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The Best Inexpensive Humidifiers: Top 5 Best Affordable Humidifiers

Humidifiers often comes in handy especially during the cold dry seasons where there is always a drastic drop in the moisture content of the environment. Many would assume that all humidifiers are expensive due to their benefits, but they also know that having one is inescapable. Hence, the need for the best inexpensive humidifiers in the market.

As mentioned earlier, humidifiers are really essential in the home, it is a good thing that there are some models that don’t cost much, and in purchasing them you would actually get the best Humidifier for the money you would be spending. Breaking the bank wouldn’t be required in getting any of these products, but the desired results would still be achieved around your home, as we have carefully selected the best Humidifier under 100 dollars for you in this article.

Although cheap sounds like not so good word to use pertaining to products on the market today, we can assure you that these best cheap humidifiers are still able to perform the essential task of humidity control, although one might have to give up some modern automatic features in exchange for the price drop. It’s a fair deal, isn’t it?

Are humidifiers worth the money: Benefits of using Humidifier?

Humidifiers have become a standard product in use today, and it’s not just due to their fancy nature and beautiful designs, but simply because of what they can offer in terms of service. From dry skin to irritation problems, there is an endless list of aftermath a humidifier would have on your health, some of which are;

Cheap Humidifier vs. Expensive: Features you won’t get in a cheap humidifier

There are some features that were exempted in the build of less expensive humidifiers in order to bring you a good performing device that does the basic job of increasing moisture levels, at a fair price.

More expensive humidifiers, on the other hand, performs the basic function of humidity control too, but with a higher level of precision and better accessories available to achieve the goal. Some of the features you would find in the more expensive humidifiers that are absent in the cheap ones are;

  • Auto mode
  • Programmable humidistat
  • Digital LED display screen
  • Timer feature
  • Demineralization cartridges

Top 5 best inexpensive humidifiers

1) Honeywell HCM350W Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier

[image code=”B002QAYJPO”]

This is a lightweight device, coming with a simple design that makes for a good presence in your home. The unit only spans a few feet off the ground, making it very portable in size, and can easily fit into as a desktop type humidifier. Due to its relatively small footprint, it wouldn’t take up much space in the home, and it is able to fit into small spaces.

This, of course, falls under a budget type humidifier; therefore you wouldn’t expect to pack all the possible modern features; hence one of its few significant abilities is the presence of ultraviolet light rays. The light bulb is stationed in the unit and does a job of killing impurities and contaminants in the water before it is broken down into fine mists and released into the home.

Due to this ultraviolet light, the unit guarantees more clean mist than regular humidifiers, while it is able to serve small to medium-sized rooms in a noiseless manner. It releases a pretty good amount of mist and would do well in a recommended room size. To further ensure maximum performance, it also makes use of filters that have been specially treated with protecting ant micro bacterial, which is able to inhibit the growth of mold with a 99.99% accuracy on the filter, while cleaning your water.

When it comes to maintenance, the unit is actually easy to clean due to an ample enough space in the water tank that is able to accommodate an arm, and it is recommended you make use of a protect cleaning ball. This opening also allows easy refilling, and the tank has a capacity of just 1 gallon, which affords the unit about 24 hours runtime on the lowest setting.


  • easy to clean,
  • easy to fill,
  • ultraviolet light,
  • uses a filter,
  • three years warranty,
  • quiet operation.


  • suitable for small to medium-sized rooms.

2) TaoTronics TT-AH025B Humidifiers

[image code=”B07RQX4CJT”]

This unit almost takes the looks of a towering type, but without the slim nature and a not so tall height off the ground. The design is cool though, with an all-black curvy view and a touch of a few different colours here and there allowing for an overall beauty that anyone would want as a plus in their home.

The unit is totally analog operated, in which the mist output is varied through the use of a knob present at the bottom control section of the device. The output nozzle of the mist can also be varied in a 360degree mannered fashion and has an output rate of up to 300ml/h on the highest setting. There is also an air inlet filter in this unit, which ensures that air your room is free from dust while adding a good level of humidity to it.

With a whopping water tank of 6 litres, the unit is able to afford a pretty long runtime of about 60 hours on the lowest setting, which is about three days of work without a refill. The nozzle at the top is also rotatable in a 360-degree mannered fashion, allowing you to specify the direction you mist would travel in, while the unit itself is able to push the mist as far as 1 foot up into the sky. The unit is also really easy to clean and refill due to the building structure and offers a relaxation night light option for those that love one.

This device is built with the auto-shutoff safety feature, which kicks in whenever the water tank runs dry, and hence affording the user a good level of safety against overheating and potential fire hazards. Due to the high level of moisture content a humidifier deals with, many of them build up water contents which could, in turn, damage its built-in circuitry, but hot this Humidifier. A special Nano coating protects the PCB in the unit from damages, hence giving your device a longer-lasting duration.


  • long runtime,
  • high mist output release rate,
  • quiet operation,
  • 360 degrees rotatable nozzle,
  • auto shutoff,
  • Nano coated circuitry,
  • easy to clean,
  • easy to refill,
  • air inlet filter.


  • small tank
  • only suitable for small to medium-sized rooms,

3) Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

[image code=”B077Z2QCS5″]

This is a pretty large water tank unit, with capacity averaging about 6 litres, hence a really long time compared to many other inexpensive units out there. It comes with a simple design with an all-black colour and curves around the side, giving it a kind of almond shape without the pointy edges. This device is analog operated, containing a knob at the bottom half control section that is used in varying between different output levels of mists.

It is a strictly cool-mist humidifier type, lacking the option of a warm mist, hence the nozzle at the top side is just a single outlet. This nozzle possesses the 360-degree rotatable feature though, allowing you to choose a direction in which the mist should travel to. An aromatherapy chamber is also found this unit, unlike the first two that have been reviewed, making it is a standout feature so far, and this chamber is essential oil compatible, which when added gives a touch of nice scent to your home.

While operational, this unit offers a good degree of safety in the presence of an auto-shutoff feature, which is always in hand to trip off the device in times where the water in the tank runs low, hence protecting you from the dangers of burns and its self from overheating that could lead to damage and power wastage. The unit is designed to serve spaces of up to 400sqft, which is a fair size and has a good mist output rate of up to 270ml/hr.

Cleaning this Humidifier isn’t a difficult task in any way, due to its spacious design that allows reaching into even tight corners, while refilling is also made easier. The unit is very quiet during operation and doesn’t need filters to operate, hence reducing running costs greatly, although it means that you are left exposed to white dust problems which are only overcome by the use of strictly distilled water.


  • essential oil compatible,
  • long runtime,
  • auto shutoff,
  • high mist output rate,
  • 360-degree rotatable nozzle,
  • filterless,
  • two-year replacement guarantee,
  • easy to clean,
  • easy to refill.


  • No humidistat
  • might leak

4) Pallas 2022 Humidifier – 5L Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

[image code=”B07Q7PPQ2X”]

Pallas 2022 humidifier is one of the recent units released by the tech giants this year, with the aim of providing a good functioning humidifier that wouldn’t cause a teat in your pocket. The unit is a completely analog type that comes with a simple design, being shaped like a canister with the mist control know at the bottom.

The nozzle stationed at the top size for releasing mists features a 360-degree rotatable design that allows you to direct the flow of mist towards areas they are needed and away from already moisture-filled places. It releases a good amount of mist which is enough to serve small to medium-sized rooms, with an output rate of about 320ml/h, hence when used in a recommended area size, be sure to get a good performance. This device lacks the auto-shutoff feature, which could pose certain safety risks during usage.

With the application of ultrasonic technology in creating mists, this device is able to function properly, without the regular noise disturbances produced in some other humidifier types, while it also doubles as a vaporizer, which is a more than useful feature to have for rooms occupied by kids. It has a special feature in possession of an activated carbon cotton cartridge, which is a microporous activated carbon filter that has cotton-like nature and always works to remove microorganisms and negative ions from water, therefore ensuring a clean and healthy mist is released.

Containing in the package while purchasing this unit, is a 100% worry-free purchase offered by the company as a backup for customers who are unhappy with its performance. In simple words, there is a refund or replacement policy available for you to cash in on if the unit doesn’t perform up to your expectations. The device is easy to clean and refill while using, though the water tank has to be detached from the rest of the Humidifier every refill time.


  • 360-degree rotatable nozzle,
  • quiet operation,
  • long runtime,
  • activated carbon cotton cartridge,
  • 100% worry-free purchase,
  • easy to clean,
  • easy to refill.


  • only suitable for small to medium-sized rooms,
  • lacks the auto-shutoff.

5) Homech Cool Mist Humidifier, Quiet Ultrasonic Humidifier

[image code=”B07Q5TYPFQ”]

This unit is designed with a catch in its output mist distance, as it is able to push mist through its nozzle as far as 24 inches into the atmosphere from where it placed. Due to this, there would be a quicker impact on the environment that can be felt through your breathing, compared to units with lesser mists lunch levels, and makes this unit ideal for nose bleeds, insomnia, wrinkles, etc. Pertaining to looks though, it isn’t so flashy, only possessing a simple design with slight curves and a control mists at the bottom to match.

With fairly large water tank size of about 4 litres (1.06 gallons), this unit can afford a runtime between 12 to 40 hours depending on the settings and condition of the environment, and with a mist output rate of 300ml/h, it is suitable for small to medium-sized rooms. The design of this product accommodates a handle at the top side, hence creating an easier form of mobility around the home.

The auto-shutoff feature as seen on other products here no our list is also present in this, effectively kicking off the unit in a case of an empty water tank, hence offering a good level of protection, while the unit operates in a really quiet manner, releasing sound levels lower than 30dB.

With a 92mm opening at the top of the tank, refilling is simply a piece of cake if you don’t make a mess of spilling water on or around the unit (especially the air vent which could lead to damages), and so is cleaning. The opening size is able to accommodate a towel as well as your arm. In all, the unit’s offerings stand as a good buy for the price it goes.


  • quiet operation,
  • long runtime,
  • 360-degree rotatable water nozzle,
  • auto shutoff,
  • easy to clean,
  • easy to refill,


  • fairly large water tank,

6) TaoTronics Humidifiers for Bedroom Babies

[image code=”B07KBRQN8F”]

Finally, the last Humidifier on our list is the taotronics Humidifier, having a weight of barely 3 pounds, which qualifies it as lightweight, and makes it easier to carry around the home. it carries basically the same looks like the earlier reviewed taotronics humidifier, having a simple design and a handle at the top side for easy lifting.

The unit is able to deliver a good amount of mist, pushing it as high as 2ft into the atmosphere to efficiently moisturize the air.

The 2ft trusting releases the mist directly into regular human breathings space, hence it would have a quicker effect. It can afford a runtime of up to 50 hours at the maximum due to a backup tank capacity of 4 litres, depending on the mist setting, at an output rate of 300ml/h at max, while the air is moisturized at really low noise levels than 35dB.

The auto-shutoff feature is found in this unit, as it has the ability to monitor the water level in the tank automatically and shut itself off automatically as soon as it gets low, while the circuit in the unit is specially designed with a Nano coated surface. This coating prevents moisture from getting into the circuit, hence preserving the life span of the unit by up to two times those that are without coating; therefore, the device has a typically long life span.

A wide opening exists at the top of the water tank, which makes it really easy to clean, and proper maintenance interns keep your unit and the mist it produces in good condition as it would be contamination free. Filling up this tank is also not difficult due to the presence of this opening.


  • easy to clean
  • easy to refill
  • auto shutoff
  • long life span


  • fairly large water tank,
  • suitable for small to medium-sized rooms,
  • Product quality is cheap

Factors to consider in choosing the best inexpensive humidifiers

  • Cost

of course, your budget is always on top of the consideration chat since you are in the market for an inexpensive functioning unit. The products we have reviewed would do a good job at the fair prices they go for, and would be able to perform a basic task of raising the humidity level.

  • Room size capacity:

Although the unit should not cost much, it is also important that they are able to serve large sized rooms at least. This is so because it is better to have a unit with high area coverage and regulate the mist output level than have an undersized unit for a large room.

  • Mist output rate:

This directly determines how quickly the humidity level of the environment would be affected by the output of a humidifier. The higher the amount of mist it is able to release, the faster it can make an impact on the environment, therefore go for a unit with a level around 280 to 300ml/h.

  • Water tank size:

The size of the tank in a humidifier is responsible for the runtime duration in hours of the device. Having a larger tank comes in handy for relieving the stress of having to top up every now and then, especially at night when tucked under your pillows.

Our Conclusion: Best Affordable Humidifiers under 100 dollars

The Honeywell HCM350W Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier is our best bet for you on inexpensive humidifiers, and this is due to its raw power in raising the humidity levels of large-sized rooms as well as its complete quietness while operating. Although it doesn’t possess all the automated feature, you might fancy, but we assure it is well worth it at that price. It also possesses a special feature in the presence of ultraviolet light for water filtration.

The TaoTronics TT-AH025B Humidifier comes in next with a highlight in its Nano coated circuitry design that guarantees a long life duration due to protection from moisture, and although it possesses fancier automatic features than the Honeywell, it ultimately falls short in capacity. The unit also has the auto-shutoff feature, along with a quiet operating manner.