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The Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Heater – Consumer Reviews

Due to the numerous types of bathroom exhaust fan in the market, this article focuses on bathroom exhaust fan with heater reviews. With the recent advancement happening in bathrooms like tubs and Jacuzzis, there is an endless source of humidity in the area, making it essential for users to purchase a good bathroom exhaust fan to get rid of excessive moisture.

Another common problem with bathrooms today is that it never seems to get enough of the heat generated by the home’s central heating system. This, coupled with the fact that central heating needs a lot of time to heat up, always leaves the room very cold during winter. Installing a bathroom heater is a good remedy for this condition. In a nutshell, a heater, alongside exhaust fan, is necessary for a better overall bathroom experience.

It is a good thing that many manufacturers combine these two qualities, essentially making a bathroom extractor fan, which also has an inbuilt heater bath fan. A bath fan with heaters is the best bet against moisture problems and is why we have compiled this bathroom exhaust fan reviews. For a quick look, Broan-Nutone QT9093WH Heater is our most recommended product for users, due to its high fan speed at decent noise level, and being able to cover 105sqft in bathroom size.

What is the best bathroom exhaust fan Heater?

In our Bathroom exhaust fan with heater reviews, we look into top brands with different models when it comes to the production of exhaust fan heaters, naming a specific one above the rest could be a mistake. The best is subjective to what it is specifically needed for.

Though one can arguably declare a particular model above the rest based on quality, it might just be an expensive waste of money depending on where used.

A high-class unit of 150CFM and 1sones, for example, though looking like the best, would be too expensive an addition for a 50sqft bathroom, since a cheaper 90CFM and 1.5sones can get the job done easily.

Despite the best product being generally the one with the highest CFM and lowest sone rating, purchasing a unit peculiar to your bathroom needs is a far better and more economical product for you. It is essentially the best for you.

Top 4 best bathroom exhaust fan with heater

1) Broan-Nutone QT9093WH Heater, Fan, and Light Combo for Bathroom

[image code=”B00084URME”]


The fact that this device was designed to primarily be an exhaust fan, possessing two sets of lighting as well as a heater, makes it an overall impressive device. The QT9093WH comes with two separate lighting systems, a 100-watt incandescent light, and a 7-watt night light, which eliminates the need for a separate purchase of an additional illuminating device.

There is also a 1500watt heater built-in for quick spot heating instead of turning to the home’s central heating system. The heater is both efficient (converting electricity to heat completely without waste), and cheaper to run, while having an overheating protection system for completely safe use.

Adaptive design

The outer surface of the fan is designed with white enamel grille which helps it fit without much fuss into the ceiling. Its white outer layer provides the fan with good looks, helping it blend easily into decorations, but for a more flexible approach, the enamel is designed to be paintable. This means that a new color can be easily smeared on it, blending into whatever taste and fashion sense you desire.

High performance

With speed at 110CFM, this product offers a good amount of airflow rate, easily making it a good fit for large-sized bathrooms. It moves air very efficiently too, making a noticeable impact on the bathrooms atmosphere in a short period of time.

It is able to serve large sized bathrooms too, of up to 105sqft area. This comes however at a cost, as it generates a noise of about 4.0sones while working, which is certainly not the most quiet around.

Easy installation and easy use

Installation is pretty straight forward, and can be done by almost anyone, except you just want to spend that few extra bucks on professional hire. Accessories for installation is included with the package on purchase.

Also, for easy use it makes use of a 4 function switch, allowing users to control each function independently, instead of all depending on a source. This means you can run your lights, fan, or heater independent of the order or simultaneously as you so desire.


  • comes with 100-watt incandescent light option (bulb purchased separately) and 1500 watt heater,
  • paintable adaptive design makes it fit easily into existing decoration,
  • straight forward installation,
  • impressive fan speed of 110CFM making it suitable for up to 105sqft bathrooms,
  • automatic reset thermal protection against overheating,
  • HVI certified,
  • space is provided for a 7 watt night light,
  • switch is a four-wall function device for independent function control,


  • Sound at 4.0sones,
  • the fan is a bit noisy.
  • It is also quite costly at almost $300

2) Broan-NuTone 100HL Directionally-Adjustable Bath Fan with Heater 

[image code=”B001E6LBRU”]

Heater and lighting

This exhaust fan also comes with an option for a single light would have to be purchased separately. It is simply incandescent lighting of 100watt, without the option for a night light, as seen in the QT9093WH.

The device’s overall quality is also boosted by the presence of a 1500watt heater, which generates just enough for spot heating using electricity. The outlet is a 360degrees adjustable outlet, for a precise allowing direction of heating, and more flexibility for users.

High speed

At 100CFM, the blades of this fan spins at a very impressive rate, making it highly capable of producing impressive performances in spaces up to 90sqft. With this exhaust fan, you can wave goodbye to mist and moisture which are established friends of bathroom environment. Its noise level also stands at 2.0sones which is half as noisy as the QT9093WH model.

Easy to install and use

For easy use, there is an optional 4 function switch available for purchase, which when installed allows users to control independently, the four functions of the device. It doesn’t come with the products package, but is rather purchased separately. Installing this device isn’t much of a problem either, and from experience it is [retty straight forward.

Impressive design

The design of this product is good, especially since it is directionally adjustable to fit whatever you might have in mind. Its looks is also very good for decorative purposes, and it shouldn’t be having any problems blending into your home, although the manufacturers didn’t tag it paintable like the QT9093WH model.

One general complain about this product is how long the heating element lasts. Most of the purchased products so far, have heating elements which lasts only for a few months before packing up. Therefore be ready to make frequent replacements should you purchase the unit, or maybe luck might just shine on you and you get a much durable version that would last long.


  • lighting and 1500watt heater function with 360 degree adjustable outlet,
  • easy to install,
  • multifunction wall switch for easy use (purchased separately),
  • High fan speed of 100CFM gives high performance in bathrooms of up to 90sqft,


  • poor heating element quality means it is not going to last long,
  • it is quite noisy at 2.0sones.

3) Broan-NuTone 655 Bath Fan and Light with Heater 

[image code=”B0002YTKZK”]

Modest performance

Though not the best as regarding bathroom exhaust fans, the Broan-NuTone 655 is still able to put in decent performance when it comes to keeping the bathroom environment intact. With the speed of 70CFM, the fan rolls pretty well, and when used in the recommended 65sqft space, it does a very good job in removing moisture and consequentially preventing mold and mildew accumulation.

Good design and easy to use

The surface of this unit is designed with epoxy material, which gives a solid presence for fitting into home decorations. The epoxy is also covered in electrically bonded white paint, which is both elegant and pleasing to the eyes, settling into existing colors effortlessly.

An option exists for users to purchase either of a two or three function switch for better experience. The two function allows users to control two different function individually, while the three for three different functions.

Light and heater inclusive

Additional qualities included in this unit is a lighting system, and also a 1300watt heater. The fitting supports a 100watt bulb which is most certainly bright enough to lit up a bathroom, and though the 1300watt heater is lower than the 1500watt of the QT9093WH and 100HL, it is still a decent spot heating option rather than running the whole central heat system.

At 4.0sones, this unit is very noisy both in rating and sound produced during actual performance. Except you couldn’t care less about sound, but rather focused on getting the job done, you are better off with something higher. There is also an issue of the heater element getting burnt after few months of use. This report is very rampant amongst users, which shows a general flaw in using the cheap product during manufacture.


  • light and 1300watt heater combination makes it multipurpose,
  • comes with options of two or three wall function controls,
  • fair speed of 70CFM for bathrooms of up to 65sqft area,
  • good looks with electrically bonded epoxy paint


  • very noisy at 4.0sones,
  • more suited to medium-sized bathrooms,
  • poor heater element means it gets damaged often,

4) Delta Electronics (Americas) Ltd. RAD80 Delta BreezRadiance Series 80 CFM Fan with Heater 

[image code=”B01MZIK0PI”]

Heater and light inclusive

Just like all the other products reviewed in this article, the RAD80 possesses both light and heater features, coupled with primarily being an exhaust fan. This 3 in one device is also cheap to purchase, making it an enticing option to low budget customers.

However, its speed and performance are also weighed lower than more expensive models. The heater is rated 1300watts, which produces a good amount of heat, while the light is produced by an included CFL light bulb.

Safe operation

The most impressive quality of this unit asides its basic air exhaust is how much safety measures are in place to keep users completely secured. This first is an auto-shutoff of the fans impeller, as soon as it hits an obstruction.

This prevents the motor from staying energized without movement that could cause overheating and eventual damage. Also built into the unit, is a thermostat for temperature regulation, which prevents the heater from overheating and incurring damages, or worse, starting a fire.

Good speed and very quiet operation

The speed rating of the fan stands at 80CFM, which is very good, and with a noise level of just 1.5sones, it is pretty quiet too. The combination of these two features makes it suitable for medium-sized bathrooms while placing the market value at a more than fair price.


Powered by DC brushless motors, you can expect a very long life span for this product due to the motor’s high reliability. Its mounting fittings are also made of galvanized steel, which can resist corrosion since it would be frequently exposed to moisture.

In all, it is a very solid unit, though the company doesn’t have a very good customer service system, especially when trying to remedy a warranty covering the defect. Installation and overall wiring are also a bit difficult and vague, due to poor illustrations on the manufacturer’s handbook.


  • 1.5 sones means it’s very quiet while operating,
  • galvanized steel construction means corrosion is not getting anywhere near anytime soon,
  • auto shutoff fan impeller on obstruction for safe running only,
  • built-in thermostat for temperature regulation and avoiding overheating,
  • modest airflow rate of 80CFM makes it suitable for medium-sized bathrooms,
  • cheap to purchase.


  • poor customer service and warranty claim system,
  • poor handbook makes installation and wiring difficult,

5 Crucial Features to consider in choosing the Best bathroom exhaust fan with Heater

The following criterias are used during our Bathroom exhaust fan with heater reviews

  • Speed and noise generated

The speed and noise generated are very paramount qualities to be considered when choosing an exhaust fan. The faster a fan’s rating in CFM, the more air it would be able to extract per minute, and the lesser its noise level in sones, the more silently it would operate.

  • Multifunction:

The two extra functions considered for products in this review were the lighting and heater. They are two very useful qualities which would come in handy in a bathroom, and purchasing a device that gives light along with spot heating without neglecting basic exhaust function would be a perfect match.

  • Room Capacity:

This is all about knowing a bathrooms size and purchasing something sufficient. Installing a smaller rated product would largely lead to ineffectiveness, and although a fan with larger rating would work really well, it would be a waste of that extra few bucks that would have gone to savings.

  • Overheat protection:

With a heater inclusive, it is important to have some sort of protective system in place to prevent excessive heat that could cause damage or start a fire. Although this may happen, it is still better to go for a product more secure than not.

  • Warranty:

Exhaust fans do not come cheap, with even the lowest costing well over $50; therefore, it is only logical that one makes a protected investment, which is a product with warranty. It is also necessary for the product’s manufacturer or dealer to have a history of good warranty claim by customers, as some dealers frustrate warranty claims till customers lose hope.

Is it bad to oversize a bathroom exhaust fan?

In real sense, oversizing a bathroom exhaust fan is a good thing. Although it would do a very good job, even faster than anticipated, it would mean you are spending extra cash that should have been used for something else.

Doing this would be uneconomical, especially since getting the precise fit for your room would cost less both to purchase and run. However, it is not bad to oversize.

Can you use flexible duct for bathroom fan

Flexible ducts are well used in many structures today, especially since they are cheaper than the all rigid duct material.

However, using one is pretty tricky, and without a proper installation, it could prove to be a totally bad idea. Here are some few tips according to our bathroom exhaust fan with heater reviews:

  • Avoid kinks:

kinks are the greatest enemy of flexible ducts and avoiding it in every way possible is one of the things to do. Knicks are basically irregular bends or tight curves, and they do poorly in allowing proper airflow through the duct.

  • Seal ducts with mastic:

Mastic helps protect the duct from an external environment, limiting the loss of moisture-filled air to be vented. Without mastic protection, the flexible vent would in no time start to allow moisture permeate, causing moisture build up in the process.

  • Measure and cut duct to precise size:

Alhough it might look contrary to the name, flexible ducts are not a fan of twists and turns. This sharp bends and twists are difficult for moist air to flow through and can also easily cause clogging, which would, in turn, damage the fan over time. As a result, cut the size precisely needed to avoid sagging that could cause unnecessary bends over time.

  • Support the ducts:

Depending on the length of the flexible duct, try to support it by laying on a platform or tying with ropes. Ensure it doesn’t sag or the rope compress the inner core as that would cause constricted airflow.

How loud should your exhaust fan be?

We recommend you shouldn’t purchase any fan with a noise level higher than 4sones. 4sones is just about equivalent to the size of a television set we think should be as noisy as it gets.

For extra sensitive ears, you would consider getting something with a sone level below 1, which is the near-complete silence category.

From 4 sones and below, it becomes merely a matter of tolerance; we recommend you purchase something that should able to work unnoticeable in the background without irritating your ears.

Overall pick from the Bathroom exhaust fan with heater reviews

After a comprehensive Bathroom exhaust fan with heater reviews, we recommend you going for the Broan-Nutone QT9093WH product as the best multipurpose exhaust fan for your bathroom.

This product fits the bill in every way, possessing both the speed for effective performance in large-sized bathrooms and also a decent noise level to match that. The two separate lighting system solves poor illumination, while a heater of 1500watts is sure to provide just enough to do well for spot heating.

Another good buy for users looking to get one of these is the Broan-NuTone 100HL.This product is just closely outclassed by the QT9093WH’s better speed. It, however, possess something close at 100CFM, with little noise generated. Its variable direction prowess especially, makes it a very flexible product for users.

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