Many a time, expectant parents or parents with babies tend to have a “must-have list” when setting up a nursery for their babies.

However, many parents find setting up a baby nursery quite overwhelming due to the number of baby items available in the market. They can’t point out which ones are worth buying. 

So, they overlook buying a humidifier which is an essential item, and end up buying only traditional baby items such as; crib or bassinet, diapers, rocking chair, bedding, dresser, mobile, etc, for their babies rooms.

As parents, you must not fall into the above category. You must understand that during winter, the health of every member of your family could be adversely affected. Your baby is even much more vulnerable to health-related issues caused by colder weather. 

Research has shown that when you use a humidifier to control the humidity levels indoors; the effect of viruses and cold can be reduced.

Buying a humidifier for your baby will provide the following immense benefits:

  • It will help your baby breathe with ease 
  • It will help relieve them of sore throat and nasal congestion 
  • It can be used for the treatment of common colds and flu.
  • It can help to prevent dry skin, nosebleeds and chapped lips in your baby. 

Based on the great benefits of buying a humidifier offers; it’s highly recommended every house should own one. Furthermore, you must also know there are different kinds of humidifiers available out there, however not all would be suitable for your baby’s room. 

So, to choose a suitable humidifier for your baby, you must put into consideration certain features. 

Buying Guide: Best Humidifier For Baby Room. 

Safety and Type 

The cool mist humidifier or warm mist humidifier is the two models you should consider when selecting a humidifier for your baby. Both models differ from the way they add moisture to the atmosphere. However, they’re both effective. 

The warm mist model can raise the temperature level of a room when working, while the cool mist model is directly the opposite. The warm mist humidifier cause burn in a child if they accidentally come in contact with the hot water or steam. 

Despite the risk of causing burns in children, some parents still prefer this model because they believe that the mist it creates is healthier, while they worry that the cool mist type can make their baby to catch ca old because it lowers the temperature level when working. 

Coverage Area

It’s always important you look up the size of the room recommended by the model of humidifier you want to buy. If you buy a humidifier meant for a smaller room than yours, then it won’t add enough moisture to your own

The cool mist model can increase humidity in larger areas depending on size whereas warm mist models work in smaller areas. Also, it’s better to select a humidifier that’s a better fit for your baby room size or a larger room size. 

Health Features and Cost 

The boiling water in the warm mist humidifier helps to kill water-borne germs, bacteria, and other dangerous microorganisms. Consequently, they emit less deadly bacteria into the atmosphere. Also if your baby has asthma or allergies, you should select the warm mist humidifier model. 

Also, the warm mist humidifier is usually noisy unlike the cool mist model which operates with less noise. Furthermore, the cost of running a warm mist humidifier is higher than that of the cool mist humidifier. This is because the warm mist model consumes electricity a lot. 

Warranty and Maintenance 

It’s always better for you to buy a humidifier with a warranty. Within a stipulated period, warranty enables you to make repairs for free of charge if your humidifier is faulty, or has some manufacturing issues. Some models have a one-year warranty, while others come with a two- year warranty. Also, a few models offer a lifetime warranty. 

Finally, the warm mist humidifier requires more cleaning than the cool mist humidifier. This is because mold is more likely to grow in the warm mist humidifier as a result of mineral deposits caused by the boiling process. 

Having considered the above features, I believe it will be easier for you to select the best humidifier for your baby’s room. 

5 Best Humidifier For Baby Room 

To help you make a quick and correct decision when buying a humidifier for your baby; I’ve made an extensive review of the best humidifier for baby room. 

1. MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
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The MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is a high-quality unit comprising; A Humidifier Base, 1.5 Liter Water Tank, Cleaning Brush, 369-degree Mist Nozzle, AC Adapter, and Disk Cleaning Brush.

The tank, when filled with water, can operate continuously without noise for 16 hours on a high setting. Because it can operate quietly, it’s very suitable to use in the office, room, and nursery.

Extra Features: 

  • Whisper-Quiet Operation
  • Automatic Shut-Off 
  • Night Light Function


  • Affordable 
  • Premium design 
  • Silent operation 
  • Easy to use 
  • LED light function 


  • Only suitable for small to medium-sized rooms 
  • Some components are not easily detachable 
  • Doesn’t clean the air 

2. Honeywell HCM350W Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier

Honeywell HCM350W Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier
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The Honeywell Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier consists of a Humidity Monitor, Automatic Moisture Balance System, Protec Cleaning Ball adding value to your humidifier, and a 1Gallon tank that operates up to 24 hours on a low setting. 

This humidifier can kill fungi, germs and bacteria in water because it has UV technology. Also, it can be used to treat colds and allergies. It’s a perfect fit for medium-sized rooms. Although it’s a bit noisy, this humidifier comes with three settings to adjust the sound.

Extra Features: 

  • Evaporative technology 
  • Moisture output 
  • Antimicrobial treated filter 
  • Germ killing chamber technology 


  • it’s easy to fill
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain 
  • It’s easy to operate 
  • It’s easy to carry 
  • The water tank & tray are both dishwashers safe.


  • Suitable only for medium-sized rooms 
  • It’s quite expensive because of the wick filter 
  • It can be a little noisy. 

3. Vicks Filter-free Ultrasonic Visible Cool Mist Humidifier

Vicks Filter-Free 1.2 Gallon Cool Mist Humidifier
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This Humidifier has a translucent 1.2-gallon tank which enables it to run up to 30 hours per filling. The Vicks filter-free cool mist humidifier can effectively moisturize medium-sized rooms using ultrasonic technology to quietly release visible cool mist into the air. 

Because it operates quietly, it can be used in the bedroom and nursery. Furthermore, it’s used to treat cough, nasal congestion, stuffy nose, allergies, sleeplessness, etc. 

Extra Features:

  • Vicks VapoPad Slot
  • Scent pads 
  • Vicks vaporizer 
  • Soothing Vick vapor 


  • Affordable 
  • No filter needed 
  • Has aromatherapy benefits 
  • The translucent tank helps to show water levels 
  • Variable humidity control 
  • There’s a wide tank opening. 


  • Vapor pads are expensive. 
  • It’s not suitable for larger areas 
  • Use of filtered water is necessary. 

4. Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier

Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier
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The Vicks warm mist humidifier can be very helpful during the winter because it helps to warm up the room. It also emits a free warm mist that’s about 90 % free of bacteria and germs.

Also, you can add extra Vick’s oil to help alleviate cough, congestion and other infections caused by cold. Additionally, It has two settings. It can run 8-9 hours on the high setting, and an average of 19 hours on the low setting. 

Extra Features: 

  • 1Gallon Tank – which can last 12 hours of usage. 
  • Aromatherapy Benefits 
  • Soft Handles for lifting 
  • Germ-free mist 


  • It’s Inexpensive
  • It’s Silent in operation 
  • It has a translucent design 
  • It’s easy to use and operate 
  • It has great medicinal value 
  • It can Auto shut. 


  • It requires constant cleaning 
  • It can only be used effectively in smaller areas 
  • It can cause mold accumulation

5. Crane USA Filter-Free Cool Mist Humidifier for Kids

Crane Filter-Free Cool Mist Humidifiers
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Crane’s Adorable humidifiers just fun to look at! It makes use of ultrasonic technology to add moisture in the air for easier breathing and a good night’s sleep. It can effectively humidifies an area of up to 500sq. Ft

This humidifier is quiet when in operation and runs up to 24 hours. It doesn’t require filter paper to function. Finally, it can help to relieve congestion, sore throat,  nose-bleeds, etc.

Extra Features:

  • Clean Control 
  • Auto Shut-Off Sensor 
  • Soothing Relief 
  • Ultrasonic technology 


  • It has a large tank 
  • It’s has a child-friendly design 
  • It has clean control 
  • It does not require the use of filter


  • It doesn’t use aromatherapy oils 
  • Tap water can cause the accumulation of mineral deposits 

Final Thoughts 

There are different types of humidifiers today. And they can come in different shapes & sizes. These sometimes can make you feel a bit overwhelmed to select a suitable humidifier for your baby room. However, before you decide to buy one, you must take a moment to ask yourself the following questions;

  • Do I need a humidifier in my home, and if Yes, why? 
  •  What kind of features should I consider before I buy a humidifier? 
  • How best do the features of the humidifier suit the need of my family? 
  • Can I afford the cost and maintain it properly? 

These questions can help invest in the best humidifier for baby room. Finally, buying a suitable humidifier, and using it correctly can be a wonderful investment with a lot of benefits for your baby. 

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