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New ozone-measuring programme at Ushuaia

participants 24 April 2008-The Argentine Meteorological Service, in collaboration with the Spanish Meteorological Agency and the government of the province of Tierra del Fuego, initiated a programme on 16 April 2008 to monitor atmospheric ozone from the global WMO Global Atmosphere Watch station at Ushuaia, Argentina (55°S and 68°W). At the same time, an ozonesonde was launched from Marambio station on the Antarctic Peninsula (64°S and 57°W). The new programme will provide information about the impact of the Antarctic ozone hole on the southern part of South America.

The data from Ushuaia will be transmitted to the WMO World Ozone and UV Data Centre in Toronto, Canada, and will be available to the global community of ozone scientists and other interested parties. The data will also be used in the WMO Antarctic ozone bulletins, published from August to November.