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The Best Top Fill Humidifiers – Consumer Reviews

best top fill humidifier

After cleaning, refiling a humidifier is arguably the most stressful task that humidifier users cannot avoid. For this reason, top filling design humidifiers are a gem and have an excellent feature that can make your experience less stressful.

This article is a review of the best top fill humidifiers on the market today, in order to help you make the right choice when selecting a product. Regardless of its ease of filling, a humidifier is still supposed to be able to do its basic job, which is humidifying.

Therefore, although important, don’t get carried away by a humidifier top fill design when it lacks capacity.

Our recommended product among the best top filling humidifiers is the Keecoon unit. Taking a quick look at some of its qualities, it has a top fill design for sure and has a 1500ml/h mist output with 4.2 gallons for over 24 hours of runtime.

The Most impressive quality yet remains it being able to humidify up to 1000sqft of room size.
Check out the proper review below:

4 Best Top Fill Humidifiers
Humidifiers Water tank capacity(Gallons) Space Coverage(sqft) Runtime(hr) Automatic Mode Mist Output(ml/hr)
Keecon Top fill Large Humidifier 4.2 1000 24 YES 1500
Elechomes warm and cool Top fill Humidifier 5.5 755 40 YES 600
Honeywell Top fill tower Humidifier with digital Humidistat 1.25 N/A 36 YES 220
MOSFIATA 5L top fill warm and cool mist Humidifier 5 800 40 YES 300
GENIANI Top fill cool most Humidifier 1 220 18 YES N/A

4 Best Top Fill Humidifiers

1) KEECOON top fill Large Humidifiers

best air purifier for the price

Awesome design

Let’s forget this is a humidifier for a minute; the looks of this device would blow anyone away. It resembles a blend of a slender aquarium and some portable digital display devices at the same time.

Now let’s come back to the fact that it is a humidifier. It has a transparent body that allows you to see through the tank to easily monitor the water, and also a digital control soft-touch interface at the front side.

This interface makes it easy to interact with the humidifier and perform basic tasks like varying humidity or using its installed automatic functions, which are discussed in the latter part of this top fill humidifier reviews.


For all its looks, the capacity of this unit did not disappoint. It has an incredible mist output rate of 1500ml/h on the highest setting. That’s just extraordinary and can conveniently cater to the needs of rooms up to 1000sqft. In the world of the best top loading humidifiers, this device is unmatched.

High capacity with poor water holding quality would put you through more stress than you can imagine. This is why the Keecoon product was designed with a 4.2 gallons water tank that gives you at least more than 24 hours of runtime before requiring a refill, and yes, it only gets better from there.

Top fill and energy saving

Of course, we consider the best top fill humidifiers; therefore, only top fill products make it to this list. This humidifier can be easily filled from the top by simply removing the cover and pouring in water. Watch the transparent tank to gauge the water level and avoid an overflow.

For its size and capacity, energy consumption might look like a scare. However, its energy-saving design ensures that you get this premium service at a low energy cost. It is energy-saving; therefore, that bill spike will not be a result of running this guy.

2-in-1 device

Asides being primarily a humidifier, this unit also cleans the air while operating. Therefore, it is a 2-in-1 unit, where you get the effect of an air purifier and humidifier for the price of a humidifier. That’s one more reason why you should consider buying this.

Automatic mode and easy mobility

This unit is also able to run intelligently. You can select a precise humidity range in which the humidifier should increase your home on the digital control panel. After choosing this, the unit picks up the remaining from there. It runs automatically, monitoring humidity to ensure its meets that target, after which it shuts off.

One obvious appearance feature that we have not discussed is its wheels. It sits on 4 of them, allowing you to push around depending on where you need it. This product is very mobile.

Remote control and safety auto-shutoff

Another digital convenience feature is seen in its remote control. With this 5-meter range remote, you can vary the settings of the humidifier from the comfort of your couch. The remote control covers just about every feature it possesses.
For safe running, the automatic shutoff is also in place to keep track of the water level. As soon as this drops too low, the unit goes off and only comes on when the tank is refilled.


  • Awesome modern design
  • Digital display and control panel
  • Suitable for large-sized rooms up to 1000sqft
  • High mist output of 1500mL/h at the highest speed.
  • Energy-saving with easy top fill design
  • It comes with wheels at the bottom for easy movement
  • A large water tank of 4.2 gallons for more than 24 hours of runtime, with dual 360 degrees output nozzles.
  • Automatic mode
  • 2-in-1 air purifier and humidifier with transparent water tank for easy monitoring
  • The product is easy to clean, and the package comes with an extra cleaner brush
  • 5-meter remote control and very quiet operation.
  • Auto shutoff on low water level and a 12 hour timer


  • This unit seems to have everything but lacks an aromatherapy chamber for essential oil use.


  • This unit comes with 12 months warranty

2) Elechomes Warm and Cool Mist top fill Humidifiers

best air purifier for the price

Cool and easy top fill design

Elechomes devices have a trademark box-shaped design with the front side bearing a screen that displays the atmosphere’s immediate humidity level. This digital display panel also harbors soft-touch buttons that make it easy to operate. In all, the boxed shape design is cool and adds a touch of beauty to the environs.
Also, its top is detachable for easy refills. This top fill design makes it very easy to use by saving you the stress of detaching or taking the humidifier to a sink.

Easy to use with remote control

This humidifier possesses numerous features that make it easy to use for you. The prime of convenience asides refilling, and the soft buttons are the remote control feature. With the remote control, you can easily vary its settings from a distance.

Good capacity and high humidity output

The most important quality of a humidifier is its capacity, and this unit packs a lot of it. With six different humidity levels to choose from, this device produces enough mist to humidify up to 755sqft of space. It has a 600ml/h mist generation rate, and an amazing thing is the output medium is dual 360 degrees nozzles that allow you precise mist direction.This impressive mist output is not without a good backing. Its 5.5L water tank supports the humidifier to run for up to 40 hours before a refill.

2-in-1 warm and cool mist option

Elechomes designed this unit to remain relevant and effective in cold and hot seasons. You can either select a warm or cold mist, depending on your immediate needs. This design saves you cost, instead of purchasing a steam mist product or vaporizer along with a humidifier.

Safe use

Included safety features are – auto-shutoff and child lock button. The auto-shutoff monitors the water level in the tank and turns of the device as soon as it drops low. You can also turn on the child lock button to prevent kids or pets from toying with the unit by locking the buttons. When on, pressing would not work.


  • Nice design with digital LED display and soft-touch control
  • Remote control option for user convenience
  • Easy to use top fill design
  • Large 5.5L water tank for up to 40 hours of runtime
  • High humidity output of 600ml/h with dual 360 degrees mist spray nozzles
  • It is suitable for large rooms up to 755sqft
  • It produces only about 20 – 32dB of noise, which makes it whisper quiet
  • Warm and cool mist option with six levels of humidity control
  • Auto shutoff on low water level and child lock button


  • It creates a considerable amount of white dust when used with hard water.

3) Honeywell Top Fill Tower Humidifier with Digital Humidistat

best air purifier for the price

Two-way top fill design

Although not the most appealing from looks, this honey well product is still a good humidifier for its price. It possesses a two-way top fill design that allows you to easily pour water from the tap for optimal convenience. The tank’s top is exposed by slits, which allows water to easily pass through.

You can either fill it through that space or detach the tank completely from the unit and fill it elsewhere.

Automatic humidification

Automatic humidification is a standout feature of this device, which allows you to choose a specific relative humidity level from a range of 30% to 69%. After selecting this, the unit runs automatically to increase or slows down to reduce meet your setting. It operates independently in this mode and does not need your input.

Automatic shutoff and 12-hour timer

It automatically monitors the amount of water left in the tank and shuts down as soon as it goes low for safe running. For more flexibility, Honeywell has also added a 12-hour timer, with which you can select the precise runtime of the humidifier. This way, you do not have to worry about over humidification or excess running that could consume more power.


Now to the most important quality of a humidifier. This product as a 1.25-gallon capacity, allowing it to run for 36 hours on the lowest setting. With this unit, you can go for days before a refill. However, it is suitable for small to medium-sized rooms, which is seen as a downside to this unit.


  • Two-way top fill design with removable water tank and easy-grip handle
  • Digital humidistat (30% – 69% range) for automatic humidification
  • Auto shutoff on low water level with 12 timer feature.
  • 1.25-gallon water capacity that gives a runtime up to 36 hours


  • It is suitable for small to medium-sized rooms


  • The filters do not last very long

4) MOSFiATA 5L Top Fill Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier

best air purifier for the price


This humidifier generates mist at a 300ml/h rate, therefore putting it at a suitable capacity for small to medium-sized rooms. When running in the recommend square feet area, it is an excellent product that easily raises relative humidity.

It also has a 5L water tank, which affords up to 40 hours on the lowest setting. The product takes days between refills.

Cool and easy to use design

The design of this humidifier is next level modern. With a simple box shape and curved edges, this product has a completely see-through water tank that allows you to easily monitor the amount of water left. More impressively, it has a wide digital display at the front side with soft-touch buttons. The screen displays the current timer setting and the mist speed that the unit is running on.

Dual warm and cool mist option

Once again, this is another humidifier that accommodates the warm and cool mist option. This affords your flexible use as temperature varies across the year. Cool mist for warm seasons, and warm mist for cold seasons, you remain satisfied and comfortable across climate changes.

Aromatherapy and top fill design

The first product on our review list with this feature. Although this unit might not be the best top fill ultrasonic humidifier in this review, it possesses something that is only shared by a product that would be reviewed later.

With aromatherapy support, you are provided with a chamber where you can add a few drops of essential oils. You can enjoy the health benefits of aromatherapy with this unit.
Also, refilling is totally easy. All you need do is remove the top cap and pour in water. Your days of detaching a tank or having to drag the whole unit and then flip it over under a sink are long gone.

Auto shutoff with an 8-hour timer.

For self-protection and your protection, it has an auto-shutoff that prevents heating and other related hazards. The automatic shutoff kicks in when water drops low. It also has an 8-hour timer for selecting the precise duration it would run and going off after that.


  • Cool digital display with soft-touch buttons and remote control
  • Large 5L water tank with 360 degrees anion mist output and up to 40 hours of runtime
  • 8-hour timer and six levels of humidity control
  • Good moisture output rate of 300ml/h
  • It is suitable for large rooms up to 800sqft
  • Top fill design for easy refill and transparent tank that makes it easy to monitor the water level
  • It supports aromatherapy
  • Long filter life that lasts up to 2 years before requiring replacement
  • Dual warm and cool mist option


  • It has poor durability, although it seems to be with a few defective products. Customers have complained about the sudden pack up of the unit after a few use.


  • Suitable for small to medium-sized rooms.

5) GENIANI Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifiers

best air purifier for the price

Top fill design and easy to clean

We were not going to make a review list of top fill humidifiers without adding a Geniani product. Known for their simple looks and easy to use nature, this humidifier also has a top fill design that makes the refill process as easy as possible. No removing tank, no flipping upside down, just pour in water through the slit at the top.

You can also remove the whole top cover for more refill convenience, and also when it is time to clean. Cleaning is very easy because virtually all parts of the unit become accessible as soon as the top cover is lifted.

Automatic mode and quiet operation

For your convenience, this humidifier is built with a smart mode. In this mode, it maintains the humidity in your home at a healthy level through the help of an intelligent sensor. However, you can still manually adjust its moisturizing speed by choosing either low, medium, or high setting. It is ultrasonic, therefore very quiet while operating, and affords you a sound sleep and zero disturbance.

2-in-1 design

Although we wouldn’t exactly call it a 2-in-1 device, it is the only other product in this review that supports aromatherapy and gives it a right to the title. It is essentially both a humidifier and diffuser in the same product because it can be used with essential oil. Enjoy the benefits of having a 2-in-1 product with this humidifier.


The unit is a little disappointing in capacity. Although it confidently humidifies the recommended room size, its capacity does not quite match that of others we have reviewed so far. It is only suitable for small rooms up to 220sqft in size and has a 1-gallon tank that doesn’t provide enough for running for a day. It averages about 18 hours on the lowest setting. This means that you would have to refill the unit every day, on constant use.


  • Easy top –fill design with inbuilt water gauge for monitoring the level
  • Automatic mode and three levels manual control option
  • Fairly large 1-gallon water tank that gives up to 18 hours of runtime
  • The ultrasonic design makes it very quiet while operating
  • Automatic shutoff on low water level and easy to clean water tank
  • 2-in-1 humidifier and diffuser (it supports aromatherapy)


  • It is suitable for small-sized rooms up to 220sqft
  • It lacks durability and is prone to leakages
  • White dust problems when used with hard water


  • The product comes with two years warranty

Features to consider in choosing the best top fill humidifiers

Top fill design:

This article is the most important feature we considered in a humidifier. Products with top fill design make a humidifier easy to use and save you a lot of stress on refilling. This design is very common today and is seen across all categories of humidifiers. Purchase one with top fill rather than an equivalent product without it.


The capacity of a humidifier cannot be neglected too. Although this article is on the best top fill humidifiers, top fill does not humidify the air. A humidifier should have enough capacity to raise the relative humidity of your room. Details to look out for are the room size recommendation, mist output rate, and water tank capacity.

Automatic/ smart mode:

This is a mode that creates the best humidifier experience for users. In smart mode, a humidifier runs independent of your input and automatically manages relative humidity in the air.

Noise level:

Even the largest capacity and best top fill designs but noisy units are a pain in the ass. High noise levels can ruin the quality of a humidifier; therefore, it should always be considered before purchasing one.

What are the benefits of using a top fill humidifier?

Top fill humidifiers have two major benefits. They are:

  • Easy to clean:

With a top fill product, you can easily take off the top cover and gain unrestricted access to the humidifier’s internal parts. This zero restriction makes it possible to reach deep parts that might have been impossible to get to and very easy to clean.

  • Easy to refill:

This is the most obvious benefit of using a top fill product. Many humidifiers require you to detach its water tank and fill elsewhere, or worse, by carrying the whole unit. This process also involves lots of flipping upside down and messy water leakages.

With a top fill design, you can easily top up without any of these stress. Simply pour water in through the opening at the top.

How should you fill a top fill humidifier?

It is easy, detach the top cover, and pour in water. The major obstacle is in figuring out how to remove the top cover because different products have different designs and ways that it should be done.

Most of the time, this instruction is found in the units’ instructional manual, do well to go through it, and you should not have any problem removing the top.

On the other hand, you do not have to remove the cover to refill in some units (like the Geniani product). Units like that have a slit through which you pour in water; therefore, the top has to be removed only when cleaning time.

Also, you must look out for places that water is not supposed to get to. Humidifiers mostly have no go areas for water, and once again, it is always specified in the manufacturer’s instructional manual.

Water getting in such areas could cause the humidifier to malfunction, or worse, the damage it completely, therefore read the manual properly.

Are top fill humidifier better than non-top fill humidifiers?

Speaking in basic terms of what a humidifier should be (moisture-producing machine), we cannot say that top fill products are better than non-top fill humidifiers.

However, we cannot also deny the fact that they are much easier and convenient to use.

If there was a choice to make between a top fill humidifier and a non-top fill humidifier, choose the top fill unit.

Note that this comparison does not consider other features like its room area capacity, mist output rate, run time, and other modern features. In this comparison, we assumed that they both have all these in common and on par.


Any humidifier that you intend running for long hours must have the top fill design. This makes your life healthier and easier regarding refills. The best top fill humidifier for you is the KEECOON product.

Asides the top fill, it packs so much quality and modern design that makes it a pleasure to have and a viable humidifier for many years.

Its 1,500ml/h mist output rate is unmatched, and with 1000sqft area capacity, it couldn’t get any better.

The Elechomes Warm and Cool Mist humidifier is also a good product that we recommended as the next best to scale down a little bit. It possesses the warm and cool mist function that is not seen in the Keecoon unit and humidifiers at 600ml/h.

It is suitable for large-sized rooms and comes with other automatic features that give you the best user experience.

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