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The Best Humidifier Without Filter : Updated Reviews and Buying Guide

Why the best humidifier without filter: Even If you have as little as a pin drop of knowledge about what a humidifier is, you would agree with me that humidifier is best for dry air, then you would agree with me about the importance of a filter to the operation of the humidifier in general.

A major task people have to deal with after purchasing even the most awesome of humidifiers is the constant maintenance and replacement needed to be carried out on the filter at regular intervals, and for this reason, much time in research has yielded humidifiers that can actually run without filters, hence creating a high demand for the best humidifier without filter.

Although the absence of filters in these humidifiers would actually look like dropping a standard when compared to humidifiers with filters, this lack still doesn’t cause a significant hold back in performance, and if you are all grumpy plus skeptic about owning one with a filter, why not go for one without it. In fact, some of the best filter free humidifiers perform just as well as many humidifiers with filters today.

Due to the rapid development of this product, and hence the demand for the best filterless humidifiers has caused us to enlighten you about the features, performance ratings, and benefits, in case you might want to get one of your own.

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Filtered humidifiers vs. Filterless humidifiers

The battle between a filtered humidifier and filterless humidifiers is actually a really tough one, seeing the fact that they both have their various advantages.

Filtered humidifiers possess filters that the water goes through before being broken down and released as mists, removing contaminants and mineral contents in the water that could lead to infections or problems of white dust around the home. With this type of unit, you would have to be ready for higher operational running costs as a result of regular filter purchase and also frequent maintenance.

On the other hand, filterless humidifiers breaks down the water directly without passing it through a filter, hence there is a higher chance of encountering the problems of infections getting into the environment and white dust problems around the home, though it saves you the stress and expense of having to purchase a new filter every now and then. With distilled water though, it works perfectly fine without problems of white dust.

Your best bet for humidity control would actually be to take the pain and go for either of the two, depending on your need.

The take home here is that filtered humidifier are generally more expensive both at initial purchase and running costs, the filterless ones aren’t so bad and can perform as effective as the filtered humidifier but white dust issues might set in.

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Types of filter free humidifiers

  • Steam vaporizers:

This type of unit actually produces warm steam through heating up of the water into steam.

  • Impellers:

They are the most child-friendly type, releasing cool mist through the breaking down of water into tiny droplets that are released into the atmosphere. Since it doesn’t involve heating process, it is suitable for children rooms.

  • Ultrasonic type:

They function exactly like the impeller type, but produces mist through a means of ultrasonic vibrations.

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How do filterless humidifiers work

How do filterless humidifiers work

Filterless humidifiers follow the exact same principle as the regular type humidifiers, except that it does all that without the use of a filter.

It breaks down the water molecule depending on the type of process used and releases it as a fine mist into the atmosphere in order to increase the moisture level content.

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Is humidifier without filter safe?

Yes, they are perfectly safe, but it is recommended to be used with distilled water due to the absence of filters that can remove contaminant particles and mineral contents in order to avoid white dust.

With distilled water, you should get the exact same performance as when using a filtered humidifier provided your filterless humidiifier is not faulty

Top 5 best no filter humidifier reviews in 2022

1) Levoit Humidifiers for Large Room

Special features: transparent water tank, digital display with sensitive touch buttons, aromatherapy, item weight; 4.92 pounds, high-quality ABS plastic.

[image code=”B01MYGNGKK”]

This is a humidifier with catch looks, as the overall transparent water tank gets many of the attention, while the front side carrying the digital displays and buttons, acts as a human-machine interface, for easy communication and control.

The digital display shows the reading of the immediate humidity level in the atmosphere at every point in time. Its water tank is built with a capacity of up to 6 liters, which is pretty large, affording the unit a runtime of up to 36 hours at the lowest mist output rate.

Another reason why this humidifier would be lovely to have is due to the fact that it is capable of producing both a cool and warm mist, depending on the choice or preference of the user. It was said earlier that the digital display shows the atmospheric immediate humidity level at every moment, but what actually takes the measurement is the humidistat. In its function, it also allows you to choose a set humidity level in which you want the unit to run in.

Many humidifiers that lack filter these days encounter micro bacteria contamination, which builds up in the water tank over time, due to the fact that the water isn’t filtered before going into the water tank. For this reason, the water tank is always heated to really high temperatures, killing all organisms that could cause harm to you. There also exists a remote control option, allowing you to control the unit from a distance away.

While operating, the noise levels of the humidifiers is really low of course, due to it being an ultrasonic type, and it is also compatible with aromatherapy, allowing the user to add a touch of fragrance to the mist released into the atmosphere. The unit can serve medium to large-sized rooms and offices and is really easy to clean and refill since the water tank possess an opening just at the top side.


  • Large water tank capacity,
  • warm and cool mist option,
  • remote,
  • programmable humidistat,
  • quiet operation,
  • two years warranty,
  • germ-free,
  • compatible with essential oils,
  • easy to clean and refill,
  • doesn’t require filters.


  • it is expensive than others,
  • suitable for distilled water only.

2) Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Special features: aromatherapy, night light, large water tank.

[image code=”B074MP9DK2″]

This vaporizer type cool mist humidifier has been specially built to counter the effects of low moisture problems alongside an ability to combat allergies, sinuses, and cough.

A larger portion of the unit’s body constitutes the water tank, which makes the tank really large with about 6 liters in capacity, and therefore giving the device enough backup to run for up to 6 days before a refill is needed. The bottom side though is where you would find the controls, as it features the old system but easy to use analog knob, whereby it allows the user to vary several preferences according to their choice.

The mist output rate of this unit is pretty high, averaging up to 270ml/hr. Which is pretty impressive, and gives it the capacity to increase or maintain the humidity level in the environment it is placed in. it is built to serve large sized rooms of up to an impressive 400sqft, qualifying for most rooms sizes at an average today, and it performs this well without the use of a filter which saves users the extra cash spent on filter replacements and maintenance.

Using the device is pretty straightforward with the controls, but also when it comes to refilling the tank, it isn’t much of a stress. The opening at the top allows one to easily pour in water to the tank, although we advise you make use of distilled water only to avoid white dust problems, and you also detach the tank from the rest of the unit. Use a towel to cover the bottom part in order to avoid condensation during the process of the refill.

The mist output nozzle at the top is designed with a 360degrees rotational capacity, hence is able to point out mist at different locations in the home, although one might find the fact that the unit produces only cool mist not appealing.

It also supports aromatherapy, hence the use of essential oils for further conditioning of the atmosphere to smell nice, while being very quire in operation as expected of ultrasonic humidifiers and the auto-shutoff features ensure it goes off when the water in the tank runs out.


  • auto shutoff,
  • long runtime,
  • suitable for large-sized rooms,
  • essential oil compatible,
  • 360-degree nozzle,
  • two-year replacement guarantee,
  • quiet operation,
  • easy to clean.


  • cool mist only,
  • suitable for distilled water only.

3) Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Special features: award-winning design, item dimensions: 8.6 x 13.4 x 8.6, item weight: 4.5 pounds.

[image code=”B001ADL1SG”]

Well known for its award-winning design and ability to effectively increase the moisture content in the atmosphere, this crane ultrasonic humidifier, helps in good night sleep, by relieving cough, cold and flu symptoms, hence it is pretty okay for your home.

The teardrop design of this device, is real beauty to behold, with curves around the sides, slanting to a pinpoint top side where the 360degree mist nozzle exists, which gives the user the option of deciding the mist direction.

Like all other filters on our list, this unit is filter-free, hence an assured reduction on the operating costs since you wouldn’t have to purchase any replacements, alongside an easier maintenance schedule. The unit has been designed to serve rooms of really large sizes up to 500sqft and to consider the size of this unit; it is a pretty impressive feat.

The unit makes use of analog control knobs like the everlasting type, hence making it easier to understand and use, although the analog type is a little behind in technology, it’s a good bet for the price it goes. It is only able to [produce cool mist, which wouldn’t be so soothing during winter periods compared to units that can double as either a cool or warm mist type.

A major portion of basically all of the water tank is transparent, doubling as both a fine design and an easy way to help the user monitor the water tank level. With a 1-gallon capacity, the unit can run for up to 24hrs without needing a refill.

The device overall is easy to clean and maintain and has the auto-shutoff feature for protection in case the tank runs dry while refilling the water tank isn’t much of a fuss. It should be used with distilled water only, in order to avoid problems of white dust.


  • filter-free,
  • 360-degree mist nozzle,
  • suitable for large-sized rooms,
  • easy refill,
  • quiet operation.


  • cool mist only,
  • small water tank capacity,
  • suitable for distilled water only.

4) Honeywell HUL535b Cool Mist Humidifier      

[image code=”B00NO06VIS”]

This is a small compact sized humidifier, with a really small footprint and wouldn’t take up space around the home. it is suitable to be used as a tabletop type, doing a good job in increasing the moisture content level of the atmosphere, and although it can run for up to 24 hours on the lowest setting, the water tank is pretty small compared to most, and on highest setting it would last only about a few hours.

The mist production system of thus humidifier supports only cool mists, which isn’t exactly the best out there, and could be a real drag during winter periods.

It features a good design though, having similarities with the crane type, with a transparent water tank stacked between the bottom control section and a top cover containing the mist nozzle. The controls are varied by using an analog knob for choosing between different speeds, while the water level can be easily monitored by the user through the transparent tank.

An auto-shutoff feature is also present for times when the water in the tank runs out, putting off the device with immediate effect in order to avoid overheating and hence fire hazards, and when it is time to actually refill the tank, it isn’t much of a stress due to the opening being at the top side where you can easily pour water in and attach it back to the other part of the unit.

It should only be used with distilled water due to the absence of filter and being an ultrasonic type; it is most likely to produce fine dust when used with hard water.

The absence of filters saves you a few bucks, hence lower operating costs and maintenance. Cleaning overall is easy to carry out due to the opening at the top and its design that can be taken apart quickly, and this unit does not support aromatherapy.


  • filter-free,
  • auto shutoff,
  • easy to fill,
  • easy to clean.


  • cool mist only,
  • suitable for distilled water only,
  • no aromatherapy.

5) Vicks Mini Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier

[image code=”B00MOI5QUU”]

Vicks mini-filter humidifier actually runs without a filter but instead makes use of Vicks VapoPads which would be discussed as you go on.

The unit carries a similar teardrop design, asides the fact that the top side isn’t pointy but rather flat and accommodates the mist outlet.

The water tank is very small in capacity, being just about 0.5 in capacity, although it affords a runtime of up to 20 hours on the lowest setting, that wouldn’t make much of an impact on the atmospheric moisture content level.

The water tank is completely transparent, helping observers easily monitor the water level pertaining to times of refill, while the analog control knob exists just down below for varying mists output level.

It offers just one mist output type in the cool mist, and a non-rotatable output nozzle, which doesn’t exactly speak well compared to other units here, while during operation it can barely be heard due to its very quiet mode.

Vapopads is actually an equivalent of the regular aromatherapy pads as having been seen in other units so far, as it allows one to make use of scents and fragrances that is released alongside the mist, effectively giving your home a good smell.

In a case of zero water supply from the tank to the unit, the auto-shutoff feature kicks in, effectively turning down the complete operations of the unit to prevent hazards.

Overall the unit is easy to use, refill, and maintain, although it cannot serve large or medium room sizes. This is a real turn off, and except you are looking to humidify your little workspace or just a small room, looking elsewhere would most certainly be better.

It is recommended that you make use of distilled water only in order to avoid white dust problems in the home,


  • auto shutoff,
  • quiet operation,
  • long runtime,
  • VapoPads.


  • suitable for small-sized rooms only,
  • a small water tank,
  • cool mist only.

6) Pureguardian H940 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

[image code=”B01AW4D3UC”]

Finally on our list is the pureguardian H940, which is a pretty okay device with good looks and really portable enough to serve as a desktop unit, without taking up much space around the home.

It features a bottle like looking shape, with just a single button down below for powering the unit, while the top side accommodates a transparent water tank with the mist outlet at the top.

The water tank in itself is very small in capacity (just only 0.5 gallons), which is a real turnoff by the way, though the unit can run for up to 30 hours (according to the manufacturer but we highly disagree) on the lowest setting and depending on immediate atmospheric conditions.

The water tank though comes with a specially treated silver clean protection surface, which fights the growth of microorganisms like molds and mildew on the tanks’ surface, hence reducing the amount and frequency of maintenance that would be carried out over time. For soothing relief, there is an option of using a night light, depending on the preference of the user, and it can be turned off.

Pertaining to compatibility with hard water, the unit should only be used with distilled water to avoid the problems of white dust, but they also exist an option to purchase a decalcification cartridge, that works to remove impurities like minerals in hard water, hence making it suitable to be used with the unit.

Like most humidifiers on our list, this product also contains the auto-shutoff feature, that turns off the device in a case of an empty water tank, after which the water refill indicator light comes on to alert the user.

The unit in all has a pretty impressive moisture output rate, being able to push out up to 6 liters of moisture per day, and it is pretty easy to use, with less cleaning, unlike most other types. A major letdown though is its suitability to only small-sized rooms; therefore, it should be looked away if you are planning for somewhere large.


  • long runtime,
  • treated water tank surface,
  • quiet operation,
  • optional decalcification cartridge,
  • water refill indicator light,
  • auto shutoff,
  • high moisture output.


  • cool mist only,
  • small water tank,
  • suitable for small-sized rooms.

Factors to consider when choosing the best filter free humidifiers

  • Room capacity:

The area of the room which the unit can serve should always be taken into consideration, as smaller units would always lead to poorer performances, and you wouldn’t want that would you? NO

  • Auto shutoff:

Since filterless humidifiers are mostly small and have smaller tanks compared to regular whole-house humidifiers, the water in the tank would certainly run dry faster, hence the need for the auto-shutoff feature which turns the unit off to avoid unnecessary power consumption and overheating that could lead to fire hazards.

  • 360degree nozzle:

This is useful in homes when you want to direct mist produces to a specific position, and since they aren’t whole-house humidifiers, you would most likely do that more often than none, hence having a humidifier with this feature would make for better user experience.

Our Final Verdict: Picking the Best Humidifier without filter

Our recommendation on the best filterless humidifier for you is actually the Levoit Humidifiers for Large Room, largely due to its ability to serve rooms of large sizes for a device that small. It also possesses digital and automated features that make using the unit pretty comfortable, while its compatibility with essential oils and a two-year warranty included in the deal, actually makes it worth the buy.

On the other hand, the everlasting comfort humidifier is also a good choice, being able to run for a really long time, and possesses the 360degree nozzle with an auto-shutoff function to mention a few. It can also serve rooms of large sizes.

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