By now, many of us know that living with incontinence is discomforting. Individuals with incontinence would still have to deal with foul-smelling urine leakage. How to get rid of a strong urine odor is the main issue most battle with, but with the best odor eliminator for incontinence, this wouldn’t be much of a problem any longer.

The best incontinence odor eliminator is actually just liquid solutions, which are designed to remove urine smell from clothes after the bladder muscles fail. When this happens for those who are not quite advanced in age and are probably out somewhere in public, this could quickly become an embarrassment and should be dealt with quickly using a good quality odor eliminator.

MediChoice odor eliminator is one of the best out there for getting rid of smells originating from different sources, in seconds. The incontinence condition is not an exception. With this product, you have something portable enough to be carried around conveniently, leaves no stain or scent behind, and works wonders in a matter of seconds.

What you should know about incontinence

Incontinence is a medical condition whereby a person loses control of the bladder’s muscles and may be temporary or chronic, depending on the condition and causative factor. It is characterized by experiencing urine leaks, sometimes in small quantities, while the other is the complete emptying of the bladder and very common among elderlies, especially women from age 50 and above.

However, this condition can affect anyone since it can be caused by a number of factors, especially infections, cancer, kidney stones, or an enlarged prostate. For the elderly ones, aging causes muscles around the whole body to weaken generally, including that of the bladder, leading to incontinence. There are also several types, which includes the stress incontinence, urge incontinence, and overflow incontinence

Stress incontinence majorly occurs as a result of carrying out too many stress-related activities, while the urge type happens a little while longer after you get an urge to urinate, and for some reason, refuse to listen. The overflow happens when you urinate, but didn’t empty the bladder completely.

Top 5 Best odor eliminators for incontinence

1) MediChoice Biological Odor Eliminator 

MediChoice Biological Odor Eliminator 

MediChoice, for many years, has been one of the top producers of health facilities and equipment for a better life. These include electronics and solutions, which have been top-notch, including this biological odor eliminator. It is very small on size and weighs only 4.3 pounds, enough to go unnoticeable in your pocket or bag until when needed.

Works on several surfaces

The solution is a dye, and alcohol-free mixture, which essentially means that it would leave no color or stain residues when used on fabrics. It can also be used on other surfaces like the skin and hair, with zero negative effects. This makes the solution an all friendly mixture for all kinds of odor elimination.

Eliminates odors

The name odor eliminator tagged by the manufacturer of this device is actually no fluke because it literally eliminates the odors, rather than mask them with a good smell like some products do. After applying this solution, it eradicates smells at a very impressive rate, in seconds precisely.

Prop 65 compliant

This solution by MediCure is also prop 65 compliant, ticking all the boxes as per being free from harmful chemicals that could potentially be hazardous to the human body. In conclusion, it enhances the safety reputation of using this solution.


  • dye-free to avoid coloration of cloth,
  • a clear formula which allows use on fabrics,
  • skin, and hair,
  • effective against incontinence,
  • eliminates rather than mask odors,
  • very portable and lightweight enough to fit into pockets


  • it costs quite a sum of money.

2) ZORBX Unscented Multipurpose Odor Remover

 ZORBX Unscented Multipurpose Odor Remover

This odor remover comes in bulk quantity compared to the MediCare product, which comes in a tiny bottle. Packed in a gallon, it is advisable to purchase a smaller portable spray container, where the solution can be emptied into directly or diluted with water, depending on how much concentration you desire.

Patented solution

This doesn’t take the quality out of the product, however. It employs a specially patented non-toxic composition, which makes it very safe to use on numerous surfaces, including wood, leather, and the human skin. Being also unscented and hypoallergenic, it is doesn’t emit any sort of strong odor that could be repulsive for people with respiratory problems or even trigger asthmatic reactions.

In molecular terms, it is not a cover-up or air freshener like you might think, but it actually breaks up and removes odors at a molecular level, removing them completely from the surface, rather than masking their odors. It is a good odor eliminator for incontinence urine cleanup.


  • natural ingredients non-toxic makeup makes it safe for the environment,
  • unscented and hypoallergenic makes it not repulsive to asthmatic and respiratory problem patients,
  • applies specially patented odor removal formula,
  • can be used on several types of surfaces


  • You have to purchase a separate spray bottle for easy use,

3) m9 Hollister Odor Eliminator Drops

Best odor eliminator for incontinence

The m9 Hollister odor eliminator comes in a pack, with two separate bottles, one for a refill, and the other for administering of solution. It is very effective against strong odors, which needs to be administered on the surface for maximum impact. Unlike some, this product is more effective when used in liquid form, administering a few drops in the contaminated area.

Economic makeup

Owing to the fact that you would only need a few drops to get the job done, we can safely conclude that it is pretty economical, and should last longer than the spray type. Although it can be used in spray form too, its impact is greatly wined down. Its small size, however, allows users to easily carry around for emergency use.

The solution is designed to be safe, with a container that allows it to be easily used and refilled when it runs low. It a few drops (depending on contamination type), should be applied on the contamination surface, and then spread in a gentle scrubbing manner. Do note that the solution should not be used directly on the skin, because it was designed to work on object surfaces only.


  • safe and easy to use,
  • very economical makeup means you only need little to achieve many results,
  • very effective in removing odors,
  • very portable enough to be carried around


  • most effective in liquid form,
  • not designed to be used directly on the skin

4) BARD HOME HEALTH DIV 577018U 8 oz. Medi-Aire Biological Odor Eliminator Spray

BARD HOME HEALTH DIV 577018U 8 oz. Medi-Aire Biological Odor Eliminator Spray

This odor removal comes in a pet like a container, which has a spray nozzle for using the solution like an air freshener. One could also simply direct spray at the particular point which odor is emanating from. Being a completely non-toxic solution, this odor eliminator can be used across several surfaces, including fabrics, as well as on the skin directly.

Its environmentally friendly nature means it can be used virtually anywhere, ranging from home to office, or other public spaces. With dimensions as small as that of a simple perfume, carrying this odor eliminator around is not going to be much of a problem, keeping you prepared for unexpected situations like incontinence.

Taking a closer look at this product, however, it is quite visible that its container spray is made of cheap plastics that easily give way under little pressure. In a nutshell, be careful about the places it would be kept in.

Also, though this odor eliminator deals with most smells by breaking them down and not just masking, it is not strong enough to remove some completely. Others, on the other hand, would require efforts coupled with washing to get the smell off.


  • Can be used on various types of surfaces,
  • the solution is contained in a spray bottle for easy use,
  • very portable container for easy moving around


  • sprayer has a pretty cheap design that leaves a lot of users struggling to get the solution out,
  • have been found to mask most odors but not all

5) Zero Odor Multi-Purpose Household Odor Eliminator

Zero Odor Multi-Purpose Household Odor Eliminator

This is a fairly good odor removal that is effective against most simple household odors. However, moving on to more powerful odors like smoke, the effect of this solution seems to grow weaker; in essence, it is only suitable for a selective amount of odor removal.

Completely non-toxic in nature, as well as non-allergenic, this solution can be used on several types of surfaces, without the fear of leaving a stain behind or causing irritations. It has, however, been known to leave a little stain on a few amounts of fabrics.

Despite not being able to deal with many ranges of odor pollution, it is effective against urine in general, including the one resulting from incontinence. Its ergonomic body design makes it very easy to use, and convenient to squeeze in order to get the solution out, though there is a problem of having kind of like a bleach smell for sharp noses.


  • Eradicates odors and doesn’t mask them,
  • it is non-toxic in nature,
  • non-allergenic and biodegradable,
  • good spray design with ergonomic grip


  • It has a slight bleach smell that might require an air freshener after use,
  • not effective against many kinds of odors including smoke,
  • the tendency of leaving residual stains on some surfaces,

Features to consider in Selecting the best odor eliminator for incontinence

  • Non-toxic and unscented:

No matter how helpful a cleaning solution is, being toxic means it would require a whole lot of caution to use, which most with incontinence might not be able to afford. It is, therefore, important that the liquid is not toxic to avoid unwanted damages to the environment or kids. Also, considering the fact that it would most likely be carried around, any leakage could cause a lot of problems if in your bag or pockets.

  • Effective over a wide range of odors in a short time:

Odor eliminator is basically classified based on two categories, which are: how wide a verity of odor it can deal with, and the duration it takes to deal with them. These two features should be taken into account before a choice is made, and they really are both non-negotiable. Odor eliminators should be quick and effective.

  • Portable:

This has to do with size. Incontinence condition can take you aback anywhere, which is why it is recommended you have a portable odor eliminator, for easy carrying around in a handbag or pockets. If, by any chance, you end up with a large volume product which isn’t exactly portable, do well to purchase an extra pet bottle for portability.

  • Easy spray container:

Spray containers are used for ensuring users aren’t without options when it comes to discharging the liquid. With a spray container, you can either use as an air freshener to combat odor in the air or simply concentrate on the desired surface to be cleaned.

  • Applicable on different surface types:

These include but not limited to plastics, fabric, woods, leather, the skin, and floors. Some odor eliminators are not to be used on the skin, while some can but aren’t so effective on leathers or fabric. It is important that you settle for one that can work on as many types of surfaces as possible.

  • Leaves no stain behind:

The whole purpose of having an odor eliminator is that it is able to get rid of smells so well that it becomes hardly noticeable that there was ever one there in the first place. Using an odor remover that leaves stains behind on any type of surface, kind of defeats that whole purpose. The product settled for should be completely unscented, and leaves no obvious stain behind, especially on fabrics.

Does incontinence cause odor

Incontinence causes odors and a very strong one at that. Odors resulting from incontinence is as a result of urine excretion, which makes people experiencing this to tend to drink less water, following the logic of creating lesser urinary by-products as a result.

However, this doesn’t work most of the time, and only causes the urine to become more concentrated as a result of less water.

How can you keep your incontinence clean?

Before a situation of incontinence, it is important that you get on board with drinking at least 2 gallons of water per day in order to reduce the concentration of urine, and consequentially its smell. Keeping incontinence clean is then a matter of proper cleanup after urinary incontinence accident, and we recommend you observe the following steps:

  • Start by removing any sort of incontinence pads or protection that you might be wearing after the incident happens.
  • Gently clean the skin, and fabric (if urine got to it) using mild soap and water if you have access to one, and then applying an odor eliminator. If you don’t have access to soap or water, make use of odor eliminators directly.
  • In case of red skin condition, or apparent irritation, apply a gentle, unscented moisturizer. If it is a rash, you should visit the doctor immediately.
  • Dispose of used incontinence pad and replace it with another if you use one.

How to get rid of a strong urine odor

The best way to get rid of a strong urine odor is by making use of odor eliminators. Though washing with soap and water seems like the most obvious answer, in some cases, they are unable to remove strong urine odor completely. In some other cases, like when in a public place, one might not have access to either of those, and even if you do, taking off clothes to get properly cleaned still remains a long shot.

Odor eliminators, on the other hand, are simple to use and very effective in doing their job without leaving remnants of smell or stains, even on fabrics. With one of these, it is easy to check by the next restroom, cleaning up and not having to wait for it to set into effect or clothes to dry up unlike using water. They also break down odor on a molecular level, removing smells completely without a trace. All these features combined are what makes odor eliminators your best bet against strong urine odors.

What is the natural remedy for smelly urine?

The most natural way to deal with smelly urine is to get to them before released from the body. The simple way of doing this is by drinking a whole lot of water, precisely at least 2 liters per day. This would ensure that the urine is much more diluted than it normally would, before being excreted from the body.

Some other procedures also involve changing the diet recommended by a professional, taking in cranberry juice, which increases the acidity of your urine, naturally decreasing its odor as a result. If recommended by a medical professional, taking deodorizing tablets or vitamin C also helps neutralize the smell of urine.

Final Verdict – Best Odor Eliminator for Incontinence

MediChoice Biological Odor Eliminator still remains our best bet for you, when dealing with incontinence issues. It is very effective in breaking down the odor rather than masking them, leaving you with a clean, fine fabric with no stains thereafter.

Since it can be used directly on the skin, there is no risk of irritation arising from coming in contact with the body, while it remains small and portable enough to be carried around. ZORBX Unscented Multipurpose Odor Remover is also a good option for people with incontinence because they are very effective in removing odors permanently. They are non-toxic and can be used over a wide range of surfaces.

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