The Ozone Hole

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Man in The Ozone Hole 2008

If you go out at night and look up at a full Moon, and you're like most people, you'll probably see the face of a man, or, alternatively, a rabbit superimposed on the bright disk of the Moon.



The dark markings on the moon come from large basins on the surface that were created when other space objects (meteors and asteroids) crashed into the moon billions of years ago. The "eyes" of the face even have names; the right eye is the Imbrue basin, and the left eye is the Serenitatis basin. The rest of the features aren't quite as clearly "drawn", such as a nose and mouth, but most people would agree that the moon appears to be watching us.


The Moon may have a "Man in The Moon" but now apparently ,for one day , the Ozone Hole had a "Man in The Ozone Hole".

On August 16 the formation of the ozone hole took an uncanny resemblance to a face.


It looks very similar to the painting "The Scream"


The Scream  is a s painting by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch, depicting an agonised figure against a blood red sky. It is said by some to symbolise the human species overwhelmed by an attack of existential angst. Maybe The Planet Earth "feels" the same way.