found to make sleeping easier for snorers. A humidifier is a device used to increase the amount of water vapor in a room. They make the room air moist with either a cool or warm mist. This helps in easing breathing and generally makes sleep easier for you.

The humidifier does the following

  • When the air is dry, especially during winter, the lack of humidity can dry out your skin and mucous membranes, and that can cause difficulty in breathing and nasal congestion. A humidifier adds water vapor into the air to increase humidity. They are suitable for relieving nasal congestion, which can lead to coughing and snoring.
  • They can help ease a sinus infection that causes snoring.
  • They can sometimes be used as aroma diffusers. You can put a few drops of essential oils into the section made for them, and the aroma gets dispersed into the air along with the cool/warm mist. Be sure to pick a humidifier for snoring with that feature because putting essential oils in the tanks of most humidifiers can damage them.

Factors to consider when choosing the best humidifier for sleep apnea and snoring

  • Cool or warm mist humidifiers: 

Cool mist humidifiers are good for use all year round, especially in places with a warmer climates.

Warm mist humidifiers heat water and distribute the heated vapor into the air. This is very useful, especially during wintertime, as it keeps the air warm and moist.

So, you might want to go for a model with both options.

  • Humidification coverage area

If you only intend to use your humidifier in your bedroom, then it’s best to use a small one. Ideally, the coverage area of the humidifier should slightly exceed the area of the room where it will be used.

  • Water tank capacity

The tank capacity of most humidifier range from 0.9 gallons to well over 6 gallons. This should tally with the intended coverage area. For example, a humidifier with a water tank capacity of 1 gallon may not give you the same result if used in a room of 500 sq. Ft. As that of 300 sq. ft.

Also, getting a small tank in a large room will lead to constant container refilling, which can be avoided.

  • Easy to use, clean, and refill

This is an important factor because if a tank is left dirty, it can aid the spread of germs in the air, which can cause complications in breathing.

  • Operational duration

The manufacturer usually states the duration during which humidifiers can stay running. Usually, it has to do with the size of the tank and the functional setting.

  • Noise

Ultrasonic humidifiers are generally quieter than evaporative humidifiers. You should go for the silent models if you’re a light sleeper.

  • Extra features

The manufacturer states features like night lights, air filters, and essential oil pads.

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Final verdict: Best humidifiers for snoring and sleep apnea

The Levoit cool mist ultrasonic humidifier came out on top of all the humidifiers we reviewed. This humidifier gives the best value for its price. It has a large tank; made easy to clean and refill. It can also be used as an aroma diffuser. This humidifier is very quiet and suitable for babies, and its mist levels can be easily changed according to your preference.

The Pure Enrichment cool ultrasonic mist humidifier had a good chance as it is also budget-friendly. Still, we picked the Levoit because it has all the features of pure enrichment, with the bonus of having an aroma box. If you’re not keen on having a diffuser/humidifier, then the pure enrichment unit is your best choice.

Meanwhile, those who don’t mind paying more for beauty and style can use the Urpower diffuser aromatherapy humidifier.

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