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The Best Gas Heaters for Homes – Consumer Reviews

Cold seems to ruin any other form of comfort available in a home, no matter how well built and convenient it was designed to be, leaving inhabitants in the desire of more as per residential heating, and ultimately forcing their hands. The easiest way out in this situation is by making use of the best gas heaters for homes for creating that extra bit of warmth required for human comfort.

Good gas heaters are preferred over the electric models, especially when atmospheric impact in a short amount of time is most desired, because of the natural burning process that generates a tremendous amount of heat. Home gas heating is a however tricky process, especially when considering safety and other factors involved, which is why we recommend even when going for the lowest of models, look out for those with the safest features.

Top gas heaters for homes today come in different sizes and designs, leaving it to customers to filter according to their needs. For example, the best natural gas wall heater does the same job as a conventional gas heater, but with the extra addition of being mountable on a wall for more user flexibility. This natural gas heater wall reviews would simply highlight and describe several top quality products to aid your search, but before we go into the reviews proper, let’s take a peek at the conclusion.

Dyna-Glo is undoubtedly our most recommended coming to best products on gas heaters for homes, with a maximum heat output capacity of 30,000 BTU/hr. This enormous output helps it heat large spaces of up to 1000sqft, and it doesn’t require electric power to function.

Natural gas heaters vs. Electric heaters for homes

Electric heaters are more portable and less costly to run compared to gas-powered type. In fact, all you need do is purchase and plug to a power outlet. The heater starts to function from thereon. They also come with many cool automatic features that would only be found on high-end gas heaters. However, they fall short drastically in heat generation capacity.

Though electric heater looks like the most enticing option to go for, if you are interested in heating a large space, they are not recommended. Gas heaters, on the other hand, look like the archaic older brother, with old fashion use of connecting to a gas tank, but they produce the highest amount of heat. Many of them do not require electricity to run, too, though you might have to deal with creating a venting channel for some types.

Features to consider in choosing the best gas heaters for homes

  • Heat output:

Rated in BTU, the heat output is how much a device can generate heat. The higher the value of its rating, the more heat it produces, and as a result, the faster it raises temperature level. In your range of room size, we commend you purchase a device with the highest BTU rating you can find considering budget too.

  • Room capacity:

small, medium, or large, the capacity according to room size is also indicated by manufacturers. Large rooms mostly span up to 1000sqft and beyond, while medium-sized is around 500sqft. Small dooms are generally anything below 300sqft. It is important to measure your exact room size, finding where it falls in and purchasing a sufficing heater.

  • Thermostat:

Asides oxygen depletion problems, the other major problem associated with using heaters is their tendency to overheat the area, especially when they lack a regulator, which is essentially a thermostat. The thermostat allows users to select a precise temperature level, which the heater would run with. It never heats beyond that level, therefore preventing continuous heating seen in units without a thermostat, which could cause skin burns.

  • Auto shutoff ODS system:

The most important of safety systems is the ODS (oxygen depletion sensor). Heating in confined spaces has a tendency to affect the oxygen level after a long period of time, which could be fatal for the home inhabitants. This sensor keeps a tab on the level of oxygen in the atmosphere and shuts off the heater when it drops too low. This is a non-negotiable feature in any heater you might want to purchase.

  • Warranty:

Heaters cost quite a bit of money, most times a $100 at least for even the smallest of units. Since you would be paying quite a lot to purchase in the first place, it is only wise and expedient that you go for the one that comes with a bit of security, to say the least.

Top Gas Heaters for Homes – Consumer Reviews

1) Dyna-Glo 30,000 BTU Natural Gas Blue Flame Vent Free Wall Heater 

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When it comes to raw power, precisely heat generation for domestic purposes, there are a few who can match the prowess of Dyna-Glo natural gas heater. At 30,000 BTU, it can generate more than what is required by most to keep temperature up. This heat output level can be varied by a control knob across three different settings depending on the user’s preference.

  • Mountable option

Being primarily a wall mounted gas heater, the design of this product diversifies it by creating an opportunity for floor mounting. In basic terms, for an extra cost, users can purchase a floor stand, attaching it to the base of the device so that it sits on the ground. Being wall-mounted, however, offers a broader area of coverage and access to a more direct impact on the atmosphere.

  • Zero cost on energy bills

Unlike some gas heaters, which still require a power source to function, this product can run without making use of electricity, making it handy in case of power failure, while ensuring a zero increase on electric bills.

For more even circulation of heat, Dyna-Glo product comes with an option for users to purchase a separate circulation fan. We think everyone should go for it. Running this unit with a circulation fan gives a better temperature impact on the atmosphere since heats would spread to virtually all corners.

  • ODS (oxygen depletion sensor)

This is the prime of safety design precautions when using gas heaters. The sensor keeps track of the amount of oxygen in the room, which tends to reduce the hotter it gets, and shuts off when becoming dangerously low.

The product comes with a battery-powered self-igniter, which creates a pilot flame, making it much convenient for users to start and also very safe too.

  • Lacks thermostat/ hot to touch surface

The significant downsides to using this product are the tendency for it to go on stray nonstop heating if left unattended to, due to its lack of thermostat. The absence of thermostat means that it doesn’t know what the room’s temperature at any time, and tell when excessive. For this reason, it needs proper monitoring to avoid burns.

It should also be kept out of the reach of children because of how hot it gets when operating. The body of the heater becomes very hot and could cause burns if skin contact is made.


  • convection heating process enables a faster impact on the atmosphere,
  • high heat output capacity of 30,000 BTU/hr,
  • doesn’t require electricity hence a lower energy bill,
  • optional fan purchase for improved heat circulation,
  • wall mounting with optional floor base leg for ground installation,
  • built-in ODS (oxygen depletion sensor) for auto-shutoff,
  • easy to use battery assisted igniter,
  • blue flame technology for ventless operation


  • lacks a thermostat, therefore,
  • could overheat,
  • its external surface is scorching to touch


  • It comes with no warranty.

2) Mr. Heater 30,000 BTU Vent Free Blue Flame Natural Gas Heater

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Mr. Heater products are amongst the best domestic devices in America, known for quality and also to do what they say it does. This makes it practical for anyone to do a review on heaters without a product or two of theirs featuring, and in this case, it’s the portable or wall mountable MHVFB30NGT. This dual option makes the device much desirable amongst customers today because it can match whatever home setting you have. Its default is wall mounted with a choice of floor stands for floor installation.

  • Heat output/ coverage area

With maximum heat output at 30,000 BTU, this heater can generate enough heat that can serve a home. It can also do this over a large space area of up to 1000sqft. The heating technology employed in the design of this product is a convection type. This means that it heats the air in the atmosphere directly, creating a more warm and cozy feeling as a result.

Like the Dyna-Glo, it doesn’t require electricity to function, making it very handy in situations of a power outage. The lack of electricity requirement also means that your energy bills aren’t increasing anytime soon, at least not by purchasing and installing one-off these in your home.

Convenience is also kept in mind during the manufacture of this product and is seen especially in the electronic ignition. No more having to light a pilot flame yourself, which was a significant problem with heaters for a while. For this product, all you have to do is turn on.

  • ODS safety shutoff

An oxygen monitor for keeping tabs on how safe the environs are for the user is built into this heater too. This turns off the device as soon as oxygen drops to a dangerous level, preventing any form of complications or hazards.

  • Not California or Canada approved

Before you go on to purchase this product, do take note that it is not designed or authorized to be used in either California or Canada. Buying and using in any of these areas would void all warrantee, and other customer support benefits users are entitled to.

It is also stated plainly by the manufacturer that there is no guarantee on the device working anywhere beyond 4,500ft elevation. If you live in hilly or high elevation areas, do take note too.


  • high heat generation capacity,
  • it is able to serve large areas up to 1000sqft,
  • ODS safety shutoff, wall, and floor mounting options,
  • it can run without electricity,
  • conventional type of heating that warms the air directly,
  • electronic ignition,
  • blue flame technology for ventless operation


  • Cannot function above 4,500ft elevation,
  • not approved for use in California or Canada,


  • This product comes with a three-year limited warranty.

3) ProCom MG30TBF Ventless Dual Fuel Blue Flame Wall Heater

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Having been in the business for about 24 years since establishment in 1996, ProCom has gone a long way in making people comfortable at home, without the need for a fireplace. This heater has a really stylish design that makes it cool enough to fit into most home settings without much fuss.

  • ANSI Certified

Cherry top of the heater’s qualities is being safety compliant, as well as being ANSI certified for system safety assurance. Infused with an ODS system, oxygen levels are constantly monitored to prevent the hazardous event.

  • Dual fuel design

The major standout feature in this device is actually in its adaptability. Unlike most other heaters that either make use of natural gas or propane, this one’s design comes with the option for both, without needing any extra fittings for conversion. If you are the kind of flexible type, then this device is probably the best for you.

Regardless of the user’s preferred type of gas, the heater gives a maximum output of 30,000BTU, which is pretty high. It can also serve up to 1000sqft in size, with a programmable thermostat to keep heating in check. This thermostat allows the user to select the precise heat amount desired, which the device keeps to, and prevents overheating in the process.

The device comes with wall mounting brackets as part of the package, which makes it very easy to be simply attached and hung somewhere desirable. In using this device, however, there is a tendency of pilot flame sometimes extending beyond the protective screen, especially when controlled with the thermostat. This could only be a peculiar defect, however.


  • high heat output,
  • can be used with natural gas or liquid propane,
  • thermostat control for heat regulation,
  • safety shutoff ODS sensor,
  • easy to use push button piezo ignition,
  • no extra bills on electricity,
  • the package comes with wall mounting brackets,
  • very gas efficient,
  • blue flame technology for ventless operation


  • flames sometimes extend from the protective screens


  • One year limited warranty

4) Mr. Heater Corporation Vent-Free 20,000 BTU Radiant Natural Gas Heater 

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If you decide to take 10,00BTU from the Mr. Heater MHFB30NGT, what you would have on your hands is this exact model, nothing more and nothing less, and of a truth, 20,000BTU is not a bad number for heaters. This, however, depends on your choice and requirements for proper heating of your space.

The package of this product contains all wall fittings and accessories needed for mounting it on a wall, and of course, you can choose the option of floor mounting too by purchasing some extra stands. The amount of heat generated and capacity is designed for spaces up to 500sqft in size, which is basically medium-sized compared to the other products preceding it.

  • Thermostat control

The problem of overheating is never associated with this product due to the presence of a thermostat for heat regulation. All that is required is for users to set their thermostat to a certain level, and leave the rest to the device.

Safety is no problem with this product, with the ODS system being present while being SA Certified adds further glamour to its credentials. It operates through radiation, heating up the objects in a room directly; unlike the convection type, this also means it takes a very short amount of time to be fit after turning on.

Like most Mr. Heater products, this device has single gas comparability of natural gas only and also not approved for use in areas like California and Canada. It is not assured to function properly when used in areas higher than 4,500sqft


  • vent-free design,
  • 20,000 BTU heat generation,
  • can serve medium spaces,
  • auto shutoff ODS system,
  • thermostat for precise temperature control,
  • wall fitting accessories,
  • zero increments on energy bills,
  • cannot function beyond 4,500ft altitude


  • not approved for use in California or Canada,
  • singular gas power source


  • Three years limited warranty

5) ProCom Heating INC ML060HPA 6,000 BTU Liquid Propane Gas Infrared Wall Heater

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This product from ProCom heating INC is a low budget or very small-scaled room heater, and wouldn’t just cut it for most homes today. When used in its recommended space; however, it does a good job, producing 10,000BTU, which is conveyed through radiation for proper heating.

It is very easy to use, and comes with a wall or floor mounting option like other heaters on our list, leaving it to users to choose. It is also totally safe to run in that small room of yours, due to the ODS auto-shutoff system. Expect never to go short of breath at any time.

Despite its low capacity, it still possesses a thermostat for precise temperature control, allowing the user to choose to adjust to his or her taste, while the push-button piezo ignition helps for a very easy start.

There are numerous complaints by customers from different areas on how poor ProCom customer services are, therefore, do not be surprised to expect a cold reception on contact. In all, the device is also not so durable, with numerous reports of failures after the first few months of usage, guess being cheap comes at a price after all.


  • push-button piezo ignition for an easy start,
  • thermoset for precise temperature control,
  • safety auto-shutoff system (ODS).


  • very low heat output,
  • suitable for small areas only of about 150sqft,
  • poor durability,
  • very poor customer service.


  • 12 months warranty

Are indoor natural gas heaters safe?

Generally, all indoor natural gas heaters are designed to work in a very safe manner; if not, they wouldn’t tick all the regulation boxes in the first place and make it into the market. This, however, leaves the ball in the court of users. Depending on how much you can properly maintain and use as instructed, the natural gas heaters remain safe. Do look out for products that are branded portable outdoor gas heaters, and never use them indoors, because they are not ventless like the indoor type.

Indoor gas heaters majorly apply the blue flame technology, which makes them ventless. I.e. does not produce gas residues as normal combustion process would. Also, keep heaters out of reach of children, especially the ones that don’t remain cool to touch while operating. It is also recommended that you employ the skills of a professional to service the heater every two years. For more safety assurance, look out for products with a thermostat, and ODS system. Any indoor heater purchased must have the ODS system at least.

Can gas heaters make you sick?

Gas heaters should not make anyone sick on a normal day. However, if they cause any form of illness, it is because of malfunction or age. Common situations include when they start to release carbon monoxide, which could cause serious poisoning, muscle problems, or even death. This is why frequent servicing is important.

In conclusion, if the device makes you sick, it is because it’s releasing some sort of residues that shouldn’t be there or maybe leaking into the home for devices that requires special vent outlets. If this is noticed at any point, take necessary actions of removal or repair of the product, and never let it drag for too long. The longer you delay, the more at risk everyone is in the home.

Is it safe to leave a gas heater on overnight?

Most modern heaters come with features like ODS, timer, and thermostat, which helps keep the device in check, without constant monitoring by its user. Though these are very good safety features that probably wouldn’t fail, one can never be too careful in dealing with heaters. Though it might be safe to leave it running, we do not recommend that, because any of those features failing even once could be fatal.

We rather you program the heater to run for a few hours and shut off, with the timer, instead of leaving to run overnight. Do know, however, that it is a safe practice to adhere to by the books.

Final Verdict: Best gas heaters for Homes

Being straightforward, the Dyna-Glo heater is our most recommended above all others simply because of its unmatched heat production capacity in actual performance and effectiveness. Standing at 30,000BTU, this device is able to generate enough heat in a safe manner, for large spaces, without the need of being powered by electricity. Its design offers customers the choice of either wall or floor mounted, though it lacks a thermostat for temperature control.n

The Mr. Heater MHVFB30NGT is the next big thing just a little behind Dyna-Glo. In the real sense, their performances are evenly matched, therefore going for one would be just like purchasing the other; feel free to choose. Do keep in mind also that this heater comes with a thermostat.

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