Many people suffer from dry skin today due to harsh climatic conditions and bad nutrition. Our hectic lifestyle also contributes to dry skin because of our inability to care for our skins due to busy schedules.  Getting the best humidifier for dry skin will help solve this problem by moisturizing your skin and giving it the glow it deserves.

This comprehensive guide is an informative piece that will help you make the right decision and provide answers to every question you may need answers to.

Presently, there are many humidifiers in the market and choosing the right one may be difficult, especially when you do not have the right information. 

To make your process easier, we will be providing you with the best information you can get online on how to get the best humidifier that will help solve your dry skin problem.

We will be reviewing the vital features of the best humidifiers available in the market and their performances as well.

Before reviewing any product, we carried out extensive research to find out what users of these products have to say and we sometimes purchase some of these products to have a first-hand experience of how they work. If you’re willing to buy any of the products reviewed, kindly follow the links below the posts to find out more.

Best Humidifier for Dry Skin On Amazon: Product Reviews

After extensive research, here’s our review on the best humidifier for dry skin.

1. Hupro Humidifier

Hupro Humidifier
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The Hupro humidifier is a whisper-quiet ultrasonic humidifier designed for offices, kid’s rooms and bedrooms. It comes with a 3L capacity and an advanced humidification system. The good thing about this humidifier is its advanced humidification system that includes two kinds of humidity regulation, which include a constant humidity level and three levels of mist output.

 It also comes with one button that controls the humidity at one touch. It is easy to clean, leak-proof and provides relief from cold. The opening at the top is very wide and easy to fill in less than one minute. 

The Pros:

Air Purification System: The air ionization function helps to generate more than 300 million ions in a minute for the safety of your family. This humidifier requires little effort to maintain as long as it is done regularly and you’re assured of long-term service.

With this humidifier, you’re assured of purified indoor air at all times. The air filter helps to make this possible by emitting silver ions. 

In-built Aroma Tray: The additional inbuilt aroma box that provides the aroma oils or essential oils that helps to improve your skin condition, promote healthy sleep, reduce pain and prevent and cure a common cold.

If you have used a humidifier with essential oils in the past, you will definitely love this humidifier as it helps to boost energy, reduce stress and heal your mind and body. 

Ultra-quiet: Despite its large capacity, this humidifier is ultra-quiet. It is perfect for use in baby rooms and bedrooms. It also has the sleep mode function and an 8-hour timer.

The night mode feature helps you to sleep soundly without disturbance by turning off the lights and sounds emanating from the humidifier.

Automatic Shut-off: Another essential function of this humidifier is its ability to shut itself off automatically when the unit is out of water.

2. URPOWER 500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier

urpower 500ml humidifier
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The second product on our list of best humidifiers for dry skin is the URPOWER ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser humidifier. It has an adjustable mist mode, seven LED lights and automatic shut-off.

With a runtime of 20 hours, this humidifier is excellent for use in the baby’s room and the seniors. You can also adjust the intensity of the mist by pressing the high/low button. It has the capacity to hold up to 500 ml of water, and it turns itself off automatically when the water is used up.

The Pros:

7 LED Lights: The 7 LED lights provide your room with multiple color and gradually changing soft illumination.  

3-in-1 Function: The 3 in 1 functions, including night light, humidifier and aromatherapy diffuser, makes this humidifier different from many other products.  

Advanced Ultrasonic Technology: Since heat destroys the properties of essential oils, the advanced ultrasonic diffusing technology produces vibrations that break essential oils and water into very tiny particles without the use of heat.

This feature is to ensure that that your body absorbs healthy substances and as well to help prevent you from bacterial infections.

Large Water Capacity: The large water capacity helps the unit to humidify your room for ten long hours! This is to ensure that you don’t keep changing the water every other time.

The automatic shut-off function is also there to help shut off the unit when the time is up or when the water finishes. 

The Cons:

The humidifier is not quiet enough which means it can disrupt your sleep and distract you from studying. The lid doesn’t come with a lock and this can make the water spill when it accidentally falls down. 

3. Pure Enrichment MistAire Cool Mist Humidifier

Best humidifiers for bedrooms
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The Pure Enrichment MistAire cool mist humidifier is a very quiet humidifier that can be used in offices, homes, and nurseries. It comes with an easy to fill 1.5-liter tank that conveniently moisturizes your home continuously for 12 hours without interruption.  It is the ideal humidifier for use in your bedroom if you wish to enjoy an uninterrupted night rest.

The unit is also easy to assemble and disassemble due to its user-friendly design. The cleaning brush that comes with this humidifier helps to keep it working efficiently and prevent the build-up of dirt particles. 

The Pros:

360 Degree Nozzle: The 360-degree nozzle helps to ensure that your entire room is fully humidified. It also directs moisture away from areas and things like pets, fabrics, plants, and electronics that do not need humidification. This rotating nozzle helps you to adjust the mist direction to suit your needs and ensure your comfort.

Quiet Beeps: Unlike other MistAire humidifiers, this product comes with quiet beeps and a power light designed to shut off automatically after ten seconds to enable you to have a good sleep. This is why it is the ideal humidifier for babies.  

 Automatic shut-off: The automatic shut off feature is there to help your humidifier shut off when the water tank is lifted or when the water is exhausted.

5 Year Warranty: Aside from other additional features like AC power adapter, user manual, and disk cleaning brush, this humidifier comes with a five-year warranty. This makes it one of the trusted humidifiers you can get that ensures you get value for your money.    

The Cons:

The major downside to this humidifier is the problem with cleaning. This unit is not designed for thorough cleaning and sanitization that will help prevent the growth of mist and bacterial properties in the unit. 

4. Hupro Warm Mist Humidifier

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This is a premium cool and warm mist humidifier with the top-filling feature and a 4L large tank capacity. Its whisper-quiet feature makes it the ideal humidifier for bedrooms and baby rooms.

It features three types of humidification modes, which include 5-speed levels, auto mode and constant humidity. It also features an advanced speed slider and touch button controls. 

 The top filling feature also ensures that water is easy to fill and the inbuilt handle makes it easy to move from place to place. The top filling feature also increases the life span of your humidifier and its durability.

The Pros

Large Capacity: The 4-liter tank contributes to making you enjoy humidification with triple purification with clean and clear mist to help ease dry nose and help moisturize your skin. It also comes with essential oils to help improve your skin.

Air Ionization and Aroma Box: Air ionization emits 300 millions of cleansing ions in one minute. The aroma box contains aroma oils that help to boost your energy and reduce stress. This helps you to sleep better and relax more. The essential oils contained in the aroma box also help to purify the air around you for your overall well being. 

Ultra Quiet Mode: The sound that is emanating from this humidifier is very quiet, almost silent. This feature is to help you have a better night’s rest without interruption. Another function, the sleep mode function, helps deactivate all sounds and light making it the ideal humidifiers for seniors, babies and those that can only sleep in a quiet environment.

12-Hour Timer: For those that love humidifiers with timer, this humidifying system comes with a 12-hour timer to enable you automatically program the unit and save energy. It also comes with an automatic shut-off that allows the system to shut itself off when the water is drained. These features are there to ensure your safety and prevent your humidifier from damage. 

Water and Air Purification System: This humidifying unit comes with a ceramic filter and lamp that helps to prevent build-ups of molds by removing impurities from the water used.

5. Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Best humidifiers for dry skin in dry seasons
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The Crane Drop cool mist humidifier is the ideal humidifier for the relief from cold, dry nose, dry skin, and other conditions caused by dry air. Its one-gallon water tank provides you and your family with the luxury of breathing in fresh air for more than 24 hours.

It is suitable for large rooms and small rooms. With its aesthetics and design, this humidifier stands out from its other counterparts. The unit is also designed to make cleaning easier.

 The Pros:

Teardrop Design:  The teardrop design is the beautiful thing about this product and this set it apart from other humidifiers. With this design, you can place your humidifier anywhere in your room and still get the maximum humidification you need. 

Easy to Fill Tank: The 1-gallon tank that comes with this humidifier is easy to fill. You can also place the one-gallon tank under the bathroom or kitchen sink. 

Variable Control Output: The variable control output feature enables you to control the humidifier to suit your needs. You can get up to 24 hours of humidification in a 500 square feet room when the unit is at its highest setting. The 360 degrees nozzle also enables you to send mist in any direction you want.  

Anti-microbial Material: This humidifier is made with anti-microbial material that reduces the growth of bacteria and mold to over 99 percent. 

Detachable Bottom Fill Tank: For easy cleaning and proper hygiene, this unit comes with a detachable bottom fill tank. This helps to protect you against harmful diseases and enable clean humidification. 

The Cons:

Despite its aesthetics and nice features, this humidifier has its drawbacks. The unit works perfectly for the first few months but starts bringing out a disturbing sound as it wears off. 

Factors to Consider in Buying Humidifier for Dry Skin

Easy to clean: A clean humidifier is essential for many purposes, most especially for your overall health benefits. Some humidifiers are not designed to be easy to clean, which results in the build-up of mode that will harm your health. This is why you must put the ease of cleaning into consideration before purchasing a humidifier.

Humidifiers that are easy to clean are best for you. These types of humidifiers either come with a wide opening at the top or detachable base or even both. So, watch out for these features before making your buying decision. 

Noise level: Another feature to watch out for is the noise level of a humidifier, especially when you want to use it for your bedroom or office. Humidifiers that operate noisily will disrupt your baby’s sleep and distract you from studying or working.

There are many quiet humidifiers in the market today, and there are many that operate noisily too. Making the best decision is crucial for your needs to be met.

Tank capacity: The tank capacity is another important feature to look out for before making your buying decision. If you are the busy type, you should get a humidifier with a large tank to avoid a situation whereby you will have to refill the tank too often. 

There are water tanks that last for over 36 hours before the water is exhausted. Going for this type of tank will help prevent a situation whereby you will have to refill the water tank too often.  

Essential Oils Compatibility: People that know the benefits of essential oils will always want to purchase a humidifier that is compatible with essential oils. Some humidifiers come with this function and some do not. 

Ensure you check out the detail of any humidifier before any purchase to know if it is compatible with essential oils. The addition of essential oils in a humidifier is great for moisturized skin and getting relief from other dry air related conditions.

Size: The size of a humidifier will determine the amount of space it covers. When you have a large bedroom and you purchase a small humidifier suitable for small areas, you will not get the amount of humidification needed for your room.

Likewise, if you purchase a large humidifier for a small space, you might end up getting too much humidification for your room and this may also result in the build-up of mold. With this, you will not get the desired result and you may even suffer from adverse effects as a result.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Common Remedies for Dry Skin?

In addition to humidification, you can overcome dry skin by keeping your skin hydrated at all times. You can achieve this by drinking enough water every day, especially when the humidity in your environment Is always low. You can also invest in moisturizing creams and lotions when the air around you is too dry, especially in winter. 

Consume water-based fruits like water lemon, as this will help you stay hydrated due to an increase in the level of water in your body. But then, humidification is an excellent option because it keeps your home and your body humidified, which makes it difficult for you to be exposed to dry air in your home or office.

How Do Humidifiers Help Dry Skin?

A humidifier helps dry skin by keeping the air in your room moisturized. When the air in your home becomes extremely dry, the natural oils in your skin get dried up, and your skin begins to crack or peel.

Humidifiers help to keep your skin hydrated as this is vital in helping your body fluids move and as well remove toxins from your body. Humidification also provides your body with the natural oils it needs to eliminate waste and maintain healthy cells.

Besides, humidifiers provide mist that replaces moisture loss that is responsible for itchy and dry skin. When your skin has enough mist, there will be a reduction in water loss, and you will be less likely to be exposed to germs and irritants. With the right humidifier and correct humidification, your dry skin will become moist again and your skin will become moisturized.

Which is the Best Type of Humidifier for Dry Skin?

Cool mist humidifiers are the best type of humidifier for dry skin. Warm mist humidifiers work too, but the water can be easily contaminated when not changed regularly. This is because bacteria and mold are more likely to thrive in warm water than cool water. 

However, Ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers are the most hygienic type of humidifier you can get for your dry skin problems. Although they are quite expensive, they are the best for solving dry air-related problems.

When using any type of humidifier to solve your dry skin problem, ensure to use distilled water. This is to ensure that you’re inhaling pure mist and not contaminated one when you use water from well, tap or other unclean water.