The need for the best humidifiers for dry air arises based on the  climate we find ourselves, one can sometimes predict and  prepare for the changes a weather condition can bring. One major condition that gives a lot of people many struggles, is the problem of dry air.

One of these problems is that dry air could really make breathing difficult, worsening already existing medical-related conditions, which is why the best humidifiers for dry air in the house is a must-have for homes in areas with dry air like arizona state where you would surely need a specified humidifier for arizona weather.

Humidifiers work by converting water into a fine mist, which is then released into the atmosphere to increase its water vapor, hence the rise in the humidity level of the atmosphere, making it more conducive for breathing.

Dry seasons come with a guarantee of a drop in the moisture level of the environment, but having the best humidifier for winter dry air, some sorts of, create a balance by countering the low moisture content air with more humidity.

Although you cannot control the moisture level of the external environment in general, you can do enough in keeping the moisture level at the standard healthy recommended level in the confined spaces of your home.

This article focuses on dry air and its health concerns while giving recommendations on the best dry air purifier to remediate the dry air situation.

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What causes dry air in the house?

The primary cause of dry air in and out of the home can be narrowed down to one very vital parameter in the present level of humidity in the atmosphere.

As the moisture content (or humidity) reduces in the air circulating the home, the air tends to feel dryer, making breathing more difficult and causing dry skins, while sometimes affecting the furniture in the house.

What kind of humidifier is best for dry air?

Concerning the type of humidifier that can effectively battle dry air, it boils down to choosing to go with the cool or warm mist type.

We recommend the dual mist type of humidifier due to the level of moisture that comes from it, creating moisture like a spa on the skin and around the home in general while also increasing the humidity levels. Nevertheless, both the cool and warm mist is effective for dry air.

Top 5 best humidifiers for dry air

1) LEVOIT LV550HH, 5.5L Warm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Special features: warm and cool mist option, modern design with touch control, aromatherapy, large tank capacity, smart modes.

Best Humidifiers for dry air
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This model of Levoit LV550HH humidifier comes in the top as one of the top devices in the market today. Very attractive at first glance due to the beautiful designs it comes with, having up to 80% of it body part as transparent, which constitutes mainly the water tank.

The unit is entirely modern, having all the controls stationed at the front side touch-sensitive, hence eliminating the old press mechanism. A digital display interface that gives the user a better experience is also present, displaying values of humidity alongside acting as a visual aid for the control of soft buttons.

The mist nozzle stationed at the top can be rotated in a 360-degree direction, allowing you to point the mist at areas you feel is less humid at any point in time, while the unit is also capable of creating warm and cool mist from the water stored in the tank.

Since comfort is one of the significant considerations to make before choosing a product, the manufacturers of this unit built the water tank with sufficient capacity (about 5.5 liters) to last for up to 36 hours at the lowest mist output level and serve rooms of large sizes (up to 750sqft). Embedded in the device is also a hygrometer that measures the humidity level and also works with the digital display, which shows the reading made by the meter.

It is an ultrasonic type humidifier, stamping a guarantee of being ultra-quiet while operating, therefore conducive for overnight usages, while a precise humidity level can be set through the control panel.

The presence of a remote control option also makes using the device more convenient, as it allows the user exerts his authority from the comfort of a bed or couch. Auto mode function is also present, allowing the unit to independently switch between mist output levels depending on the how high or low the humidity in the atmosphere is, and timer control for selecting the working hours according to your comfort and schedule.

Concluding on this product, its compatibility with essential oils crowns the whole user experience, as a few drops need to be placed in the chamber behind. Note that essential oils used should not be added alongside the water in the water tank, as it could cause leakages, hence causing the unit to stop working or even damaging it ultimately.


  • easy to fill,
  • remote control,
  • selectable humidity and presence of hygrometer,
  • whisper-quiet and auto mode,
  • compatible with essential oils,
  • long runtime,
  • timer,
  • 360 degrees mist nozzle,
  • one year extendable buyer assurance,
  • suitable for medium to large-sized rooms.


  • it is expensive.

2) TTLIFE Ultrasonic Humidifiers Large Room, 5.5L Ionic Warm, and Cool Mist Humidifiers

Special features: ionic resin filter, smart modes, sleep mode, warm and cool mist option, large rank capacity, child safety lock, aromatherapy, smart modes, digital interface.

best humidifier for cold and cough
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Although not the most popular when it comes to brand, as you might be more familiar with an air innovation or levoit humidifier amongst many, that doesn’t stop the TTLife from hitting the proper standards both in performance, features, and designs.

The unit has a nice design with curves around the edges which makes it a beauty icon in the home, and like the levoit LV550HH, the water tank is completely transparent and takes a position at the backside of the unit. The control buttons are also designed to be a soft touch responsive with a display screen, giving several indications and information for better interactive capabilities by the user.

The mist nozzle outlet can be rotated in a 360-degree fashion manner, and has two outlets for either a warm or cool mist, depending on the option set by the user, while the unit controls also allows one to select a specific humidity level which the device is expected to maintain the humidity in.

Its built-in water tank capacity is about 5.5 liters like the LV550HH and allows for easy refill wherein it is detached from the unit whole. This large tank capacity gives the machine enough backup to afford a runtime maximum of up to 40 hours on a low setting (also depending on atmospheric conditions), and it can serve large sized rooms up to 750sqft.

The main catch about this device is its unique built-in ionic generator technology, which exists as a secondary pollution combatant to purify the air around also. There also exists a recently designed ionic filter that someway acts like a demineralization filter, whose job is to soften in a case where hard water is used in filling the tank. When hard water is used, there is almost a 100% chance of white dust appearing alongside mist released into the atmosphere.

Smart mode features are not left out during the manufacture and programming of this machine, with the auto mode for automatically balancing the humidity in the home, after being given a user-set level. Sleep mode that comes in handy at nights is also present with a timer feature, and the unit’s aromatherapy compatibility makes sure it can be used with essential oils, which are added in few drops to the chamber. The child safety option exists in homes with kids around, effectively locking them out.


  • Presence of ion generator and resin filter,
  • selectable humidity,
  • prensence auto mode and timer,
  • 360 degrees rotatable nozzle,
  • long runtime,
  • easy to fill,
  • auto shutoff,
  • compatible with essential oils,
  • 12 months guarantee,
  • remote control and quiet operation.


  • it is also expensive.

3) Air Innovations 901D High Capacity & Top Fill Cool Mist Ultrasonic Digital Humidifier

Special features: large tank capacity, mist extension nozzle, digital interface, item weight; 4.4 pounds.

Bst humidifiers for dry air
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Weighing about 4.4 pounds, this device, like most on our list, employs a stylish looking design, caving in and curving out to a round top where the mist output nozzle can be found.

This misting nozzle supports 360 degrees rotation, releasing cool mist only, which is produced by the unit and seen as a turn off by many due to the presence of warm and cool mist humidifier these days. The water tank sits at the top of the device and isn’t wholly transparent, but it’s still see-through enough for the human eye.

A digital display with control buttons is placed at the bottom of the unit for easy control and interaction, with a main catch among the several unit features being the mist extension nozzle. The extension nozzle is a feature that helps it stand out amongst most, allowing it to serve as both a tabletop and ground floor type.

Provided at the bottom is the nozzle attachment mechanism that raises the unit 15 inches above the ground. Being suitable for medium to large-sized rooms of up to 600sqft is a plus to the user, while it has a water tank of about 1.6 gallons in the capacity that has a runtime of up to 100 hours on the lowest setting.

The water tank is infused with a bacteria growth inhibitor that reduces the tendency of harmful organisms growing since it produces only cool mist, and doesn’t have the warm mist option that automatically kills bacteria as a result of high temperatures. Standing with the water tank is a permanent ceramic filter that helps remove particle contaminants from the water going into the container.

Overall it is effortless to use, also possessing an easy refill inlet at the top where you have to open and pour in water. The unit is quiet while operating, which is expected of all ultrasonic types, although it is advisable you make use of distilled water to avoid problems of white dust.


  • suitable for medium to large-sized rooms,
  • long runtime,
  • can double as a standing or tabletop humidifier,
  • easy to fill, bacteria growth inhibitor,
  • 360-degree rotating nozzle,
  • permanent ceramic filters,
  • quiet operation.


  • lack of remote control feature,
  • cool mist only,
  • lack of smart mode,
  • no aromatherapy.

4) LEVOIT Humidifiers for Large Room Bedroom (6L), Warm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

Special features: Aromatherapy, high mist output, smart modes, ABS plastic water tank, item weight 4.92 pounds.

Best Humidifies to help with cough problems for babies and adults
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Taking a first glance ant this unit form the front side, one might be convinced that it is some sort of stabilizer until of course, you realize that it’s not, especially after seeing the transparent water tank beyond the front panel.

This unit boasts a larger water tank capacity than most other humidifiers so far though not by much, as its 6-liter water tank beats the previous 5.5 highest. Due to this size, the unit can run inevitably for as long as 20 to 36 hours depending on the setting of mist output level used. It also allows the user to choose a particular humidity level you desire to have in your home.

The set humidity level, which is chosen by the user, works in hand with a humidistat that automatically operates the machine, switching between different mist output rates to meet the users set requirement.

The timer feature is absent though, as you have to always consciously shut down or startup the unit depending on your schedule. It is quiet though and possesses the remote control feature which gives you the freedom to operate from a distance, and probably does well in compensating for the lack of the timer.

By the side of the unit below the water tank, exists the aroma chamber that supports the addition of fragrance, which is a bit of fantastic smell coupled with the mist it produces. The chamber is built to support the use of essential oil especially, as a few drops would suffice, although you have to make sure those essential oils stay away from the water tank directly as it could cause a breakdown.

Rounding this off, the water tank is straightforward to fill, carrying the shape of a keg with good grip on handle which aids in easy lifting and placing under running water or returning it to the unit. The water inlet of the tank is present at the top side of the tank.

Cleaning the unit also isn’t that much of a problem, as it can be quickly taken apart and thoroughly scrubbed. When used with hard water, though, it has a high tendency of polluting the environment with white dusts.


  • long runtime,
  • compatible with essential oils,
  • customizable humidity,
  • remote control,
  • quiet operation,
  • auto mode,
  • easy to refill and clean


  • lack of a timer,
  • white dust problems.

5) Air Innovations MH-801B-PLAT MH-801B 2.15 Gal. Ultrasonic Cool Mist Dual Tank Digital Humidifier

Special features: dual large water tank, digital interface, extension nozzle, item weight; 5.2 pounds, smart mode.

humidifier for post nasal drip
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With the classic air innovations body design, the MH-801B-PLAT MH-801B comes in deep in adoption, bearing looks that exactly resembles the 901D model.

This unit differs however with the presence of a dual tank fitted into the top side, giving the unit a massive capacity back up with about 2.15 gallons that can last up to 120 hours on the lowest setting and also subject to the atmospheric condition. The unit can serve large sized rooms of about 700sqft, which is more than enough for most homes sizes around today.

Due to the fact about the water tank being huge and long runtime, there is a tendency for water to remain over a long period, and therefore possibly breed micro bacterial and other harmful organisms, the unit has been treated with anti-micro bacterial infused tank base.

These tank bases exist at the bottom side of each tanks, working to reduce the level of bacteria growth. Another protective mechanism system exists in the presence of permanent ceramic filters that keeps particles out of the water that gets into your tank before being converted to mist.

The mist output nozzle like all other units on our list, possess the 360-degree rotation mechanism, and a remote control option that eases the user efforts in operation, being controlled from a distance.

A 15 inches extension mist nozzle option is also available for use on purchasing this unit, and this allows it to wither be used as a ground floor or tabletop humidifier depending on the preference of the user, while the unit has a tiny footprint of just 10 inches which wouldn’t take up much space in the room.

Smart mode options are also available with the presence of a timer and auto mode feature which exists to make further the user experience worthwhile.

This unit is built with a protective system too, that kicks in every time the unit runs out of water in the water tank, effectively shutting off the device automatically to prevent damages and potential hazards. Being not compatible with aromatherapy, hence the use of essential oil is a blow on the overall design of this unit.


  • suitable for large-sized rooms,
  • remote control option,
  • anti-micro bacteria infused tank base,
  • permanent ceramic filter,
  • long runtime,
  • remote control,
  • two-way mist outlet,
  • humidistat,
  • 360-degree nozzle,
  • easy to fill,
  • auto shutoff and timer.


  • lack of warm mist option,
  • aromatherapy incompatible.

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Factors to consider when choosing the best dry air humidifiers

  • Smart sensors:

When dealing with dry air, some of the essential feature that would help you in effectively dealing with such lies in the intelligent features.

This includes a humidistat to help you monitor and display the immediate humidity level at all times, while also working to maintain a set level of humidity chosen by the user. The auto-shutoff is also useful, guaranteeing more protection from damages and overheating hazards.

  • Extension nozzle:

Although this does not account for the general effectiveness of a unit, the addition of this extension nozzle ensures that the mist is released directly into the breathing atmosphere, instead of first having to circulate the room before its effect is felt. For this reason, it is an excellent addition, and we think it should be considered.

  • Large water tank: 

Since the idea is to control the level of humidity in the atmosphere, keeping it at an acceptable level at all times, the water supply of a unit should also be adequate enough to perform such tasks. This is what brings us to this specific consideration in the water tank. Ensure you go for a unit with sufficient capacity to do the job it is required to.

  • Room size capacity:

Depending on how large or how small your room may be, purchase a unit that can efficiently serve your purpose, not toiling all day and still struggles to add a significant amount of moisture to the atmosphere, that is enough to effect a change in the humidity level.

  • Cold and warm mist option:

It is good to go for a device that possesses both the cool and warm mist option, with the cool mist more suitable for use during the hot seasons, while the warm mist type comes in handy in cold seasons, while battling dry air.

Final Verdict on the Best humidifiers for dry air in House

In a keenly contested battle, the LEVOIT LV550HH, 5.5L Warm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier is recommended by us as the best humidifier for dry air problems in your home. It can serve huge rooms and possesses several smart sensors that make usage very easy, alongside a one year buyer’s assurance.

TTLIFE Ultrasonic Humidifiers Large Room, 5.5L Ionic Warm, and Cool Mist Humidifier come out next due to two distinctive features in the ion generator for purifying the air alongside controlling its humidity level, and an ion resin filter that works by converting hard water used to soft before t is converted to mists. This avoids problems of white dusts in the home. The unit also boasts the several available smart modes, and an ability to serve large sized rooms.

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