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The Best Snowblower for Gravel Driveway: [2021 Winter Review]

As the end of the year draws closer, so does winter. As winter season also approaches, sooner or later, you would have to make peace with forking out a fair amount of cash for the best snowblower for a driveway. Why? There are many benefits of Having the best snowblower for gravel driveway comes in handy for easy movement during snowy conditions, and its importance cannot be overemphasized; Therefore, this conversation has shifted to which one to buy in the market, and not whether to buy at all.

If you have a pretty spacious home with quite a lengthy driveway, then the further consideration has to be put into the kind of snow thrower to settle for. This is because the best snow blower for long gravel driveway should have enough sheer power to pull through the larger and wider areas where snow covers.

In modern times, these units have been developed enough to be powered by electricity, hence giving further flexibility in your choice of device. Using the best electric snow blower for gravel driveway is cheaper, easier, and cleaner to work with, and though they may be more expensive, they are well worth the investments in returns.

Another feature to consider in the driveway before purchasing your equipment is how large the gravel driveway is. If you would need the best snow blower for a large gravel driveway, we would advice you to be meticulous in making your choice. Depending on how large we are talking about, you might have to settle for the best 2 stage snow blower for a gravel driveway or maybe more, three then.

This article contains everything you need to know and would help in making the best choice for you, just read on.

Can you snow blow a gravel driveway?

The simple answer to this question is yes, you can snow blow a gravel driveway properly if you have the right equipment.

We would recommended that you should make use of a device with anything from two-stage upwards. The one stage blowers have augers that come in contact with the ground, and in this case, is a gravel type, which is certainly not a good option. A two-stage blower is much better, while a two-stage blower with self-propelling is even better as you wouldn’t need to push them, while a 3 stage snow blower is simply perfect for the job.

Different kinds of snow blowers

Snowblowers could generally be electric powered or gas powered, but regardless of the source of energy, it can be further classified into:

  • One stage blower:

This blower type is suitable for shallow snow blowing, being able to go as deep as 8 inches. Its design contains only the auger who does both the job of sucking in and discharging snow from the blower.

  • Two-stage blowers:

The two-stage has more power than the one-stage type, and contains a further stage where the impeller lies. As a result of this, the auger simply sucks in the know, and discharge is completely handled by the impeller. Therefore it can journey deeper snow levels than the one-stage type.

  • Three-stage blowers:

This is a basically a two-stage blower, but with an extra level where an auger exists at 90 degrees to the auger in the next stage, the propeller then follows. In simple terms, this design enables it to easily deal with deeper and lumpier amounts of snow than the two-stage blower.

So, What type of snow blower is best for a gravel driveway?

As earlier established, a two or three-stage blower would do just fine in removing the snow in a gravel driveway, while a single-stage blower is a no no.

Factors to consider in choosing the best snowblower for gravel driveway

  • The number of blow stages:

This is an important feature to consider before purchasing the blower of your choice. Single-stage blowers have their augers touching the ground, therefore making them unsuitable for hard grounds, while the two stages type contains two levels of ice breaking and is self-propelled, therefore giving the operator the option of setting how close the auger comes to the ground.

A 3 stage, on the other hand, contains the same stages as the two but with an extra stage for another auger, where it breaks up ice further. Depending on your need, choose what is best for your floor and snow quantity.

  • Snow blow size/ power:

Depending on the area you intend using the snowblower on, you should get a device with a power rating that would do just what you want. Trust me when I say you wouldn’t want n underperforming device, neither is the pain of the extra money spent on the over performing device a thing of joy. Also, consider if you have enough parking space in your garage for the machine against summer seasons.

  • Power steering:

Though this is kind of a luxury feature, and you would most likely do fine without it, if you can, by all means, get a machine with this feature, as it helps you make those turns in tight corners much easier and less stressfully.

  • Width of snowblower:

The width of a snowblower is directly responsible for the duration you would be spending under toe cold to clean the snow and ice completely. Though you should also know that wider means more money and more power, hence a bigger engine or motor and as a result more equipment size.

Top 9 Best snowblower for gravel driveway

1) Troy-Bilt Vortex 2690 357cc Electric Start 26-Inch Three-Stage item weight; 283 pounds, Gas Snow Thrower 2.3k

Special features: 357cc 4-cycle electric start gas engine, 3 stage, 4-way chute, 15 inches X-trac tires, 26 wide x 21 deep area clearance, touch n turn power steering, one-hand operation design, product dimensions 48.2 x 30.8 x 32.44 inches, headlamps.

[image code=”B074XZLK3F”]

One simple word explains the quality of the Troy-Bilt Vortex 2690 snow thrower, which is exceptional. This product is completely power packed for even the densest of residential areas, being capable of easily sweeping aside thick accumulation of snow.

With a three-stage construction, it has the capacity  to pull through areas with a heavy snow rate across the year, which is why its weight hits up to 283 pounds. That shouldn’t be a problem as far as it does the job.

It is powered by a 357cc 4-cycle electric start engine, which makes it pretty easy and convenient to turn on at the push of a button, as opposed to the regular pulling one has to go through in most snow blowers. It is powered by gas, though, it increases the running costs. This snowblower also comes with a 4-way chute, for the purpose of allowing the user more flexibility as per choosing the direction in which the snow blown goes to. It could be directed in any of 4 ways.

One of the problems snow blowers encounter, especially when faced with a thick accumulation of snow, is that it gets stuck trying to blow it away. This is mostly as a result of tires that aren’t able to match the dept and amount of snow it faces. All these have been eliminated in the design of the Troy-Bilt, though, in the presence of 15 inches X-trac tires, that are able to pull the machine through even in the deepest and slipperiest of surfaces.

This awesome mobility is backed up by an area clearance of about 26 inches wide, and about 21 inches deep while controlling and operating is nowhere near a problem due to the presence of a touch n’ turn power steering as well as a one-hand operation design.

Although it looks really expensive at the price it goes for, when performance is placed on par, you would realize it is well and worth the price.

What we like

  • large clearing width,
  • 2-year limited warranty, and 4-year limited auger gearbox warrantee,
  • easy control,
  • can be used in low light conditions.

What we dont like

  • it is expensive,
  • gas-powered.

2) Ariens 920021 Compact 24 in. 2-Stage Snow Blower-208cc 1699k

Special features: 208cc, 2-stage, 24-inch clearing path, gas-powered, product dimensions; 34 x 29 x 35 inches, item weight 214 pounds, 

[image code=”B00CDQOLOU”]

The Ariens 920021 comes with much portability and rugged designs, possessing rough terrain tires that help in easy mobility as well as a simple overall structure that affords the user much ease while in use. Being powered by a 208cc gas engine, it is able to blow snow out into specific directions, depending on the user, with the presence of a chute like the troy-blit vortex 2690.

It sits on wheels spanning about 15 inches in diameter and 5 inches in width, and on the field, it goes as far as clearing paths that are 24 inches wide in a go. This large clear path reduces the workload on the user, and as a result, the time spent trying to clear your driveway. It doesn’t possess an electric start type mechanism, though, but instead comes with the old pully to start, hence allowing the user expends more energy than regular on starting the device.

With a weight of about 214 pounds in total (of the actual item), the device is sure to get a good level of balance on the floor while operational, though you first have to get through the transporting down to your home and unboxing hurdle. The 208cc engine powered by gas, though lower than the troy-blit 2690, would do a pretty good job in an area with high snow concentration, but of course has limits, as its 2-stage and lower cc might not allow it function at a particular level of snow.

Due to the design and size of its tires, it is able to go through particularly rough terrains and hilly surfaces, as well as being good in slippery areas too. In all, it is a good device which we would recommend for those with a budget lower than the troy-blit type.

What we like

  • wide clearing width,
  • suitable for remote and hilly terrains,
  • portable.

What we dont like

it is also expensive,

3) Husqvarna ST224 24-Inch 208cc Two-Stage Electric Start Snow Blower 1049k

Special features: 208cc, two stages, electric start, adjustable skid shoes, high throwing capacity, height-adjustable control handles, LED headlights, 15 inches tires, 24-inch clearance, product dimensions 52.2 x 28.5 x 35 inches, item weight 240 pounds.

Husqvarna ST224 24-Inch 208cc Two Stage Electric Start Snow Blower

The next blower on our list is the Husqvarna ST224, bearing so many similarities in looks with the Ariens 920021, with the exception of LED headlamps that are present in the ST224. It is very portable, and therefore easy to drive around, possessing a 15-inch tire, though not as rugged as the Ariens or troy blits, therefore it might struggle when faced with a certain volume of snow or sleepy and hilly environment. It also has a high capacity throwing design, that displaces snow far away as possible from where you did not want them.

With the presence of LED headlamps, one is able to make use of the device in areas with low concentration or light, or even at nights, depending on how dark it has become. Although Working with a frictionless disc transmission, it would operate smoothly compared to other conventional models without this design, getting less stuck and giving a faster response to the user when the direction is being changed.

In this product, the long-standing issue of having completely frozen and uncomfortable handles while in usage has been solved, as it comes with a function that hits up the handle enough to keep it warm, despite the amount of snow it comes in contact with. This allows you to use without the concern of having frozen hands in the end. The handle is also designed to be adjustable; hence, it is suitable for people of both short and tall heights.

In all, this unit would do a good job depending on the volume of snow you want to take out, and with the electric start feature, it gives a touch of the digital, and more convenience on using it. This is simply as a result of the two-stage design that comes with this particular model. Its weight also affords it a good level of balance, as well a wider 24-inch clearing space for faster work

What we like

adjustable handles,

can be used in low light conditions,

wide clearing width.

What we dont like

it is expensive.

4) Yard Machines 208cc 26-Inch Two-Stage Gas Snow Thrower 859k

Special features: 208cc, 2 stage, 26-inch clearing width and 21 inches high, electric start, 4-cycle OHV gas engine, 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds, 200 degrees chute rotation, snow propeller in-dash light, item weight; 222 pounds, product dimensions; 43 x 32 x 30.8 inches, 15 by 5 inches tires.

[image code=”B00XJGD2S4″]

This device comes with an even lighter weight than the others that have been featured so far on our list, with just about 222 pounds, whole being also portable and convenient for use. It sits upon 15 by 5inches tire, and with the design not the most rugged of all, but regardless, it is able to run through snow-packed terrains, as well as the slippery areas too.

What stands on this snow blower is its wide clearing width and depth, as it is able to remove as wide as 26 inches, which is pretty impressive so far higher than other products we have reviewed before it. This clear area makes it suitable for deep and heavy snowfalls, while in operation, its 200 degrees rotatable chute affords the user more control over its directional features and hence a lesser tendency for the device to get stuck in snow lumps.

The self-propelled snow thrower comes with an in-dash lighting system, which gives an enhanced and better illumination in poor light conditions. It is powered by a four-cycle OHV gas engine, which makes use of gas, and is powered by the use of an electric button, eliminating the good old pulley system and hence affording more convenience.

As per control and driving, the design of this unit allows the user choose between 6 different, forward speeds, as well as two reverses speeds, which gives a better grip to the user over the equipment, allowing you to move at your pace and based on the workload ahead of you. The whole deal is finally sweetened with the inclusion of a 2-year limited warranty to back up their product.

What we like

  • wide clearing width,
  • suitable for deep and heavy snowfalls,
  • 200-degree rotatable chute,
  • 2-year limited warranty,
  • can be used in low light areas,

What we dont like

  • it is expensive.

5) YARDMAX YB6770 Two-Stage Snow Blower, LCT Engine, 7.0HP, 208cc, 26″ 715k

Special features: 2-stage, 26 inches clearance, solid steel construction, extended chute and auger, electric start engine, LED light dashboard, product dimensions; 56.5 x 44.5 x 38 inches, item weight 117 pounds,

[image code=”B01MDOZTAB”]

YARDMAX YB6770 is a two-stage snow blower, and like many on our list so far, it is able to do a good job when faced with a considerable amount of snow.

Its build is made with complete solid steel, including the expanded chute that can be found at the top side, and its auger. As a result of this, the device boasts a good level of durability and toughness, which is suitable, especially for rugged areas. This nice and compact design is further enhanced by the presence of an ideal weight balance across the machine, which allows for better operator comfort.

Like the yard machine has earlier spoken of before, it comes with a very wide clearing area, spanning up to 26 inches, ensuring a greater and larger distance is covered in a shorter time, hence making it more comfortable to use. It is powered by an LCT electric-start engine, which does a fair job in performance, but with a 208cc and 7.0 HP, it is among the lowest rating on our review list so far.

Starting the engine, though, isn’t much of stress due to the presence of the electric start feature, and the engine can also be driven in multiple speeds depending on the terrain and volume of snow to be blown. Ultimately, it is left to the user to choose. In the running system of the snowblower is the serrated steel augers that are able to easily cut through hard-packed snow and ice, while its design allows their easy pass through.

The operator’s area features a dashboard that has been built with a led headlight, which allows usage during low light conditions, while also present is an easy to reach control speed (6 forward and two reverse) and cup holder for further convenience. Its handles have also been treated with the heater handgrip features, too, which is able to deliver optimal comfort while using despite the weather conditions.

What we like

  • wide clearing width,
  • can be used in low light areas,
  • easy to reach speed controls,
  • heated handgrips,

What we dont like

  • it is expensive.

6) Snow Joe SJ623E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower: Best single stage snowblower

Special features: up to 720 pounds of snow per minute, four-blade rotor, heavy grade steel, 18-inch-wide by 10-inch-deep clearing area, easy glide, electric-powered, 15-amp motor, product dimensions; 45 x 19 x 26 inches, item weight, 34 pounds.

Snow Joe SJ618E 18" 13 AMP Electric Snow Thrower

After reviewing gas-powered equipment so far in his article, we are now finally going to go through some electric powered type.

The first on our list is the Joe SJ623E, which does a good job also in blowing out snow from snow-filled areas.

Firstly, the electric-powered type can in no way be compared to the gas-powered, as the gas type both beats it for capacity and overall performance, therefore if you are looking to clean snow in very snowy areas, then you should look beyond the electric. There are several advantages of the electric type, though.

This snow joe snow blower is able to remove an impressive 720 pounds of snow per minute with the presence of a 4-blade rotor that cuts through snow and ice easily, and at an impressive rate.

The machine is built with heavy grade steel, ensuring its ruggedness and durability in areas of rough terrain, and it has an 18-inch-wide by 10-inch-deep clearing area, which though far below that of the gas type, is still a fair one.

While in operation, the directional guides have been adjusted to glide easily and seamlessly, therefore reducing the efforts of the operator while in use.

Being electrically powered, there is maintenance required after using and also nothing like oil spillages or leakages that could cause operational errors and degradation. Therefore it is both cheaper and easier to run than the gas type. It’s 15 amps motor makes use of electric buttons for starting up too.

In all, it is simply lightweight, with fair enough dimensions that ensure it is compact enough for easy use, while the presence of a 180-degree adjustable chute makes operation and getting rid of the snow easier.

Onboard is also an attached chute cleaner for easy removal of snow and ice in case it gets stuck, while the headlamps offer a good level of illumination for low light areas.

What we like

  • high snow removal level,
  • durable,
  • easy movement maneuvering,
  • zero running costs,
  • easy to startup and maintain,
  • 180 degrees adjustable discharge chute,
  • comes with onboard chute cleaner,
  • headlights
  • it is relatively cheap.

What we dont like

  • small clearing width,
  • material are not as strong as those of gas powered

7) Greenworks 20-Inch 13 Amp Corded Snow Thrower 2600502 140k

Special features: 13-amp motor, 12-inch -wide by 20-inch-deep clearing area, LED light, electric push start button, 180 degrees adjustable discharge chute, foldable handles, plug and go option (without batteries), product dimensions; 31 x 21.6 x 37 inches, item weight 30 pounds.

[image code=”B00YYPR9F6″]

The Greenworks 20 inch 2600502 is also another electric snow blower on our list, also featuring a portable and compact design like the snow joe. In fact, it even boasts more compact designs, and does almost as well as the snow joe but falls ultimately in a few areas. It is designed for light to medium snow blowing in your driveway or pavement and is sure to get stuck when used for heavier purposes.

There is a ling protruding handle ate the front side, which is to be held and controlled by the operator, and it is pretty convenient to use, with an option of easy storage also existing in being able to fold the handle after use. The motor is a 13-amp type, lesser than the snow joe sj623E type, and therefore wouldn’t produce as much power as the snow joe, but comes really close.

It boasts a fair enough clearing area of about 12-inch -wide by 20-inch-deep, which is for light snow blowing as said earlier, while it is electric powered and can be simply turned on and off with the use of push start button. This allows for lower operational costs, as well as being easy to clean up and maintain, unlike the gas type. While operating too, it produces only a small amount of noise, which is only where it stands out from the snow joe sj623e.

Gliding while using this device is also easy and the presence of a 180-degree adjustable discharge chute, though it comes with major disadvantages in only being able to make use of 120V voltage outlets, as well as effectively refusing to start in cases when the battery temperature is too low. Therefore, after a while of usage, you would probably have to remove the battery and place it in a warmer area, before you are able to make use of the device again.

What we like

  • easy to store,
  • low noise level,
  • smooth operation,
  • low operational costs,
  • easy to clean and maintain

What we dont like

  • works on only 120 volts,
  • fails to start at very low battery temperatures

8) WEN 5662 Snow Blaster 18-Inch 13.5-Amp Electric Snow Thrower 119k

Special features: 13.5amp 2000 rpm electric motor, 18-inch -wide by 7.8-inch-deep clearing area, 180 degrees adjustable chute, never-flat wheels, collapsible frame, sturdy build, throws about 490 pounds of snow per minute, product dimensions; 40 x 18 x 37 inches, item weight; 32 pounds.

[image code=”B00OFQEQPK”]

WEN 5662 snow blaster is an 18-inch device that is powered by a motor of 13.5 amperes, a bit just higher than the green works 2600502 type. It does a good amount of blowing, when used in light snow areas, like the pavement or gravel driveway, and isn’t suitable for anything beyond that, as the electric motor only affords an impressive 2000 rpm (revolution per minute) on no-load, hence helping it cut across ice and snow in a fast and efficient manner.

Its design ensures no damages are done to the floor of your home, and since it is electrically operated, the running costs are minute, and it is easily turned on or off with the presence of a push button. Maintenance, when it comes to this device, is also a piece of cake, with no serious cleaning required, while it made of collapsible frames, which makes it very easy to store after each use.

The build of this product is quite rugged and sturdy, even up to the tires, which are designed never to go flat. Never flat wheels also hardly get stuck, as opposed to normal inflated wheels, which makes the mobility of this device much easier than most. Its snow throwing rate is pretty low, though, standing only at about 490 pounds per minute, so it is either you are really patient or intend using it for a very small area.

Packaged with this device is a 2-year warranty, which sweetens the deal, and also encourages one to take the step of the purchase. Overall, it is pretty lightweight and would do a good job for your small gravel driveway snow blowing needs.

What we like

  • low operational costs,
  • easy to clean and maintain,
  • 2-year warranty,
  • easy to store,
  • it is cheap.

What we dont like

  • low snow blowing rate.

9) Snow Joe SJ618E 18″ 13 AMP Electric Snow Thrower 113k

Special features: 13-amp 2000rmp motor on no-load, electric push-button start, moves 550lbs of snow per minute, Cold and abrasion-resistant plastic auger blade, rust-resistant, safety switch button, 18-inch with by 8-inch deep clearing width.

[image code=”B00W8YAVXM”]

Last on our list is another snow joe product, this time the SJ618E, which is another good budget snowblower, that is designed for small pavement or gravel driveway spaces. When placed with other products on our list, it comes out with pretty poor performance and should only be the last resort for you should by become ready to buy one.

The build of this device makes it look fancy and pretty easy to use, coming with an 18-inch handle that makes operation pretty easy while being powered by a 13-amp 2000 rpm motor that is able to cut through snow and ice on the floor. The blades attached to this motor are made of plastic, though a good one, as it is both cold, abrasion, and rust-resistant.

A cool feature that comes with this device is the presence of a safety button. This helps prevent unintentional starting of the device from reducing accidents, and talking about starting, it makes use of an electric button for easy starting and stopping as opposed to the gas type.

The clearing part is just ok, but wouldn’t do a good job, boasting only an 18-inch width by 8-inch deep area. It requires low maintenance though like all other electric powered snow blowers, as well as being cheaper to run and store. It comes at a really low price; therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised about the quality you are getting in return.

What we like

  • easy to use,
  • low maintenance,
  • low operational costs,
  • easy to store,
  • it is cheap,
  • durable build,

What we dont like

  • very low snow blowing rate.

Bottom line: Best snowblower for gravel driveway in 2022

Looking for which to settle for;

First, you have to decide whether you want the gas or electric type, as they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

For one, the electric types are generally easier to maintain, require lesser maintenance and cleaning, as well as being cheaper in actual cost and to run.

The gas type, on the other hand, requires more running costs as well as maintenance and cleaning, but they offer a far greater quality compared to the electric type.

Considering sheer raw power, we recommend the Troy-blit 2690 as the best snow blower for you, as its 3-stage blow design is able to meet your every need both in light snow removal, as well as the heavy one. Its engine capacity and durability with a wide clearing width make sure snow and ice are removed efficiently, while a rugged tire allows for movement even in the roughest of terrains.

The Ariens 920021 comes out next as the second most recommended for your heavy snow removal tasks, as it boasts similar features with the troy-blit 2690, being a 2-stage blower with a 24-inch width.