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The Ozone Hole 2000

Ozone Hole Area Minimum Ozone (million km2) (DU) Maximum Daily Minimum Daily Year Date Value Date Value 2000 09 September  29.9  29 September 89     British Antarctic Survey summary-The 2000 ozone hole reached its greatest extent in early September at 28.4 million square kilometres and was the largest ever-recorded ozone hole. It reached …

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Best Small Humidifier For Sinus Problems

Sinus problems are usually caused by the inflamed nose which causes difficulty in breathing. The symptoms include headache, facial pain, and a running nose. Humidifiers can be very helpful in fighting off these infections.  This article reviews the best small humidifiers for sinus problems. 5 Best Humidifier For Sinus Problems #1. Levoit Humidifiers for bedroom, …

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