Aside from houses and cars, the other cherished value of a singer is the voice. Upon that, a vocalist thereby needs to keep the voice in good condition. This article reviews the best humidifiers for singers. 

A lot of things can pose themselves as a threat to the voice, one of which is dryness, as a result of poor humidity. When the voice lacks the proper and required moisture, a singer can get hurt while singing. In other to avoid this mishap, singers must buy into the idea of humidifiers.

The use of humidifiers will help keep the voice well moisturized. This way singers will no longer need to stay dependent on the intake of excess water.

Since depending on the water is a good option, and it seems to be the most used by a lot of singers; the question is what would you do when the air is dry? Then, you’ll need a humidifier to keep your environment hydrated!

That being said, the list below is comprised of the best humidifiers for singers based on extensive research. We hope you find this useful.

5 Best Humidifiers For Singers On Amazon

#1. Aennon 

For lovers of colors and beauty, this humidifier is the best option. Aennon Cool Mist Humidifier is a multifunction packed product that doubles up moisture, nebulizer, ionizer, air purifier and aromatic diffuser for users’ comfort.

Aennon Cool Mist is a humidifier that has air purifier functions, as well as auto-sleep mode, bright light-emitting diode display cum an inbuilt timer. At night, calmness in the atmosphere is restored in the 7-variant multicolor light display produced by the humidifier which shines blissfully at night.

Also, the portability of the appliance makes it usable even in a relatively small space. Hence, there is joy for people with less space to place a humidifier.

#2. Levoit 

LEVOIT Cool Mist Humidifier

Levoit humidifiers have proved to be one of the best humidifiers in the market today. This glamorous humidifier runs for a maximum of about 24 hours, producing strong mist up to 500ml/hr. The tank capacity is 6-litres, this means you can fill up the tank at night and still have something running you till the next day.

Also, this humidifier offers cool and warm mist options in three diverse levels. These options are accessible with the touch-sensitive technology embedded in the humidifier. There also exists the option of using remote control in accessing the humidifier, giving you the comfort you’ve paid for.

One key to safety with the Levoit humidifier is to never fill up the tank to the brim, as this may result in leaks. So, always leave a little space whenever you’re filling the tank.

#3. Bizond Ultrasonic 

For durability and health concern, Bizond has won over the hearts of huge users. With additional comportment fitted in for oil and other essential liquid treatments, the humidifier can take out negative ions and in turn sterilize the environment to make it livable.

The operation of the cool and warm mist option can be put on hold with the enabled auto-shutoff, that automatically shuts down the device once the water level is low or dried.

BIZOND Ultrasonic Humidifier is built with a filter that is somewhat expensive to maintain. The filter allows it to easily take out bacterias from the environment. For filtering specks of dirt, you will need to take out extra time in continuously cleaning the filters to avoid having fungi therein.

#4. Everlasting Comfort 

Everlasting Comfort Humidifiers

Just as in the case of other humidifiers, this humidifier also has enough tank of about 6 liters and 270ml/hr for more mist output. Everlasting comfort ultrasonic humidifier (6L) can be used to moisturize a large room of 400sq ft or more.

Know that, aside from humidifying the room, it can as well keep the room safe and clean from bacteria and viruses hanging in the air. In that regard, it performs both purifying and humidifying functions.

One outstanding feature this product possesses is its 360-degree rotating nozzles which are well fitted with a functional steam output knob. This makes it easy for users to control the direction of mist to their desired angles and positions.

A major downside with this product is the water tank structure. The water tank is built in a way that makes refilling difficult. Also, the humidifier is not a portable one, hereby making handing and positioning not so easy. However, the product pleads for its non-portability with the absence of a filter, which makes it less expensive to maintain.

#5. PowerPure 5000

Every product always possesses what attracts customers, for some, it’s LED, some it filters but for Powerpure, it is its quality and high performance that makes a lot of users adopt it as their choice.

The device has a 1.45-gallon tank which helps for maximum operation for long hours without interruption. The humidifier is also a good choice for those with large rooms as it can moisturize a room of about 700sq ft. The coverage capacity makes it ideal for keeping the room conducive.

Besides, the device is designed with no filters which make it easy to clean and less tedious to maintain. The portability makes it usable even when they are placed on tabletops, it still does the whole magic of making the room moisturized. Users can still dominate the humidifier even when they are few steps away from it; there is a remote control and sensor technology-packed up in it.

That being said, PowerPure 5000 Warm & Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier is also fitted with auto-timer settings which allow users to decide how long they want to keep the humidifier on or off.

 Ultimate Buying Guide: Humidifiers For Singers

When buying humidifiers, there are lots of things to put in place. It will be illogical for a singer or anyone to step into the store, pick up a humidifier without looking deep into what you need and what the humidifier offers.

Now, we would look into what features everyone should look out for whenever they are buying humidifiers. These features are what will give you comfort for your money and they should be there for your convenience. After all, you’re spending your cash, get what’s worth it!

Water tank Capacity

One thing that should not be handled with levity is the water tank capacity. Whenever you’re buying a humidifier, it is crucial to read through reviews to know what capacity the tank is. You’ll never love yourself spending months and probably years with a humidifier that needs you to continually refill the water level.

So, when choosing the humidifier to buy, save yourself the stress and don’t buy anything less than a 6liter tank humidifier. This, alongside the running hours, is what will give you the comfort in your money.

Product size

Another essential feature to consider is the size of the humidifier. Usually, this should be determined by where you would be using the device. Know that you will need a smaller humidifier in your studio compared to the one you’d be needing in your bedroom.


This should be thoughtfully considered when investing your assets in any humidifier. In most cases, humidifiers require a lot of stress in maintaining and keeping them to function continuously.

However, with the constant changes in technology, there are better humidifiers that will require of you less stress in cleaning them. Those humidifiers that need a user to take out extra time and cash in maintaining them are usually those fitted with filters.

Also, try to know the kind of humidifier you have, as well as the maintenance measures to be taken. You shouldn’t be adding oil and treatment liquids to your humidifier if it does not support it. Adding oil to unsupported humidifiers will only destroy it before time.

Specific Needs

For a singer purchasing a humidifier, it is already obvious that your major reason for buying one is to give your vocal cords comfort, fighting germs and purifying air is secondary. Therefore, look into the device that fits more into that category than others.


Most times, humidifiers are noisy when running and this could amount up to some sort of discomfort for users. Hence, you should look in for humidifiers with less noise, you can even ask to test run them before paying for their ownership.

Furthermore, virtually all ultrasonic humidifiers are noiseless or better put, with less noise due to the metal diaphragm which alternates the frequencies in the appliance.

Also, some new humidifiers are built with sensitive touches and remote controls, which gives comfort to the user. You can as well look out for these when buying humidifiers; they are for your convenience.


There is a wide range of options to choose from, but we’ve curated this shortlist to help you streamline your options and guide your decision in buying the best humidifiers for singers.

It is clear that humidifiers are essential devices every singer needs to keep their voice in a good and desirable condition. Since the voice is of very high value and being what makes a singer, it shouldn’t be any stress taking out time to make a better choice of what is meant to keep the voice in that good state.

As has been noted earlier, the choice is an independent one. Every singer should look deeply into all these devices and select which one will best serve their purpose.

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