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The Safest Small Space Heater – Consumer Reviews

A space heater is an essential device for warmth at home or in the office, especially during cold winter. They could be small or central in size, but highly efficient. In this review, we’ll talk about the safest small space heater for your home or office use. These space heaters are devices used for generating heat in rooms and areas not as large as an entire home.

Portable or small space heaters usually run on electricity and are the best room heaters. Heaters that run on fuel, on the other hand, requires a permanent exhaust; thus, they are not movable. Although small, portable heaters are highly efficient and might actually be the safest and best space heater for your home, depending on what you need.

Are small space heaters enough to heat up a room?

A very important thing to know is that you should know is that most small space heaters are very efficient in heating up moderately sized rooms. In fact, when considering the best room heater for single rooms, we highly recommend a small space heater due to its all round qualities and service capacity with low power consumption.

Small space heaters can effectively produce about 5,100 BTU per hour, which is efficient in heating up any room in the home or office.

Do small space heaters have any advantage over regular sized heaters?

The two main types of heater well known include the central heater and the space heater. Space heaters are small and designed to heat up specific rooms and not the whole house hereby, concentrating heat to where warmth is needed in the house and saving energy and cost on electric bills.

While the central heater on the hand is designed to produce heat for an entire house/building, small space heaters are mostly portable and moveable while central heaters are stationary. Space heaters may lack heat transfer ducts but they can run on the same energy sources as Central heaters, making them as effective but in smaller areas.

So for someone who only needs to warm up one or two rooms in the home, a portable space is an ideal choice.

Are small space heaters cheaper to run?

Small space heater safe energy and cost compared to other heaters, so they might be quite cheaper to run than other heaters. However, the extent of how cheap they are depends on the make of the heater itself. Products with features like EnergyStar rated, for example, would consume lesser energy than an equivalent capacity without such rating.

Top 5 Safest Small Space Heaters

1) Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, 1500-Watt

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Awesome design

Dr infrared heater is a finely designed small safe space heater for home use. This compact space heater has an advanced dual heating system, combining PTC and quarts infrared element. This allows the heater to produce sufficient heat while saving cost of heating bills.

Dr infrared portable heater is certified by underwriters laboratories (UL) USA and Canada, ensuring the highest safety standard. This heater is also very safe to use around children and pets because it only gets warm, therefore safe to touch, and it does not have exposed heating elements that can cause a fire. This makes it a perfect space heater for baby room.

Energy saving and safe to use

Dr infrared heater can heat up a large room with an auto energy saving design. The unit has two major settings, which are; a high and low. Also, it has a tip over protection and an overheat protection that shuts off the device immediately it falls over, while the overheat protection ensures that temperature levels do not go beyond the safe range.

Easy to Maintain and control

This space heater is designed to last for many winters; therefore, it comes equipped with a detachable filter that is easy to clean and replace periodically.

Dr infrared comes with a remote control which makes it easy to change the temperature, turn off and even program the heater settings without getting up from your comfort spot.

What we like

  • Dual heating system combining a PTC with a quartz tube
  • An IR remote control feature
  • Super quiet with a low noise blower function
  • 12 hours programmable timer that shuts off the heater when it reaches the programmed timer frame
  • Saves cost on electric bills

What we dislike

  • It is quite expensive

2) Lasko Electric Tower Heater

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Great Design

Lasko electric tower heater is one of the best portable heater to consider when looking out for a safe portable heater.

This space heater features specially designed heat channels that blend air with heat to deliver a quick, uniform and long-range heat projection. It also features a sleek design that fits well into existing decoration at home.

Lasko electric heater is designed with a multi-function remote with on-board storage that gives you convenience while keeping your space warm and comfortable.

Easy Control and Automatic Thermostat

This small space heater is easy to control as it comes with a digital display with simple touch controls that offer high and low settings, an 8 hours timer and an automatic thermostat. The automatic thermostat allows the unit to run independent of you, shuffling through different heat levels to compensate for the needs of your environs.

Safety features

Enhanced safety features for this space heater includes no visible heating element safe to touch surface and automatic shut-off and tip over safety switch. Therefore, you can rest assured that no fire is starting up in your home anytime soon.

Easy maintenance

The permanent rear filter with EZclick system helps to keep the heater free of debris while the heat channels can be wiped clean easily. It however boils down to you to ensure that you carry out maintenance as at when due.

Thermal protection

This space heater comes with a thermal overload protector that is built to prevent overheating. The heater will automatically shut off as soon as the temperature begins to spike to unsafe levels. This keeps you safe, as well as prevent the heater from getting damaged too.

What we like

  • Enhanced safety features including safe to touch surface, automatic shutoff, and thermal protector
  • Has special and exclusive heat channels
  • Features 2 hearing settings, plus auto thermostat mode, timer function, and oscillation
  • Comes with EZclick filter that is an easy-to vacuum and thus extends the life of the heater
  • The widespread oscillation that distributes heat around the desired place

What we dislike

  • This Heater should not be used in wet or damp locations.

3) Pelonis Oil Filled Radiator Heater

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Awesome design

Pelonis oil-filled radiator heater provides the most efficient and cost-effective electrical heating solution for long term usage. It is perfect for medium to large rooms, providing the constant temperature needed.
This radiator heater has constant temperature conduction oil. This conduction oil possesses a temperature equalling to 350°C (662°F) distillation temperature, with a high boiling point, good heat transfer effect and high fluidity that keeps the oil circuit smooth.

Safety functions

Talking about safe compact space heaters, pelonis oil-filled radiator is one of the products that come to mind. It’s safety features includes, an overheat protection which automatically powers off in case of excessive temperature so both the aged people and children can use it directly.

It also has a tip-over built-in switch that will power off the heater automatically if it falls, preventing dangerous occurrence. Others features include flame-resistant material and power indicator light.

What we like

  • Three heating mode and five temperature settings for efficient heating
  • User-friendly features such as LED display, digital thermostat, 10 hours timer and a remote control
  • Quiet Operation without fan noise
  • Four swivel caster wheels and a sturdy carrying handle for portability
  • One-year warranty

What we dislike

  • The remote is very small and tiny, easy to misplace.

4) Aikoper Portable Electric Oscillating Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

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Efficiency and Effectiveness

Aikoper portable electric space heater is highly effective with a maximum 1500w power and two heat settings, providing efficient heat into every part of the room where warmth is needed. Temperature is also adjustable by 1°F interval allowing one to customize the temperature of preference.

This ceramic space heater warms the air around by creating a mild current of heat. It heats up rapidly with ceramic heating technology.

ECO setting

This compact space heater comes with an ECO setting that turns the heater on/off automatically by comparing the room temperature with the programmed temperature. This will optimize energy consumption and save costs on electric bills.

Safety functions

This tower heater is designed with an automatic shut off that provides a reliable overheat and tip-over protection. This is perfectly safe for use in homes with kids or pets who might knock down the heater. It also has an 8hours timer that ensures just the right time duration for warm comfort and peace of mind.

What we like

  • Overheat and tip-over protection
  •  High heating efficiency with a 1500 maximum power and ceramic heating element
  • Remote control function for easy and comfortable usage
  •  Portable and easy to move with built-in carry handle
  • Also has an adjustable thermostat and a children lock function

What we dislike

  • Might over the load power supply and trip circuit breaker

5) Pelonis PHTPU1501 Ceramic Tower 1500W Indoor Space Heater with Oscillation

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Great design

This is a durable and effective space heater to deliver instant and directional warmth. It is ideal for small to medium room. Pelonis ceramic tower space heater has an innovative and ultra-wide PTC energy-saving heating element that can give out heat in large areas.

These ceramic heaters are typically the most effective type of electric resistance radiant heaters. It rapidly heats-up to 70°F in 3 seconds with a reliable ceramic heating technology, offering steady, comfortable temperature.

Programmable thermostat

This tower heater comes with 3 heating options (high, low, ECO mode) to achieve customized temperature settings with maximized efficiency and warmth. Running in the ECO mode automatically enhances energy-saving by regulating temperature with respect to your ambient temperature.

Ease of usage

This tower heater is really easy to use with awesome design and features such as 8 hours timer, remote control, oscillation, and a carry handle. All this makes this tower heater easy to use and perfect for the bedroom, living room, and office.

What we like

  •  Rapidly heats to 70°F in 3 seconds with reliable ceramic heating technology
  •  The electric space heater is easy to move
  • 3 heating options to achieve the desired temperature with maximum efficiency
  •  Easy to control digital control panel
  •  Safety features such as tip-over switch protection, 8 hours programmable timer with oscillation and overheat protection.

What we dislike

  • No option to choose celsius
  • The display is located on top of the unit making it difficult to read

Factors to Consider When Buying the Safest Small Space Heater

When considering the safest small space heater, some basic questions come to mind, such as; how safe is this space heater? Is this space heater going to serve my room adequately? To answer these questions, there are important features to consider before purchasing a small space heater, these features include;

Type of heater

The type of space heater unit that will work best for your home or office is the first feature to consider when planning to buy a space heater. There are basically three heating technologies under which every space heater falls: radiant, convection and fan-forced.

Convection heaters provide even, whole-room heating while radiant heaters deliver rapid, spot heating in small spaces. The fan-forced heater uses an internal fan that blows across a heating element. Selecting the best type of heater that suits your home is needed to ensure efficient and satisfactory performance.

Heating capacity

The heating capacity of heaters varies. Some can heat up only small rooms, while others can range from medium to large rooms. So considering the size of the room to be heated and the capacity of heater needed to serve your room specifically for optimal price matching its performance.


To prevent your electric bills for skyrocketing and becoming a burden, it’s important to look out for efficient and low energy consuming space heaters. Features to look out for in this regard include energy Saving modes, adjustable thermostat, low wattage and a programmable timer. These functions aid in minimizing power usage and contribute to an overall economic operation.

Safety features

Safety is another important feature to consider in a heater because some small space heaters can sometimes lead to a fire outbreak and other hazards when you leave unattended. Safety features to look out for in a small space heater include; overheat and tip-over protection, cool-to-the-touch surface, and children lock function.

Noise level

Everyone loves a quiet and peaceful environment, so having a noisy space heater in the home or even office can be very disturbing. Most small heaters are quite quiet with low noise level but still, considering the noise level of a small space heater is necessary.

Final Verdict: Safest Small Space Heater

Having reviewed the best and safest small space heater for you, we recommend Dr infrared heater portable space heater, as it is an effective and efficient compact space heater, capable of heating up large rooms/ space areas, easy to use, and has standard safety features among other features.

PELONIS PHTPU1501 ceramic space heater is an awesome choice to make too. It has an innovative and ultra-wide PTC energy-saving heating element that can give out heat in large areas and it heats up room in as fast as 3 seconds with a reliable ceramic heating technology.